Bos, M. J.

ICAF 2009, Bridging the Gap between Theory and Operational Practice

Bos, M. J. - ICAF 2009, Bridging the Gap between Theory and Operational Practice, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Test Concept For Future Aircraft Fuselage Panels
R. Best, Th. Fleischer, M. Götze, M. Sachse, M. Semsch

2. Marker Loads for Quantitative Fractography of Fatigue Cracks in Aerospace Alloys
S. A. Barter, L. Molent, R. J. H. Wanhill

3. Substantiations of an Airborne Composite Radome Mounted on an Aircraft Dome
I. Kressel, U. Ben-Simon, M. Elyahu, D. Peled, A. David, T. Nachshhon, Y. Gary, M. Interator, G. Ghilai, A. Simon

4. Development of a “Low Stress Criterion” That Eliminate a Large Portion of the Aircraft from Damage Tolerance Based Maintenance Program for Structural Repairs Required by the New Part 26 Federal Regulation
Girindra K. Das, Matthew Miller

5. Damage Tolerance Philosophy for Bonded Aircraft Structures
C. D. Rans, R. C. Alderliesten

6. First Diamond
Steve Swift

7. Survey of Structural Repairs and Alterations in Transport Category Airplanes
Michel D. Bode, Walter Sippel, John G. Bakuckas

8. Enhanced Teardown of Ex-Service F/A-18A/B/C/D Centre Fuselages
L. Molent, B. Dixon, S. Barter, P. White, T. Mills, K. Maxfield, G. Swanton, SQNLDR B. Main

9. Glare Teardowns From the Megaliner Barrel (Mlb) Fatigue Test
R. J. H. Wanhill, D. J. Platenkamp, T. Hattenberg, A. F. Bosch, P. H. Haan

10. 30 Years of Damage Tolerance – Have we Got it Right?
Robert G. Eastin, Jon B. Mowery

11. Compilation Of Damage Findings From Multiple Recent Teardown Analysis Programs
Gregory A. Shoales, Scott A. Fawaz, Molly R. Walters

12. Detection Of Arrested Crack For Foam Core Sandwich Structures Using Optical Fiber Sensors Embedded In A Crack Arrester
Shu Minakuchi, Ippei Yamauchi, Nobuo Takeda, Yasuo Hirose

13. Concept Of The New A320 Fatigue Test
N. Rößler, C. Peters, O. Tusch, G. Hilfer, C. Herrmann

14. The Use Of Composite Material Strips To Extend The Damage-Tolerance Life Of Integrally Stiffened Aluminum Panels
A. Brot, Y. Peleg-Wolfin, I. Kressel, Z. Yosef

15. Structural Integrity Of A Wing Upper Skin With Exfoliation Corrosion
Andreas Uebersax, Cyril Huber, Guillaume Renaud, Min Liao

16. Helicopter Structural Integrity Program Of Polish Mi-24 Hind Helicopters
Sławomir Klimaszewski, Andrzej Leski, Krzysztof Dragan, Marcin Kurdelski, Mirosław Wrona

17. Airframe Life Extension By Optimised Shape Reworking — Overview Of Dsto Developments
M. Heller, M. Burchill, R. Wescott, W. Waldman, R. Kaye, R. Evans, M. McDonald

18. Evaluation, Modification And Damage Tolerance Of An In-Service Aircraft Critical Area
R. S. Rutledge, D. S. Backman, R. J. Hiscocks

19. Procedures For Aircraft Structural Teardown Analysis: Development Of A Best Practices Handbook
Gregory Shoales

20. Fatigue Lifetime Improvement Of Arrestment Hook Shanks By Application Of Laser Peening
Mike Leap, Jon Rankin, Jim Harrison, Serena Marley, Lloyd Hackel, Joe Nemeth

21. Design and Testing of Advanced Composite Load Introduction Structure for Aircraft High Lift Devices
Tamas Havar, Eckart Stuible

22. Hybrid Structure Solution for the A400M Wing Attachment Frames
Matthijs Plokker, Derk Daverschot, Thomas Beumler

23. Control of Crack Growth Rates and Crack Trajectories for Enhanced Fail Safety and Damage Tolerance in Welded Aircraft Structures
Phil Irving, Yu E Ma, Xiang Zhang, Guido Servetti, Stewart Williams, Gary Moore, Jorge dos Santos, Marco Pacchione

24. Durability and Damage Tolerance of Bonded Repairs to Metallic Fuselage Structure
John G. Jr. Bakuckas, Keith McIver, Ching Hsu

