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Second International Handbook of Educational Change

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Table of contents

1. Better Schools Through Better Knowledge? New Understanding, New Uncertainty
Karen Seashore Louis

2. Innovation and Diffusion as a Theory of Change
Tom Bentley

3. The Psychodynamics of Educational Change
Chris James

4. Moving Change: Evolutionary Perspectives on Educational Change
Stephen E. Anderson

5. A Temporary, Intermediary Organization at the Helm of Regional Education Reform: Lessons from the Bay Area School Reform Collaborative
Ann Jaquith, Milbrey McLaughlin

6. Change from Without: Lessons from Other Countries, Systems, and Sectors
Andy Hargreaves

7. Positive Pressure
Michael Fullan

8. Education for an Interdependent World: Developing Systems Citizens
Peter M. Senge

9. Social Movement Organizing and Equity-Focused Educational Change: Shifting the Zone of Mediation
Michelle Renée, Kevin Welner, Jeannie Oakes

10. Community Organizing and Educational Change
Dennis Shirley

11. Recent Developments in the Field of Educational Leadership: The Challenge of Complexity
Bill Mulford

12. Large-Scale Reform in the Era of Accountability: The System Role in Supporting Data-Driven Decision Making
Amanda Datnow, Vicki Park

13. Teacher Emotions in the Context of Educational Reforms
Michalinos Zembylas

14. The Micropolitics of Educational Change and Reform: Cracking Open the Black Box
Joseph Blase, Lars Björk

15. How Government, Professions and Citizens Combine to Drive Successful Educational Change
Michael Barber

16. Educational Change and Demographic Change: Immigration and the Role of Educational Leadership
Pedro A. Noguera

17. Probing the Limits of Systemic Reform: The English Case
John Gray

18. How to Change 5,000 Schools
Ben Levin

19. Educational Change in Finland
Pasi Sahlberg

20. China as a Case Study of Systemic Educational Reform
Yong Zhao, Wei Qiu

21. Educational Leadership in Racially Divided Communities
Jonathan D. Jansen

22. Educational Change in Chile: Reform or Improvements? (1990–2007)
Beatrice Avalos

23. A Market for Knowledge?
Frederick M. Hess

24. Marketization and Post-Marketization in Education
Geoff Whitty

25. Large-Scale Assessment for Accountability Purposes
Peter W. Hill

26. Digital Technologies and Educational Change
Juana M. Sancho

27. Toward a Theory of Teacher Education for Social Justice
Marilyn Cochran-Smith

28. Connecting Learning Communities: Capacity Building for Systemic Change
Louise Stoll

29. International Comparisons of Student Learning Outcomes
Andreas Schleicher

30. Teaching and Educational Transformation
Linda Darling-Hammond

31. The Legacy of the School Effectiveness Research Tradition
Charles Teddlie

32. Professional Learning Communities at the Crossroads: How Systems Hinder or Engender Change
Joan E. Talbert

33. New Teacher Induction and Mentoring for Educational Change
Betty Achinstein, Steven Z. Athanases

34. Smart School Improvement: Towards Schools Learning from Their Best
David Reynolds

35. How Successful Leadership Influences Student Learning: The Second Installment of a Longer Story
Kenneth Leithwood, Karen Seashore Louis, Kyla Wahlstrom, Stephen Anderson, Blair Mascall, Molly Gordon

36. The Moral Character of Academic Learning: Challenging the Exclusivity of the Reigning Paradigm of School Learning
Robert J. Starratt

37. Teacher Leadership: Developing the Conditions for Learning, Support, and Sustainability
Ann Lieberman, Linda Friedrich

38. On Personalizing Learning and Reculturing Teaching in Large High School Conversions to Small Schools
Michael A. Copland, Mary Beth Lambert, Cathy Wallach, Brinton S. Ramsey

39. Improving Schools in Challenging Contexts
Alma Harris

40. Knowledge-Based Organizational Learning for Instructional Improvement
Jonathan Supovitz

41. Federations and System Leadership
Rob Higham

42. Every School a Great School – Realising the Potential of System Leadership
David Hopkins

43. School-Based Networking for Educational Change
Christopher Chapman, Mark Hadfield

44. Travel of District-Wide Approaches to Instructional Improvement: How Can Districts Learn from One Another?
Mary Kay Stein, Lea Hubbard, Judith Toure

45. Involving Children and Young People in Educational Change: Possibilities and Challenges
Pat Thomson

46. Adaptive People and Adaptive Systems: Issues of Learning and Design
John Bransford, Susan Mosborg, Michael A. Copland, Meredith A. Honig, Harold G. Nelson, Drue Gawel, Rachel S. Phillips, Nancy Vye

47. Changing Classroom Learning
Daniel Muijs

48. Making Sure that Every Child Matters: Enhancing Equity Within Education Systems
Mel Ainscow, Sue Goldrick

49. Making Formative Assessment the Way the School Does Business: The Impact and Implications of Formative Assessment for Teachers, Students and School Leaders
Ruth Sutton

50. Self-Evaluation for School Improvement
John MacBeath

51. The Emerging Politics of Curriculum Reform: Technology, Knowledge, and Power in Homeschooling
Michael W. Apple

52. Supporting the Education and Care of Young Children: Putting into Practice What We Know
Beverly Falk

53. Reforming Upper Secondary Education in England: A Necessary but Difficult Change
Ann Hodgson, Ken Spours

54. Gender and Educational Change
Charol Shakeshaft

55. Class, Race, and Educational Achievement
Brenda X. Mejia-Smith, Edmund W. Gordon

56. Blindness to Change Within Processes of Spectacular Change? What Do Educational Researchers Learn from Classroom Studies?
Kirsti Klette

57. School-Based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programming: Current Perspectives
Nicole A. Elbertson, Marc A. Brackett, Roger P. Weissberg

58. To Seek, to Strive, to Find, and Not to Yield: A Look at Current Conceptions of Vision in Education
Karen Hammerness

Keywords: Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Curriculum Studies, Learning & Instruction, Sociology of Education

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Springer International Handbooks of Education
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