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Lost Sex

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Table of contents

1. Asex and Evolution: A Very Large-Scale Overview
Bengt O. Bengtsson

2. The Evolution of the Problem of Sex
Stephanie Meirmans

3. Apomixis: Basics for Non-botanists
Peter Dijk

4. Cytology of Asexual Animals
Per Stenberg, Anssi Saura

5. A Graphical Approach to Lineage Selection Between Clonals and Sexuals
William R. Rice, Urban Friberg

6. Geographical Parthenogenesis: General Purpose Genotypes and Frozen Niche Variation
Robert C. Vrijenhoek, E. Davis Parker

7. Sex and the Red Queen
Maurine Neiman, Britt Koskella

8. Geographical Parthenogenesis: Opportunities for Asexuality
Elvira Hörandl

9. The Elusive Clone – In Search of Its True Nature and Identity
Koen Martens, Hugh D. Loxdale, Isa Schön

10. Asexual Speciation
C. William Birky, Timothy G. Barraclough

11. Darwinulid Ostracods: Ancient Asexual Scandals or Scandalous Gossip?
Isa Schön, Giampaolo Rossetti, Koen Martens

12. Parthenogenesis in Oribatid Mites (Acari, Oribatida): Evolution Without Sex
Michael Heethoff, Roy A. Norton, Stefan Scheu, Mark Maraun

13. Bdelloid Rotifers: Progress in Understanding the Success of an Evolutionary Scandal
David B. Mark Welch, Claudia Ricci, Matthew Meselson

14. Sex Loss in Monogonont Rotifers
Manuel Serra, Terry W. Snell

15. Cyclical Parthenogenesis in Daphnia: Sexual Versus Asexual Reproduction
Ellen Decaestecker, Luc Meester, Joachim Mergeay

16. Metasexual Stick Insects: Model Pathways to Losing Sex and Bringing It Back
Valerio Scali

17. Thelytoky in Hymenoptera with Venturia canescens and Leptopilina clavipes as Case Studies
Irene Mateo Leach, Bart A. Pannebakker, Maria Victoria Schneider, Gerard Driessen, Louis Zande, Leo W. Beukeboom

18. Sex in Parthenogenetic Planarians: Phylogenetic Relic or Evolutionary Resurrection?
Thomas G. D’Souza, Nico K. Michiels

19. Sperm-Dependent Parthenogenesis and Hybridogenesis in Teleost Fishes
Dunja K. Lamatsch, Matthias Stöck

20. Masked Damage: Mutational Load in Hemiclonal Water Frogs
Christoph Vorburger, Dirk S. Schmeller, Hansjürg Hotz, Gaston-Denis Guex, Heinz-Ulrich Reyer

21. Lost Sex in the Reptiles: Constraints and Correlations
Michael Kearney, Matthew K. Fujita, Jessica Ridenour

22. An Apomixis-Gene’s View on Dandelions
Peter Dijk, Hans Jong, Kitty Vijverberg, Arjen Biere

23. Allelic Sequence Divergence in the Apomictic Boechera holboellii Complex
Jose M. Corral, Marcin Piwczynski, Tim F. Sharbel

24. Asexual Reproduction in Infectious Diseases
Thierry Meeûs, Franck Prugnolle, Philip Agnew

25. What’s in a Clone: The Rapid Evolution of Aphid Asexual Lineages in Relation to Geography, Host Plant Adaptation and Resistance to Pesticides
Hugh D. Loxdale

26. Epigenetic Mechanisms in Mammals and Their Effects on Cloning Procedures
Pasqualino Loi, Grazyna Ptak, Robert Feil

27. Grapevine (Vitis ssp.): Example of Clonal Reproduction in Agricultural Important Plants
Astrid Forneck, Andrej Benjak, Ernst Rühl

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Plant Sciences, Zoology

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