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Sparagano, Olivier A. E.

Control of Poultry Mites (Dermanyssus)

Sparagano, Olivier A. E. - Control of Poultry Mites (<Emphasis Type="Italic">Dermanyssus</Emphasis>), ebook


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Table of contents

1. Control of poultry mites: where do we stand?
Olivier Sparagano

2. Prevalence and key figures for the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae infections in poultry farm systems
Olivier Sparagano, Aleksandar Pavlićević, Takako Murano, Antonio Camarda, Hamid Sahibi, Ole Kilpinen, Monique Mul, Rick Emous, Sophie Bouquin, Kristian Hoel, Maria Assunta Cafiero

3. Evaluation of the poultry red mite, Dermanyssus gallinae (Acari: Dermanyssidae) susceptibility to some acaricides in field populations from Italy
M. Marangi, M. A. Cafiero, G. Capelli, A. Camarda, O. A. E. Sparagano, A. Giangaspero

4. Exploration of the susceptibility of AChE from the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae (Acari: Mesostigmata) to organophosphates in field isolates from France
Lise Roy, Claude Chauve, Jean Delaporte, Gilbert Inizan, Thierry Buronfosse

5. In vitro efficacies of oils, silicas and plant preparations against the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae

Veronika Maurer, Erika Perler, Felix Heckendorn

6. Variation in chemical composition and acaricidal activity against Dermanyssus gallinae of four eucalyptus essential oils
David R. George, Dino Masic, Olivier A. E. Sparagano, Jonathan H. Guy

7. Inert dusts and their effects on the poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae)
Ole Kilpinen, Tove Steenberg

8. Candidate predators for biological control of the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae

Izabela Lesna, Peter Wolfs, Farid Faraji, Lise Roy, Jan Komdeur, Maurice W. Sabelis

9. The testing of antibodies raised against poultry red mite antigens in an in vitro feeding assay; preliminary screen for vaccine candidates
Harry W. Wright, Kathryn Bartley, Alasdair J. Nisbet, Regina M. McDevitt, Nickolas H. C. Sparks, Sarah Brocklehurst, John F. Huntley

10. The poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae): a potential vector of pathogenic agents
Claire Valiente Moro, Carlos J. Luna, Alexander Tod, Jonathan H. Guy, Olivier A. E. Sparagano, Lionel Zenner

11. Endosymbiotic bacteria living inside the poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae)
Carlos J. Luna, Claire Valiente Moro, Jonathan H. Guy, Lionel Zenner, Olivier A. E. Sparagano

12. Molecular phylogenetic assessment of host range in five Dermanyssus species
L. Roy, A. P. G. Dowling, C. M. Chauve, I. Lesna, M. W. Sabelis, T. Buronfosse

13. Phylogenetic relationship between Dermanyssus gallinae populations in European countries based on mitochondrial COI gene sequences
M. Marangi, C. J. Luna, M. A. Cafiero, A. Camarda, S. Bouquin, D. Huonnic, A. Giangaspero, O. A. E. Sparagano

14. Monitoring of Dermanyssus gallinae in free-range poultry farms
L. Zenner, G. Bon, C. Chauve, C. Nemoz, S. Lubac

15. Preventing introduction and spread of Dermanyssus gallinae in poultry facilities using the HACCP method
Monique F. Mul, Constantianus J. M. Koenraadt

Keywords: Life Sciences, Entomology

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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