Schmicking, Daniel

Handbook of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science

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Table of contents

1. Naturalized Phenomenology
Dan Zahavi

2. Phenomenology and Non-reductionist Cognitive Science
Shaun Gallagher

3. A Toolbox of Phenomenological Methods
Daniel Schmicking

4. Towards a Formalism for Expressing Structures of Consciousness
Eduard Marbach

5. Consciousness
Mark Rowlands

6. Attention in Context
P. Sven Arvidson

7. The Phenomenology and Neurobiology of Moods and Emotions
Matthew Ratcliffe

8. Phenomenology, Imagination and Interdisciplinary Research
Julia Jansen

9. The Function of Weak Phantasy in Perception and Thinking
Dieter Lohmar

10. Myself with No Body? Body, Bodily-Consciousness and Self-consciousness
Dorothée Legrand

11. A Husserlian, Neurophenomenologic Approach to Embodiment
Jean-Luc Petit

12. Body and Movement: Basic Dynamic Principles
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

13. Empirical and Phenomenological Studies of Embodied Cognition
David Morris

14. The Problem of Other Minds
Søren Overgaard

15. Mutual Gaze and Intersubjectivity
Beata Stawarska

16. Knowing Other People’s Mental States as if They Were One’s Own
Frédérique Vignemont

17. Intersubjectivity, Cognition, and Language
N. Praetorius

18. The Problem of Representation
Michael Wheeler

19. Action and Agency
Thor Grünbaum

20. Meaning, World and the Second Person
Juan J. Botero

21. Husserl and Language
Peer F. Bundgaard

22. Metaphor and Cognition
Mark Johnson

23. Phenomenology and Cognitive Linguistics
Jordan Zlatev

24. The Role of Phenomenology in Psychophysics
Steven Horst

25. A Neurophenomenological Study of Epileptic Seizure Anticipation
Claire Petitmengin

26. How Unconscious is Subliminal Perception?
Morten Overgaard, Bert Timmermans

27. IW - “The Man Who Lost His Body”
David McNeill, Liesbet Quaeghebeur, Susan Duncan

28. Phenomenology and Psychopathology
Thomas Fuchs

29. Delusional Atmosphere and Delusional Belief
Matthew Ratcliffe

30. Autoscopy: Disrupted Self in Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Anomalous Conscious States
Aaron L. Mishara

31. Phenomenology as Description and as Explanation: The Case of Schizophrenia
Louis A. Sass

32. Agency with Impairments of Movement
Jonathan Cole

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, Neuropsychology, Psychiatry

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