25. Investigation on the Design of Bonded Structures for Increased Damage Tolerance
Ivan Meneghin, Marco Pacchione, Pascal Vermeer

26. An Experimental Investigation on the Fatigue Performance of Riveted Lap Joints
M. Skorupa, A. Skorupa, T. Machniewicz, A. Korbel

27. Improving the Fatigue Life of Aeronautical Single-Lap Bolted Joints Thanks to the Hybrid (Bolted/Bonded) Joining Technology
E. Paroissien, C. T. Hoang Ngoc, H. Bhugaloo, D. Ducher

28. An Experimental Approach to Investigate Detailed Failure Mechanisms in Fibre Metal Laminates
Riccardo Rodi, René Alderliesten, Rinze Benedictus

29. Experimental Determination of Energy Release Rate of Cfrp Structures by Means of Transverse Crack Tension Tests
Ll. Llopart Prieto, G. Spenninger, H. Wagner

30. Central Material Concept: Towards Aircraft Wing Structure Insensitive to Fatigue
Mohamed A. A. Attia

31. Practical Applications of Improvements in Fml Crack Bridging Theory
Greg Wilson, René Alderliesten, Riccardo Rodi, H. J. K. Lemmen

32. Simulation of the Stress Distribution on Fuselage Structures for the Pre- and Post Analyses of Curved Panel Tests
Matthias Ziegenhorn, Frank Schulze, Holger Sparr, Karsten Wenke, Thomas Fleischer

33. Low Cycle Lifetime Prediction of Al2024 Alloy
A. Vyshnevskyy, S. Khan, J. Mosler

34. Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Aspects of Metal Laminates
J. Sinke, S. A. H. Johansson

35. Arall and Glare Fml's: Three Decades of Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Operational Practice
Cees Hengel, Peter Kortbeek

36. Detailed Strain Field Analyses Of Fatigue Cracks In Friction Stir Welded Joints
H. J. K. Lemmen, R. C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus

37. A Study of Interaction and Coalescence of Micro Surface Fatigue Cracks in Aluminium 7050
W Hu, Q Liu, S Barter

38. Fracture Behaviour of Skin Materials of Civil Airplane Structures
Boris Nesterenko, Grirory I. Nesterenko, Valentin N. Basov

39. Fatigue Life Prediction of Small Notched Ti-6Al-4V Based on The Theory of Critical Distance
Yoichi Yamashita, Masaharu Shinozaki, Hiroshi Kuroki, Yusuke Ueda

40. A Case Study of Multiple-Site Fatigue Crack Growth in the F-18 Hornet Bulkhead
B. Andersson, A. F. Blom, U. Falk, G. S. Wang, K. Koski, A. Siljander, J. Linna, A. Miettinen, K. Vaaraniemi, R. Lahtinen

41. Experimental And Theoretical Comparison Of Some Multiaxial Fatigue Design Criteria In The Context Of Life Assessment Of Rotating Parts In Turboengines
V. Bonnand, J. L. Chaboche, H. Cherouali, P. Gomez, P. Kanouté, D. Pacou, P. Paulmier, E. Ostoja-Kuczynski, F. Vogel

42. A Contribution Of Environmental Investigations For Glare Riveted Joint Sizing
Thomas Beumler, Bob Borgonje, Jos Sinke

43. Advances In Crack Growth Modelling Of 3D Aircraft Structures
S. C. Mellings, J. M. W. Baynham, R. A. Adey

44. Development Of Advanced Risk Assessment Methodologies For Aircraft Structures Containing Msd/Med
Min Liao, Yan Bombardier, Guillaume Renaud, Nick Bellinger, Terence Cheung

45. Crack Growthin Fibre Metal Laminates Under Variable Amplitude Loading
S. U. Khan, R. C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus

46. Effect Of Residual Stresses From Shot Peening On Fatigue Strength And Threshold To Crack Propagation Of Al 7475 Alloy Components
G. Ratti, U. Mariani, M. Giglio, M. Guagliano

47. Experimental Validation Of Stress Intensity Factor Solutions For The Pin Loaded Lug
D. R. Child, N. J. Moyle, A. F. Grandt

48. Properties Of Fatigue Crack Propagation In Friction Stir Welded 2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy
T. Okada, K. Kuwayama, S. Fujita, M. Asakawa, T. Nakamura, S. Machida

