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Table of contents

1. Computational Multi-Scale Methods and Evolving Discontinuities
René Borst

2. Damage Cumulation Analysis of Welded Joints under Low Cycle Loadings
Zuyan Shen, Aihui Wu

3. Ageing Degradation of Concrete Dams Based on Damage Mechanics Concepts
Somasundaram Valliappan, Calvin Chee

4. Multi-Scale and Multi-Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Cementitious Composites for Performance Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Infrastructures
Koichi Maekawa

5. Statistical Multi-Scale Method of Mechanics Parameter Prediction for Rock Mass with Random Cracks/Joints Distribution
J. Z. Cui, Fei Han, Y. J. Shan

6. Computational Simulation Methods for Composites Reinforced by Fibres
Vladimír Kompiš, Zuzana Murčinková, Sergey Rjasanow, Richards Grzhibovskis, Qing-Hua Qin

7. Underground Structures under Fire – From Material Modeling of Concrete Under Combined Thermal and Mechanical Loading to Structural Safety Assessment
Thomas Ring, Matthias Zeiml, Roman Lackner

8. Computational Multiscale Approach to the Mechanical Behavior and Transport Behavior of Wood
K. Hofstetter, J. Eitelberger, T. K. Bader, Ch. Hellmich, J. Eberhardsteiner

9. The Finite Cell Method: High Order Simulation of Complex Structures without Meshing
Ernst Rank, Alexander Düster, Dominik Schillinger, Zhengxiong Yang

10. Theoretical Model and Method for Self-Excited Aerodynamic Forces of Long-Span Bridges
Yaojun Ge, Haifan Xiang

11. Imperfection Sensitivity or Insensitivity of Zero-Stiffness Postbuckling … That Is the Question
Xin Jia, Gerhard Hoefinger, Herbert A. Mang

12. A Step towards a Realistic Probabilistic Analysis of Buckling Loads of Bridges
Ahmed Manar, Kiyohiro Ikeda, Toshiyuki Kitada, Masahide Matsumura

13. Parametric Resonance of the Free Hanging Marine Risers in Ultra-Deep Water Depths
Hezhen Yang, Huajun Li

14. Simulation of Structural Collapse with Coupled Finite Element-Discrete Element Method
Xinzheng Lu, Xuchuan Lin, Lieping Ye

15. Tunnel Stability against Uplift Single Fluid Grout
Fangqin Yang, Jiaxiang Lin, Yong Yuan, Chunlong Yu

16. Effects of Concentrated Initial Stresses on Global Buckling of Plates
A. Y. T. Leung, Jie Fan

17. Application of a Thin-Walled Structure Theory in Dynamic Stability of Steel Radial Gates
Zhiguo Niu, Shaowei Hu

18. Research on the Difference between the Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of a Wing Structure
Ke Liang, Qin Sun

19. A New Slice Method for Seismic Stability Analysis of Reinforced Retaining Wall
Jianqing Jiang, Guolin Yang

20. Hysteretic Response and Energy Dissipation of Double-Tube Buckling Restrained Braces with Contact Ring
Zhanzhong Yin, Xiuli Wang, Xiaodong Li

21. Numerical Simulation and Analysis for Collapse Responses of RC Frame Structures under Earthquake
Fuwen Zhang, Xilin Lu, Chao Yin

22. High-Order Spring-Dashpot-Mass Boundaries for Cylindrical Waves
Xiuli Du, Mi Zhao

23. Unified Formulation for Real Time Dynamic Hybrid Testing
Xiaoyun Shao, Andrei M. Reinhorn

24. Research on Seismic Response Reduction of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge
Meng Jiang, Wenliang Qiu, Baochu Yu

25. Seismic Responses of Shot Span Bridge under Three Different Patterns of Earthquake Excitations
Daochuan Zhou, Guorong Chen, Yan Lu

26. Seismic Response Analysis on a Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structure
Zeliang Yao, Guoliang Bai

27. Seismic Behavior and Structural Type Effect of Steel Box Tied Arch Bridge
Jin Gan, Weiguo Wu, Hongxu Wang

28. The Seismic Behavior Analysis of Steel ColumnTree Web Connection with Bolted-Splicing
Yuping Sun, Liping Nie

29. Direct Displacement-Based Seismic Design Method of High-Rise Buildings Considering Higher Mode Effects
Xiaoling Cui, Xingwen Liang, Li Xin

