Brockerhoff, Eckehard G.

Plantation Forests and Biodiversity: Oxymoron or Opportunity?

Brockerhoff, Eckehard G. - Plantation Forests and Biodiversity: Oxymoron or Opportunity?, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Plantation forests and biodiversity: oxymoron or opportunity?
Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Hervé Jactel, John A. Parrotta, Christopher P. Quine, Jeffrey Sayer

2. Epiphytes of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) plantations in Ireland and the effects of open spaces
Linda Coote, George F. Smith, Daniel L. Kelly, Saoirse O’Donoghue, Paul Dowding, Susan Iremonger, Fraser J. G. Mitchell

3. Bird assemblages in pine plantations replacing native ecosystems in NW Patagonia
María Victoria Lantschner, Verónica Rusch, Celina Peyrou

4. Identifying practical indicators of biodiversity for stand-level management of plantation forests
George F. Smith, Tom Gittings, Mark Wilson, Laura French, Anne Oxbrough, Saoirse O’Donoghue, John O’Halloran, Daniel L. Kelly, Fraser J. G. Mitchell, Tom Kelly, Susan Iremonger, Anne-Marie McKee, Paul Giller

5. Options for biodiversity conservation in managed forest landscapes of multiple ownerships in Oregon and Washington, USA
Nobuya Suzuki, Deanna H. Olson

6. Impact of four silvicultural systems on birds in the Belgian Ardenne: implications for biodiversity in plantation forests
Gaëtan du Bus de Warnaffe, Marc Deconchat

7. The early effects of afforestation on biodiversity of grasslands in Ireland
Erika Buscardo, George F. Smith, Daniel L. Kelly, Helena Freitas, Susan Iremonger, Fraser J. G. Mitchell, Saoirse O’Donoghue, Anne-Marie McKee

8. Multi-scale habitat selection and foraging ecology of the eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops) in pine plantations
Luc Barbaro, Laurent Couzi, Vincent Bretagnolle, Julien Nezan, Fabrice Vetillard

9. Diversity and composition of fruit-feeding butterflies in tropical Eucalyptus plantations
Jos Barlow, Ivanei S. Araujo, William L. Overal, Toby A. Gardner, Fernanda Silva Mendes, Iain R. Lake, Carlos A. Peres

10. Impact of landscape and corridor design on primates in a large-scale industrial tropical plantation landscape
Robert Nasi, Piia Koponen, John G. Poulsen, Melanie Buitenzorgy, W. Rusmantoro

11. Non-native plantation forests as alternative habitat for native forest beetles in a heavily modified landscape
Stephen M. Pawson, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Esther D. Meenken, Raphael K. Didham

12. Importance of semi-natural habitats for the conservation of butterfly communities in landscapes dominated by pine plantations
Inge Halder, Luc Barbaro, Emmanuel Corcket, Hervé Jactel

13. Relevance of exotic pine plantations as a surrogate habitat for ground beetles (Carabidae) where native forest is rare
Lisa A. Berndt, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Hervé Jactel

14. Stand-level management of plantations to improve biodiversity values
Jason Cummings, Nick Reid

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biodiversity

Publication year
Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation
Natural Sciences

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