Ellero, Marco

IUTAM Symposium on Advances in Micro- and Nanofluidics

Ellero, Marco - IUTAM Symposium on Advances in Micro- and Nanofluidics, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Plenary Lectures

1. Nonlinear Electrokinetic Flow: Theory, Experiment, and Potential Applications
Sung Jae Kim, Jongyoon Han

2. