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Sustainable Agriculture

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Table of contents

1. Agronomy for Sustainable Agriculture: A Review
Eric Lichtfouse, Mireille Navarrete, Philippe Debaeke, Véronique Souchère, Caroline Alberola, Josiane Ménassieu

2. Laws of Sustainable Soil Management
Rattan Lal

3. Soils and Sustainable Agriculture: A Review
Rattan Lal

4. Soils and Food Sufficiency: A Review
Rattan Lal

5. Denitrification at Sub-Zero Temperatures in Arable Soils: A Review
Rebecca L. Phillips

6. Re-Thinking the Conservation of Carbon, Water and Soil: A Different Perspective
Thomas Francis Shaxson

7. Cropping Systems, Carbon Sequestration and Erosion in Brazil: A Review
Martial Bernoux, Carlos C. Cerri, Carlos Eduardo P. Cerri, Marcos Siqueira Neto, Aurélie Metay, Anne-Sophie Perrin, Eric Scopel, Razafimbelo Tantely, Didier Blavet, Marisa C. Piccolo, Mariana Pavei, Eleanor Milne

8. Influence of Land Use on Carbon Sequestration and Erosion in Mexico: A Review
J. D. Etchevers, C. Prat, C. Balbontı́n, M. Bravo, M. Martı́nez

9. Rhizodeposition of Organic C by Plant:Mechanisms and Controls
Christophe Nguyen

10. Environmental Costs and Benefits of Transportation Biofuel Production from Food- and Lignocellulose-Based Energy Crops: A Review
Jason Hill

11. Grasslands for Bioenergy Production: A Review
Enrico Ceotto

12. Plant Drought Stress: Effects, Mechanisms and Management
M. Farooq, A. Wahid, N. Kobayashi, D. Fujita, S. M. A. Basra

13. Pharmaceutical Crops in California, Benefits and Risks: A Review
Michelle Marvier

14. Coexistence of Genetically Modified and Non-GM Crops in the European Union: A Review
Yann Devos, Matty Demont, Koen Dillen, Dirk Reheul, Matthias Kaiser, Olivier Sanvido

15. Agro-Environmental Effects Due to Altered Cultivation Practices with Genetically Modified Herbicide-Tolerant Oilseed Rape and Implications for Monitoring: A Review
F. Graef

Bacillus thuringiensis: Applications in Agriculture and Insect Resistance Management – A Review
Vincent Sanchis, Denis Bourguet

17. Genetically Modified Glyphosate-Tolerant Soybean in the USA: Adoption Factors, Impacts and Prospects – A Review
Sylvie Bonny

18. Small Eats Big: Ecology and Diversity of Bdellovibrio and Like Organisms, and their Dynamics in Predator-Prey Interactions
Shemesh Yair, Davidov Yaacov, Koval Susan, Edouard Jurkevitch

19. Identification of Traits Implicated in the Rhizosphere Competence of Fluorescent Pseudomonads: Description of a Strategy Based on Population and Model Strain Studies
Xavier Latour, Sandrine Delorme, Pascal Mirleau, Philippe Lemanceau

20. Progress in Mechanisms of Mutual Effect between Plants and the Environment
Hong-Bo Shao, Li-Ye Chu, Biao Li

21. Biodiversity: Function and Assessment in Agricultural Areas: A Review
Boris Clergue, Bernard Amiaud, Frank Pervanchon, Françoise Lasserre-Joulin, Sylvain Plantureux

22. Mixing Plant Species in Cropping Systems: Concepts, Tools and Models: A Review
E. Malézieux, Y. Crozat, C. Dupraz, M. Laurans, D. Makowski, H. Ozier-Lafontaine, B. Rapidel, S. Tourdonnet, M. Valantin-Morison

23. Saffron, An Alternative Crop for Sustainable Agricultural Systems: A Review
F. Gresta, G. M. Lombardo, L. Siracusa, G. Ruberto

24. Digital Imaging Information Technology Applied to Seed Germination Testing: A Review
Antonio Dell’ Aquila

25. Managing Weeds with a Dualistic Approach of Prevention and Control: A Review
Randy L. Anderson

26. Mechanical Destruction of Weeds: A Review
D. Chicouene

27. Sustainable Pest Management for Cotton Production: A Review
Jean-Philippe Deguine, Pierre Ferron, Derek Russell

28. Role of Nutrients in Controlling Plant Diseases in Sustainable Agriculture: A Review
Christos Dordas

29. Crop Protection, Biological Control, Habitat Management and Integrated Farming
Pierre Ferron, Jean-Philippe Deguine

30. Using Grassed Strips to Limit Pesticide Transfer to Surface Water: A Review
Jean-Guillaume Lacas, Marc Voltz, Véronique Gouy, Nadia Carluer, Jean-Joël Gril

31. Recycling Biosolids and Lake-Dredged Materials to Pasture-based Animal Agriculture: Alternative Nutrient Sources for Forage Productivity and Sustainability: A Review
Gilbert C. Sigua

32. Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in Legume Nodules: Process and Signaling: A Review
Neera Garg, Geetanjali

