Schneier-Madanes, Graciela

Water and Sustainability in Arid Regions

Schneier-Madanes, Graciela - Water and Sustainability in Arid Regions, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Eco-reconstruction in Northwest China
Du Zheng, Yunhe Yin

2. Remote Sensing Assessment of Salinization Impacts in the Tarim Basin: The Delta Oasis of the Ugan and Kuqa Rivers
Tashpolat Tiyip, Gregory N. Taff, Hsiang-te Kung, Fei Zhang

3. Estimating Net Primary Production in Xinjiang Through Remote Sensing
Guanghui Lv, Weiguo Liu, Jiangjun Yang, Entao Yu

4. The Recent Evolution of the Oasis Environment in the Taklimakan Desert, China
Yalikun Tashi, Philippe C. Chamard, Marie-Françoise Courel, Tashpolat Tiyip, Yiliminuer Tuerxun, Sam Drake

5. High Demand in a Land of Water Scarcity: Iran
Gholamreza Zehtabian, Hassan Khosravi, Marzieh Ghodsi

6. Common Scarcity, Diverse Responses in the Maghreb Region
Yamna Djellouli-Tabet

7. Changing Water Resources and Food Supply in Arid Zones: Tunisia
Mustapha Besbes, Jamel Chahed, Abdelkader Hamdane, Ghislain De Marsily

8. The Qanat: A Living History in Iran
Hassan Ahmadi, Aliakbar Nazari Samani, Arash Malekian

9. Notes from the Turpan Basin: Pioneering Research on the Karez
Iwao Kobori

10. An Introduction to the Khettara in Morocco: Two Contrasting Cases
Mohammed El Faiz, Thierry Ruf

11. Digitally Conserving an Endangered Built Heritage in Kashgar, an Oasis City of the Taklimakan
Michel Florenzano, Marie-Françoise Courel, Francesca De Domenico

12. The Taklimakan Oases: An Environmental Evolution Shown Through Geoarchaeology
Corinne Debaine-Francfort, Françoise Debaine, Abduressul Idriss

13. How the Predominance of Water Resources Informs Management
Jean Margat

14. Conjunctive Water Management in the US Southwest
Juan Valdes, Thomas Maddock

15. Managing Water Amid Rapid Urbanization: Mexico’s North Borderlands
Nicolás Pineda-Pablos, Alejandro Salazar-Adams

16. Forecasting Streamflows in the San Juan River Basin in Argentina
Juan Carlos Gimenez, Emilio Juan Lentini, Alicia Fernández Cirelli

17. Arsenic and Water Quality Challenges in South America
Alejo Pérez-Carrera, Alicia Fernández Cirelli

18. Evaluating the Restoration of Dryland Ecosystems in the Northern Mediterranean
Susana Bautista, Barron J. Orr, José Antonio Alloza, Ramón V. Vallejo

19. Old and New: Changing Paradigms in Arid Lands Water Management
Charles F. Hutchinson, Robert G. Varady, Sam Drake

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences, general, Sustainable Development, Environment, general, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Economics/Management Science, general, Social Sciences, general

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Natural Sciences

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