30. Rotational Components of Seismic Waves and Its Influence to the Seismic Response of Specially-Shaped Column Structure
Xiangshang Chen, Dongqiang Xu, Junhua Zhang

31. Seismic Assessment for a Subway Station Reconstructed within High-Rise Building
Zhengkun Lin, Zhiyi Chen, Yong Yuan

32. A Simplified Method for Estimating Target Displacement of Pile-Supported Wharf under Response Spectrum Seismic Loading
Pham Ngoc Thach, Shen Yang

33. The Fractal Dimensionality of Seismic Wave
Lu Yu, Zujun Zou

34. Chaotic Time Series Analysis of Near-Fault Ground Motions and Structural Seismic Responses
Dixiong Yang, Pixin Yang

35. Parameters Observation of Spatial Variation Ground Motion
Yanli Shen, Qingshan Yang, Lingyan Xuan

36. Inelastic Response Spectra for Bi-directional Earthquake Motions
Feng Wang

37. Seismic Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Gravity Dam
Xiaochun Lu, Bin Tian

38. Application of Iterative Computing of Two-Way Coupling Technique in Dynamic Analysis of Sonla Concrete Gravity Dam
Trinh Quoc Cong, LiaoJun Zhang

39. Full 3D Numerical Simulation Method and Its Application to Seismic Response Analysis of Water-Conveyance Tunnel
Haitao Yu, Yong Yuan, Zhiyi Chen, Guangxi Yu, Yun Gu

40. Comparison of Different-Ordered Polynomial Acceleration Methods
Changqing Li, Menglin Lou

41. An Effective Approach for Vibration Analysis of Beam with Arbitrary Sections
Shuang Li, Changhai Zhai, Hongbo Liu, Lili Xie

42. Analyses on Vortex-Induced Vibration with Consideration of Streamwise Degree of Freedom
Changjiang He, Zhongdong Duan, Jinping Ou

43. Equivalent Static Loading for Ship-Collision Design of Bridges Based on Numerical Simulations
Junjie Wang, Cheng Chen

44. Signature Turbulence Effect on Buffeting Responses of a Long-span Bridge with a Centrally-Slotted Box Deck
Ledong Zhu, Chuanliang Zhao, Shuibing Wen, Quanshun Ding

45. Simulation of Flow around Truss Girder with Extended Lattice Boltzmann Equation
Tiancheng Liu, Gao Liu, Hongbo Wu, Yaojun Ge, Fengchan Cao

46. Computational Comparison of DES and LES in Channel Flow Simulation
Zhigang Wei, Yaojun Ge

47. A Micro-Plane Model for Reinforced Concrete under Static and Dynamic Loadings
Junjie Wang, Bifeng Ou, Wei Cheng, Mingxiao Jia

48. Behavior Optimization of Flexible Guardrail Based on Numerical Simulation
Peng Zhang, Deyuan Zhou, Yingpan Feng

49. A Stochastic Finite Element Model with Non-Gaussian Properties for Bridge-Vehicle Interaction Problem
S.Q. Wu, S.S Law

50. Numerical Analysis on Dynamic Interaction of Mega-Frame-Raft Foundation-Sand Gravel Soil Structure
Bin Jia, Ruheng Wang, Wen Guo, Chuntao Zhang

51. Structural Static Performance of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Super Long Spans
Jinxin Cao, Yaojun Ge, Yongxin Yang

52. Parametric Oscillation of Cables and Aerodynamic Effect
Yong Xia, Jing Zhang, Youlin Xu

53. CFD Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Induced Vibration of a Stay Cable under a Wind Profile
Wenli Chen, Hui Li

54. Aerodynamic Interference Effect between Large Wind Turbine Blade and Tower
Nianxin Ren, Jinping Ou

55. Windborne Debris Damage Prediction Analysis
Fangfang Song, Jinping Ou

56. Engineering Characteristics Analysis of Typhoon Wind Field Based on a Mesoscale Model
Xing Tang, JinPing Ou

57. Geometrical Nonlinearity Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade Subjected to Extreme Wind Loads
Guoqing Yuan, Yu Chen

58. Dynamic Response and Reliability Analysis of Wind-Excited Structures
Zhangjun Liu, Jie Li

59. Wind-Induced Self-Excited Vibration of Flexible Structures
Tingting Liu, Wenshou Zhang, Qianjin Yue, Jiahao Lin

60. Evaluation of Strength and Local Buckling for Cooling Tower with Gas Flue
Shitang Ke, Yaojun Ge, Lin Zhao

61. Numerical Study on Vortex Induced Vibrations of Four Cylinders in an In-Line Square Configuration
Feng Xu, Jinping Ou, Yiqing Xiao

