Vimeux, Francoise

Past Climate Variability in South America and Surrounding Regions

Vimeux, Francoise - Past Climate Variability in South America and Surrounding Regions, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Moisture Pattern During the Last Glacial Maximum in South America
Florence Sylvestre

2. Orbital and Millennial-Scale Precipitation Changes in Brazil from Speleothem Records
Francisco W. Cruz, Xianfeng Wang, Augusto Auler, Mathias Vuille, Stephen J. Burns, Lawrence R. Edwards, Ivo Karmann, Hai Cheng

3. Chronologies of the Last Glacial Maximum and its Termination in the Andes (∼10–55°S) Based on Surface Exposure Dating
Roland Zech, Jacqueline Smith, Michael R. Kaplan

4. Vegetation and Fire at the Last Glacial Maximum in Tropical South America
Francis E. Mayle, Michael J. Burn, Mitchell Power, Dunia H. Urrego

5. Re-evaluation of Climate Change in Lowland Central America During the Last Glacial Maximum Using New Sediment Cores from Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala
Mark B. Bush, Alexander Y. Correa-metrio, David A. Hodell, Mark Brenner, Flavio S. Anselmetti, Daniel Ariztegui, Andreas D. Mueller, Jason H. Curtis, Dustin A. Grzesik, Catherine Burton, Adrian Gilli

6. Glacial to Holocene Paleoceanographic and Continental Paleoclimate Reconstructions Based on ODP Site 1233/GeoB 3313 Off Southern Chile
Frank Lamy, Jérome Kaiser

7. Teleconnections into South America from the Tropics and Extratropics on Interannual and Intraseasonal Timescales
Alice M. Grimm, Tercio Ambrizzi

8. South American Climate Variability and Change: Remote and Regional Forcing Processes
Kerry H. Cook

9. Sensitivity of South American Tropical Climate to Last Glacial Maximum Boundary Conditions: Focus on Teleconnections with Tropics and Extratropics
Myriam Khodri, Masa Kageyama, Didier M. Roche

10. Similarities and Discrepancies Between Andean Ice Cores Over the Last Deglaciation: Climate Implications
Françoise Vimeux

11. Mid-Holocene Climate of Tropical South America: A Model-Data Approach
Pedro L. Silva Dias, Bruno Turcq, Maria Assunção F. Silva Dias, Pascale Braconnot, Tatiana Jorgetti

12. Millennial-Scale Ecological Changes in Tropical South America Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Dunia H. Urrego, Mark B. Bush, Miles R. Silman, Alexander Y. Correa-Metrio, Marie-Pierre Ledru, Francis E. Mayle, Gina Paduano, Bryan G. Valencia

13. The Nature and Origin of Decadal to Millennial Scale Climate Variability in the Southern Tropics of South America: The Holocene Record of Lago Umayo, Peru
Paul A. Baker, Sherilyn C. Fritz, Stephen J. Burns, Erik Ekdahl, Catherine A. Rigsby

14. Hydrological Variability in South America Below the Tropic of Capricorn (Pampas and Patagonia, Argentina) During the Last 13.0 Ka
Eduardo L. Piovano, Daniel Ariztegui, Francisco Córdoba, Marcela Cioccale, Florence Sylvestre

15. Climate Change in Southern South America During the Last Two Millennia
Christopher M. Moy, Patricio I. Moreno, Robert B. Dunbar, Michael R. Kaplan, Jean-Pierre Francois, Ricardo Villalba, Torsten Haberzettl

16. The Little Ice Age in Southern South America: Proxy and Model Based Evidence
Inka Meyer, Sebastian Wagner

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Meteorology/Climatology, Earth Sciences, general, Environment, general, Climate Change, Geochemistry

Publication year
Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research
Page amount
435 pages
Natural Sciences

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