49. Fatigue Crack Growth In Thick Plate 7050 Aluminum
Joel Schubbe

50. Fatigue Life Evaluation On Tension Type Fitting
Nicolas Baréa, Marie Massé

51. Accelerated Fatigue Testing on Hydraulic Shaker
M. Fressinet, M. Panis, C. Bordes

52. Methods for Fem Analysis of Riveted Joints of Thin-Walled Aircraft Structures Within the Imperja Project
Jerzy Kaniowski, Wojciech Wronicz, Jerzy Jachimowicz, Elzbieta Szymczyk

53. On the Crack Growth Behavior Under Simple Compressive Loads of 2024-T3 Aluminium Alloy
M. Krkoška, R. C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus

54. An Analytical Model for Load Transfer in a Mechanically Fastened, Double-Lap Joint
Ligieja Paletti, Calvin Rans, Rinze Benedictus

55. Simulation of Fatigue Crack Growth in the High Speed Machined Panel Under the Constant Amplitude and Spectrum Loading
Petr Augustin

56. Bonded Composite Patch to Repair Metallic Structures: Disbond Propagation Testing and Modelling
P. Madelpech, S. Juaneda, M. Pradels

57. Three Diminsional Crack Growth Prediction
Sarah E. Galyon, Saravanan R. Arunachalam, James Greer, Matthew Hammond, Scott A. Fawaz

58. Hybrid Structures for Concentrated Load Transmission in Fibre Composites: Initial Experiments
Pascal Vermeer, René Alderliesten, Rinze Benedictus

59. Pilatus Pc-21 – A Damage Tolerant Aircraft
Lukas Schmid

60. Introduction to Service of an Artificial Neural Network Based Fatigue Monitoring System
Steve Reed, Brian McCoubrey, Andy Mountfort

61. Towards Automated Flight-Maneuver-Specific Fatigue Analysis
Juha Jylhä, Marja Ruotsalainen, Tuomo Salonen, Harri Janhunen, Tomi Viitanen, Juho Vihonen, Ari Visa

62. Service History Analysis and Teardown Evidence — Key Elements for Structural Usage Monitoring of an Ageing Fleet
K. A. Lucas, M. J. Duffield

63. Development of Fatigue Life Monitoring of Rmaf Fighter Airplanes
Wahyu Kuntjoro, M Suhaimi Ashari, M Yazid Ahmad, Assanah M. Mydin

64. Research and Development of Impact Damage Detection System for Airframe Structures Using Optical Fiber Sensors
Hiroaki Tsutsui, Noriyoshi Hirano, Junichi Kimoto, Takahiko Akatsuka, Hirofumi Sashikuma, Nobuo Takeda, Naoyuki Tajima

65. Load Factor (Nz) / Roll Rate: First Comparisons Between Design and in-Flight Recorded Data on Eurofighter Typhoon Italian Fleet
Tommaso Giacobbe, Fabio Sardo

66. Development of a Structural Health Monitoring System to Evaluate De-Bonding in Composite Adhesive Structures
Hideki Soejima, Noritsugu Nakamura, Toshimichi Ogisu, Hiroshi Wakai, Yoji Okabe, Nobuo Takeda, Yoshihiro Koshioka

67. Olm: A Hands-on Approach
Stephen Willis

68. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Structural Prognosis and Health Management an Overview
Fallon Timothy, Mahal Devinder, Hebden Iain

69. Bonded Repair for Fuselage Damage: an Overall Benefit to Commercial Aviation
D. Furfari, H. J. M. Woerden, R. Benedictus, A. Kwakernaak

70. Fatigue & Damage Tolerance of Hybrid Materials & Structures – Some Myths, Facts & Fairytales
R. C. Alderliesten

71. High Cycle Fatigue of Laser Beam Deposited Ti-6Al-4V and Inconel 718
E. Amsterdam, G. A. Kool

72. The Variable Expansion Process — a New Cost Efficient Method for Cold Working Fastener Holes in Aluminium Aircraft Structures
Eggert D. Reese, Anthony L. Dowson, Timothy G. B. Jones

73. Stress Measurements With X-Ray Diffractometry on Aluminum Alloys. Determination of the Most Optimized Parameters of the Measurement
Elżbieta Gadalińska, Jerzy Kaniowski, Andrzej Wojtas

74. Delamination Growth at Interfaces in Hybrid Materials and Structures Under Various Opening Modes
G. Delgrange, R. C. Alderliesten, R. Benedictus

75. Developments in Metal Bonding
Jarkko J. Aakkula, Kari Lumppio, Olli Saarela, Tapani Haikola

76. On Separating the Effect of Corrosion on Inter-Lamellar Fatigue of Thin Sheet Aa7079-T6
Sandeep R. Shah, S. A. Fawaz

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