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Table of contents

1. Philosophy and Engineering: Setting the Stage
Ibo Poel

2. Distinguishing Architects from Engineers: A Pilot Study in Differences Between Engineers and Other Technologists
Michael Davis

3. The Rise of Philosophy of Engineering in the East and the West
Li Bo-cong

4. Multiple Facets of Philosophy and Engineering
Paul T. Durbin

5. Comparing Approaches to the Philosophy of Engineering: Including the Linguistic Philosophical Approach
Carl Mitcham, Robert Mackey

6. Focussing Philosophy of Engineering: Analyses of Technical Functions and Beyond
Pieter E. Vermaas

7. Philosophy, Engineering, and the Sciences
Joseph C. Pitt

8. Engineering Science as a “Discipline of the Particular”? Types of Generalization in Engineering Sciences
Marc J. Vries

9. How the Models of Engineering Tell the Truth
Zachary Pirtle

10. Limits to Systems Engineering
Maarten M. Ottens

11. Integrity and the Ethical Responsibilities of Engineers
Alastair S. Gunn

12. Prioritising People: Outline of an Aspirational Engineering Ethic
W. Richard Bowen

13. Ethical Principles for Engineers in a Global Environment
Heinz C. Luegenbiehl

14. Professional Ethics Without a Profession: A French View on Engineering Ethics
Christelle Didier

15. Imagining Worlds: Responsible Engineering Under Conditions of Epistemic Opacity
Mark Coeckelbergh

16. Transferring Responsibility Through Use Plans
Auke Pols

17. Design Problems and Ethics
Wade Robison

18. Ethics in Innovation: Cooperation and Tension
Merle Kreuk, Ibo Poel, Sjoerd D. Zwart, Mark C. M. Loosdrecht

19. Teaching Ethics to Engineering Students: From Clean Concepts to Dirty Tricks
Otto Kroesen, Sybrand Zwaag

20. A Collaborative Platform for Experiments in Ethics and Technology
Peter Danielson

21. Why Philosophy? Why Now? Engineering Responds to the Crisis of a Creative Era
David E. Goldberg

22. A World of Things Not Facts
Natasha McCarthy

23. Architecting Engineering Systems
Joel Moses

24. Bits Don’t Have Error Bars: Upward Conceptualization and Downward Approximation
Russ Abbott

25. Metaphysics of Engineering
Taft H. Broome

26. Engineering Determinacy: The Exclusiveness of Technology and the Presence of the Indeterminate
Albrecht Fritzsche

27. Quo Vadis, Humans? Engineering the Survival of the Human Species
Billy Vaughn Koen

28. The Focal Engineering Experience
Gene Moriarty

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Engineering, general, Engineering Design, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Ethics

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Philosophy of Engineering and Technology
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