Yin, Runsheng

An Integrated Assessment of China¿s Ecological Restoration Programs

Yin, Runsheng - An Integrated Assessment of China¿s Ecological Restoration Programs, ebook


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Table of contents

2. China's Ecological Restoration Programs: Initiation, Implementation, and Challenges
Runsheng Yin, Guiping Yin

3. Assessing China's Ecological Restoration Programs: What's Been Done and What Remains to Be Done?
Runsheng Yin, Guiping Yin, Lanying Li

4. Methodology for an Integrative Assessment of China's Ecological Restoration Programs
Runsheng Yin, David Rothstein, Jiaguo Qi, Shuguang Liu

5. Land Cover Changes in Northeast China from the late 1970s to 2004
Zhangquan Shen, Runsheng Yin, Jiaguo Qi

6. Modeling the Driving Forces of the Land Use and Land Cover Changes Along the Upper Yangtze River
Qing Xiang, Runsheng Yin, Jintao Xu, Xiangzheng Deng

7. An Integrative Approach to Modeling Land Use Changes: The Multiple Facets of Agriculture in the Upper Yangtze Basin
Runsheng Yin, Qing Xiang

8. Quantifying Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics in the Upper Yangtze Basin from 1975 to 2000
Shuqing Zhao, Shuguang Liu, Runsheng Yin, Zhengpeng Li, Yulin Deng, Kun Tan, Xiangzheng Deng, David Rothstein, Jiaguo Qi

9. Process-Based Soil Erosion Simulation on a Regional Scale: The Effect of Ecological Restoration in the Chinese Loess Plateau
Changbin Li, Jiaguo Qi, Zhaodong Feng, Runsheng Yin, Biyun Guo, Feng Zhang

10. Conservation Payments, Liquidity Constraints and Off-Farm Labor: Impact of the Grain for Green Program on Rural Households in China
Emi Uchida, Scott Rozelle, Jintao Xu

11. An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of China's Land Conversion Program on Farmers’ Income Growth and Labor Transfer
Shunbo Yao, Yajun Guo, Xuexi Huo

12. An Evaluation of the Impact of the Natural Forest Protection Programme on Rural Household Livelihoods
Katrina Mullan, Andreas Kontoleon, Tim Swanson, Shiqiu Zhang

13. An Estimation of the Effects of China's Forestry Programs on Farmers' Income
Can Liu, Jinzhi Lü, Runsheng Yin

14. Agricultural Productivity Changes Induced by the Sloping Land Conversion Program: An Analysis of Wuqi County in the Loess Plateau Region
Shunbo Yao, Hua Li, Guangquan Liu

15. Measuring the Aggregate Socioeconomic Impacts of China's Natural Forest Protection Program
Yueqin Shen, Xianchun Liao, Runsheng Yin

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecosystems, Forestry, Life Sciences, general, Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Sustainable Development

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Natural Sciences

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