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Herbaceous Plant Ecology

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1. Plant species richness and diversity of the serpentine areas on the Witwatersrand
R. A. Reddy, K. Balkwill, T. McLellan

2. Temporal changes in species diversity and composition in abandoned fields in a trans-Himalayan landscape, Nepal
Chitra Bahadur Baniya, Torstein Solhøy, Ole R. Vetaas

3. Role of desert annuals in nutrient flow in arid area of Northwestern China: a nutrient reservoir and provider
Bao-Ming Chen, Gen-Xuan Wang, Shao-Lin Peng

4. The effects of fire frequency and grazing on tallgrass prairie productivity and plant composition are mediated through bud bank demography
Harmony J. Dalgleish, David C. Hartnett

5. Do plant functional types based on leaf dry matter content allow characterizing native grass species and grasslands for herbage growth pattern?
Michel Duru, Raouda Al Haj Khaled, Camille Ducourtieux, Jean Pierre Theau, Fernando L. F. Quadros, Pablo Cruz

6. Clonal growth strategies in simultaneously persistent and expanding Trifolium repens patches
Line Johansen

7. California native and exotic perennial grasses differ in their response to soil nitrogen, exotic annual grass density, and order of emergence
Joel K. Abraham, Jeffrey D. Corbin, Carla M. D’Antonio

8. Do seed and microsite limitation interact with seed size in determining invasion patterns in flooding Pampa grasslands?
Lorena P. Herrera, Pedro Laterra

9. Feral horses dung piles as potential invasion windows for alien plant species in natural grasslands
Alejandro Loydi, Sergio Martín Zalba

10. Reproductive allocation of Carex flava reacts differently to competition and resources in a designed plant mixture of five species
Matthias Suter

11. Factors affecting the establishment and growth of annual legumes in semi-arid mediterranean grasslands
Theodora P. Merou, Vasilios P. Papanastasis

12. Are irrigation and grazing effects transferred, accumulated, or counteracted during plant recruitment?
Lorenzo Pérez-Camacho, Salvador Rebollo

13. Extent and spatial patterns of grass bald land cover change (1948–2000), Oregon Coast Range, USA
Harold S. J. Zald

14. Grass (Poaceae) richness patterns across China’s nature reserves
Qing Liu, Xuejun Ge, Wenli Chen, J. Travis Columbus

15. Interacting effects of grass height and herbivores on the establishment of an encroaching savanna shrub
Nicole Hagenah, Helena Munkert, Karin Gerhardt, Han Olff

16. Effects of competition on root–shoot allocation in Plantago lanceolata L.: adaptive plasticity or ontogenetic drift?
Frank Berendse, Frans Möller

17. Rock-colonizing plants: abundance of the endemic cactus Mammillaria fraileana related to rock type in the southern Sonoran Desert
Blanca R. Lopez, Yoav Bashan, Macario Bacilio, Gustavo Cruz-Agüero

18. Ecophysiological responses of nine floodplain meadow species to changing hydrological conditions
Vincent Jung, Lucien Hoffmann, Serge Muller

19. Tolerance of a perennial herb, Pimpinella saxifraga, to simulated flower herbivory and grazing: immediate repair of injury or postponed reproduction?
A-P. Huhta, P. Rautio, K. Hellström, M. Saari, J. Tuomi

20. Differential herbivory tolerance of dominant and subordinate plant species along gradients of nutrient availability and competition
Pejman Tahmasebi Kohyani, B. Bossuyt, D. Bonte, M. Hoffmann

21. Responses of clonal architecture to experimental defoliation: a comparative study between ten grassland species
Marie-Lise Benot, Cendrine Mony, Sara Puijalon, Majid Mohammad-Esmaeili, Jacques J. M. Alphen, Jan-Bernard Bouzillé, Anne Bonis

22. Diffuse knapweed (Centaurea diffusa Lam.) seedling emergence and establishment in a Colorado grassland
Paul J. Meiman, Edward F. Redente, Mark W. Paschke

23. Biodiversity and tallgrass prairie decomposition: the relative importance of species identity, evenness, richness, and micro-topography
Timothy L. Dickson, Brian J. Wilsey

24. Herbivory and local genetic differentiation in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae)
Asghar Mosleh Arany, Tom J. Jong, Ed Meijden

25. The effect of nutrient supply and light intensity on tannins and mycorrhizal colonisation in Dutch heathland ecosystems
Jantineke D. Hofland-Zijlstra, Frank Berendse

26. Spatial and temporal dynamics of floating and drift-line seeds at a tidal freshwater marsh on the Potomac River, USA
K. N. Hopfensperger, A. H. Baldwin

27. Estimating plant competition coefficients and predicting community dynamics from non-destructive pin-point data: a case study with Callunavulgaris and Deschampsiaflexuosa

Christian Damgaard, Torben Riis-Nielsen, Inger Kappel Schmidt

28. Disturbance by mowing affects clonal diversity: the genetic structure of Ranunculus ficaria (Ranunculuaceae) in meadows and forests
Christoph Reisch, Sebastian Scheitler

29. Soil amendment effects on the exotic annual grass Bromus tectorum L. and facilitation of its growth by the native perennial grass Hilaria jamesii (Torr.) Benth
Jayne Belnap, Susan K. Sherrod

30. Effects of fire on the vegetation of a lowland heathland in North-western Italy
Luca Borghesio

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Ecology

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