62. Dynamic Response Analysis of TLP's Tendon in Current Loads
Gongwei Yan, Feng Xu, Hang Zhu, Jinping Ou

63. Flutter Performance and Surrounding Flow Structures of Central-Slotted Box Girders
Yongxin Yang, Yaojun Ge, Wei Zhang

64. Dynamic Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction on Cantilever Structure
Jixing Yang, Fan Lei, Xizhen Xie

65. A Computational Approach for the Stress Analysis of Dowel-Type Connections under Natural Humidity Conditions
Stefania Fortino, Tomi Toratti

66. FE-Based Strength Analysis of Penglai Pavilion
Jingsi Huo, Biyong Xiao, Hui Qu, Linan Wang

67. Transient Simulation of Coupled Heat, Moisture and Air Distribution in Wood during Drying
Zhenggang Zhu, Michael Kaliske

68. Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Dowel-Type Connections in Timber Engineering
Michael Kaliske, Eckart Resch

69. Aseismic Character of Chinese Ancient Buildings by Pushover Analysis
Qian Zhou, Weiming Yan

70. Aseismic Effects of Masonry Walls Embedded in Chinese Ancient Wooden Buildings by Wen-chuan Earthquake
Qian Zhou, Weiming Yan

71. Numerical Simulation of Semi-Rigid Element in Timber Structure Based on Finite Element Method
Yunkang Sui, Jingya Chang, Hongling Ye

72. Numerical Investigation of Blasting-Induced Damage in Concrete Slabs
Yuan Wang, Zheming Zhu, Zhangtao Zhou, Heping Xie

73. Research on Analysis Method for Concrete Column to Resist Vehicle Bomb
Jianyun Sun, Guoqiang Li, Chunlin Liu, Suwen Chen

74. Numerical Analysis of Blast Loads inside Buildings
Xiaojing Yin, Xianglin Gu, Feng Lin, Xinxin Kuang

75. Numerical Simulation for Responses of Reinforced Concrete Slabs under Blast Loads
Xinxin Kuang, Xianglin Gu, Feng Lin, Xiaojing Yin

76. Numerical Simulation of Internal Blast Effects on a Subway Station
Qiuyun Hu, Yong Yuan

77. Quantitative Study on Frequency Variation with Respect to Structural Temperatures
Yong Xia, Zelong Wei, Youlin Xu

78. Experimental Study on Vibration Behavior of Cold-Form Steel Concrete Composite Floor
Ziwen Jia, Xuhong Zhou

79. Method of Reverberation Ray Matrix for Dynamic Response of Space Structures Composed of Bar Elements with Damping Effect
Guoqiang Cai, Guohua Nie, Huiyuan Zhang

80. A Study of Bending-Bending-Torsional Coupled Vibrations of Axially-Loaded Euler-Bernoulli Beams Including Warping Effects
Fang Zhang, Guoyan Wang

81. Damage Analysis of 3D Frame Structure under Impulsive Load
Julin Wang, Taisheng Yang

82. Experimental and Numerical Approach to Study Dynamic Behaviour of Pavement under Impact Loading
Cherif Asli, Zhiqiang Feng, Gérard Porcher, Jean Jacques Rincent

83. Dynamic Analysis of Vertical Loaded Single Pile in Multilayered Saturated Soils
Jun Yu, Haiming Chen, Zhao Yang, Cheng Liu

84. Local Dynamic Response in Deck Slabs of Concrete Box Girder Bridges
Jianrong Yang, Jianzhong Li

85. Steady-State Response of a Beam on an Elastic Foundation Subjected to a Moving Structure
Zhang Tao, Gangtie Zheng

86. Building Structures Vibration Differential Equations under Random Excitation
Bin He

87. On the Tapping-Scan Method Designed for the Damage Detection of Bridge Structures
Xiaowei Dai, Yao Zhang, Zhihai Xiang

88. Structure Damnification Diagnose System by Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Keqin Yan, Tao Cheng

89. Study on Curvature Modal Shapes of the Damage Reinforced Concrete Beams
Gang Xue, Xiaoyan Guo, Zhenhua Dong

90. Direct Index Method of Damage Degree Identification Based on Local Strain Mode Shape Area of Damage Structure
Peiying Gu, Chang Deng, Fusheng Wu