33. Factors Responsible for Nitrate Accumulation: A Review
Anjana, Shahid Umar, Muhammad Iqbal

34. Role of Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms in Sustainable Agriculture – A Review
Mohammad Saghir Khan, Almas Zaidi, Parvaze A. Wani

35. Iron and Zinc Biofortification Strategies in Dicot Plants by Intercropping with Gramineous Species: A Review
Y. Zuo, F. Zhang

36. Soil Exploration and Resource Acquisition by Plant Roots: An Architectural and Modelling Point of View
Claude Doussan, Loïc Pagès, Alain Pierret

37. Methods for Studying Root Colonization by Introduced Beneficial Bacteria
Elisa Gamalero, Guido Lingua, Graziella Berta, Philippe Lemanceau

38. Sustainable Urban Agriculture in Developing Countries: A Review
Hubert Bon, Laurent Parrot, Paule

39. Nitrogen, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: A Review
J. H. J. Spiertz

40. Conversion to Organic Farming: A Multidimensional Research Object at the Crossroads of Agricultural and Social Sciences – A Review
Stéphane Bellon, Claire Lamine

41. Triggering Transitions Towards Sustainable Development of the Dutch Agricultural Sector: TransForum's Approach
A. Veldkamp, A.C. Altvorst, R. Eweg, E. Jacobsen, A. Kleef, H. Latesteijn, S. Mager, H. Mommaas, P. J. A. M. Smeets, L. Spaans, J. C. M. Trijp

42. Spatialising Crop Models
Robert Faivre, Delphine Leenhardt, Marc Voltz, Marc Benoît, François Papy, Gérard Dedieu, Daniel Wallach

43. Iterative Design and Evaluation of Rule-Based Cropping Systems: Methodology and Case Studies – A Review
Philippe Debaeke, Nicolas Munier-Jolain, Michel Bertrand, Laurence Guichard, Jean-Marie Nolot, Vincent Faloya, Patrick Saulas

44. Agri-Environmental Indicators to Assess Cropping and Farming Systems: A Review
Christian Bockstaller, Laurence Guichard, David Makowski, Anne Aveline, Philippe Girardin, Sylvain Plantureux

45. Methodological Progress in On-Farm Regional Agronomic Diagnosis: A Review
Thierry Doré, Cathy Clermont-Dauphin, Yves Crozat, Christophe David, Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy, Chantal Loyce, David Makowski, Eric Malézieux, Jean-Marc Meynard, Muriel Valantin-Morison

46. Ex ante Assessment of the Sustainability of Alternative Cropping Systems: Implications for Using Multi-criteria Decision-Aid Methods – A Review
Walid Sadok, Frédérique Angevin, Jacques-Éric Bergez, Christian Bockstaller, Bruno Colomb, Laurence Guichard, Raymond Reau, Thierry Doré

47. Comparison of Methods to Assess the Sustainability of Agricultural Systems: A Review
Christian Bockstaller, Laurence Guichard, Olivier Keichinger, Philippe Girardin, Marie-Béatrice Galan, Gérard Gaillard

48. Soil-Erosion and Runoff Prevention by Plant Covers: A Review
Vı́ctor Hugo Durán Zuazo, Carmen Rocı́o Rodríguez Pleguezuelo

49. Integration of Soil Structure Variations with Time and Space into Models for Crop Management: A Review
J. Roger-Estrade, G. Richard, A. R. Dexter, H. Boizard, S. Tourdonnet, M. Bertrand, J. Caneill

50. Management of Grazing Systems: From Decision and Biophysical Models to Principles for Action
Michel Duru, Bernard Hubert

51. Cadmium in Soils and Cereal Grains After Sewage-Sludge Application on French Soils: A Review
Denis Baize

52. Mobility, Turnover and Storage of Pollutants in Soils, Sediments and Waters: Achievements and Results of the EU Project AquaTerra – A Review
J. A. C. Barth, P. Grathwohl, H. J. Fowler, A. Bellin, M. H. Gerzabek, G. J. Lair, D. Barceló, M. Petrovic, A. Navarro, Ph. Négrel, E. Petelet-Giraud, D. Darmendrail, H. Rijnaarts, A. Langenhoff, J. Weert, A. Slob, B. M. Zaan, J. Gerritse, E. Frank, A. Gutierrez, R. Kretzschmar, T. Gocht, D. Steidle, F. Garrido, K. C. Jones, S. Meijer, C. Moeckel, A. Marsman, G. Klaver, T. Vogel, C. Bürger, O. Kolditz, H. P. Broers, N. Baran, J. Joziasse, W. Tümpling, P. Gaans, C. Merly, A. Chapman, S. Brouyère, J. Batlle Aguilar, Ph. Orban, N. Tas, H. Smidt

53. Effect of Metal Toxicity on Plant Growth and Metabolism: I. Zinc
Gyana Ranjan Rout, Premananda Das

54. Phytoremediation of Organic Pollutants Using Mycorrhizal Plants: A New Aspect of Rhizosphere Interactions
Erik Jautris Joner, Corinne Leyval

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Plant Sciences, Climate Change, Ecosystems, Soil Science & Conservation

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