91. Improved Genetic Algorithm for Structural Damage Detection
Jose E. Laier, Jesus D. V. Morales

92. Damage Identification Method for Tunnel Lining Based on Monitoring Stresses Data
Qineng Weng

93. A Method of Structure Damage Identification for Shear Buildings
Feng Li, Julin Wang, Zeping Zang

94. Application of Artificial Neural Network for Diagnosing Pile Integrity Based on Low Strain Dynamic Testing
Canhui Zhang, Jianlin Zhang

95. Parametric Study on Damage Control Design of SMA Dampers in Steel Frames
Xiaoqun Luo, Hanbin Ge, Tsutomu Usami

96. Comparison Research of Three Vibration Control Plans on a Super-Tall Building with Connective Structure
Wang Dayang, Zhou Yun, Wang Lichang

97. Amplitude Control of Limit Cycle in Coupled Van Der Pol System
Han Xiao, Jiashi Tang, Jianmin Wang

98. Structural Form Intelligent Optimization and Its Data Mining Methods
Shihai Zhang, Shujun Liu, Jinping Ou, Guangyuan Wang

99. A New Methodology for Designing Minimum-Weight Dual-Material Truss Structures with Curved Support Boundaries
Peter Dewhurst, Ning Fang, Sriruk Srithongchai

100. Optimization Design of Deepwater Steel Catenary Risers Using Genetic Algorithm
Hezhen Yang, Ruhong Jiang, Huajun Li

101. Two Methodologies for Stacking Sequence Optimization of Laminated Composite Materials
Dianzi Liu, Vassili Toropov, David Barton, Ozz Querin

102. Minimum Cost Design of a Welded Stiffened Pulsating Vacuum Steam Sterilizer
Yunkang Sui, Cairui Yue, Huiping Yu

103. A Framework of Multiobjective Collaborative Optimization
Haiyan Huang, Deyu Wang

104. An Optimal Design of Bi-Directional TMD for Three Dimensional Structure
Jianlin Zhang, Ke Zeng, Jiesheng Jiang

105. A Thermo-Mechanical Model for Fire Exposed RC Structures
Matthias Aschaber, Christian Feist, Günter Hofstetter

106. Numerical Modeling of Retrained RC Columns in Fire
Yihai Li, Bo Wu, Martin Schneider

107. Temperature Field of Concrete Beam Based on Simulated Temperature-Time Curves
Limin Lu, Yong Yuan, Chunlong Yu, Xian Liu

108. Numerical Tests of Spalling Delamination of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures
Yufang Fu, Lianchong Li, Wanheng Li, Jinquan Zhang

109. Highlighting the Effect of Gel-Pore Diffusivity on the Effective Diffusivity of Cement Paste — A Multiscale Investigation
Xian Liu, Roman Lackner, Christian Pichler

110. An Efficient Nonlinear Meshfree Analysis of Shear Deformable Beam
Dongdong Wang, Yue Sun

111. Variance-Based Methods for Sensitivity Analysis in Civil Engineering
Zdeněk Kala, Libor Puklický

112. Coupled Multi-Physical Fields Analysis of Early Age Concrete
Yiming Zhang, Yong Yuan

113. Rigid Plasticity Analysis of Defect Beam Suffering Step Loads
Nansheng Li, Xingzhou Li, Yu Wang

114. A Computational Approach to the Integration of Adaptronical Structures in Machine Tools
Michael F. Zaeh, Matthias Waibel, Matthias Baur

115. Adaptive Nearest-Nodes Finite Element Method and Its Applications
Yunhua Luo

116. An Orthogonalization Approach for Basic Deformation Modes and Performance Analysis of Hybrid Stress Elements
Canhui Zhang

117. Nonlinear Numerical Analysis on a New Type of Composite Shell
Qibin Zhang, Zhuobin Wei, Changhong Huang

118. Rectangular Membrane Element with Rotational Degree of Freedom
Guiyun Xia, Maohong Yu, Chuanxi Li, Jianren Zhang

119. Coupling Analysis on Seepage and Stress in Jointed Rock Tunnel with the Distinct Element Method
Yanli Wang, Yong Wang, Yifei Dai

120. 3D Finite Element Simulation of Complex Static and Dynamic Fracture in Quasi-Brittle Materials
Xiangting Su, Zhenjun Yang, Guohua Liu

121. A Practical Method to Determine Critical Moments of Bridge Decks Using the Method of Least Squares and Spreadsheets
Jackson Kong

122. Monte Carlo Simulation of Complex 2D Cohesive Fracture in Random Heterogeneous Quasi-Brittle Materials
Xiangting Su, Zhenjun Yang, Guohua Liu

123. Short-Term Axial Behavior of Preloaded Concrete Columns Strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminate
Dechun Shi, Zheng He

124. Nonlinear Numerical Simulation on Composite Joint between Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Column and Steel Beams-Covered Concrete under Low-Cyclic Reversed Loading
Chiyun Zhao, Hua Li, Menghong Wang, Liyun Li

125. Performance Evaluation of the High Rise Structural Form Selection Based on Fuzzy Inference Network
Shihai Zhang, Shujun Liu, Jinping Ou, Guangyuan Wang

126. Deflection Analysis of Pretensioned Inverted T-Beam with Circular Web Openings Strengthened with GFRP by Response Surface Method
Hock Tian Cheng, Bashar S. Mohammed, Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha

127. 2-D Numerical Simulation of Crack Growth by Three Kinds of Growth Criterions
Weizhou Zhong, Jingrun Luo, Shuncheng Song, Gang Chen, Xicheng Huang

128. Nonlinear Numerical Simulation on Shearing Performance of RC Beams Strengthened with Steel Wire Mesh-Polymer Mortar
Chiyun Zhao, Sihua Deng, Yajing Chen, Shimin Huang, Qiulai Yao

129. Flexural Behavior of HS Composite Beams via FEM
Huiling Zhao, Shashi Kunnath, Yong Yuan

130. Study on Design and Mechanics of Bucket Foundation Offshore Platform with Two Pillars
Meng Jiang, Lihua Han, Rixiang Zhang

131. Study on Hysteretic Behavior of Double Angle Connections
Aiguo Chen, Ruizeng Shan, Qiang Gu

132. Research on Limit Span of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge
Wenliang Qiu, Meng Jiang, Zhe Zhang

133. Study on Percolation Mechanism and Water Curtain Control of Underground Water Seal Oil Cavern
Cheng Liu

134. Finite Element Analysis on the Static Intensity and Dynamic Characteristics of Drilling Rig Derricks
Lijun Liu, Fuquan Chen, Yan Yu

135. Design Standards Comparison of Reinforced Concrete Strengthening Using FRP Composite in Chinese and ACI Codes
Asal Salih Oday, Yingmin Li, Mohammad Agha Houssam, Al-Jbori A'ssim, Thabit Saeed Ayad, Lu Wang

136. Think about Structural Fail State to Solve Geometric Reliability
Junbo Tao, Zhangdun Wu

137. Research on the Optimum Stiffness of Top Outriggers in Frame-Core Structure with Strengthened Story
Yuan Su, Chuanyao Chen, Li Li

138. Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Multi-Contacts on the Interfaces in a PEM Fuel Cell Stack
Zhiming Zhang, Christine Renaud, Zhiqiang Feng

139. Analysis Model for Concrete Infill Slit-Wall
Xufeng Mi, Lin Wang, Guobao Zhou

140. Test Data Processing Method of Fracture Experiments of Dam Concrete for Inverse Analysis
Zhifang Zhao, Lijian Yang, Zhigang Zhao, Minmin Zhu

141. Surface Reconstruction of the “False” Tools to Compensate for the Springback in Sheet Forming Process
Yuming Li, Fabien Bogard, Boussad Abbes, Yingqiao Guo

142. Grey-Correlation Analysis of Factors Influencing Xiamen Xiang'an Subsea Tunnel Surrounding Rock Displacement
Haiming Chen, Xiong Chen, Jun Yu

143. Secondary Development of FLAC3D and Application of Naylor K-G Constitutive Model
Juan Kong, Juyun Yuan, Xiaoming Pan

144. Experimental Validation on the Simulation of Steel Frame Joint with Several Frictional Contacts
Hongfei Chang, Junwu Xia

145. Numerical Investigation on Tubular Joints Strengthened by Collar Plate
Yongbo Shao, Yongsheng Yue, Yanfei Jin, Tao Li, Jichao Zhang

146. Research on Structural Health Monitoring of Seaport Wharf
Changhong Huang, Zhuobin Wei

147. Quantity of Flow through a Typical Dam of Anisotropic Permeability
R. R. Shakir

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Building Construction, HVAC, Refrigeration

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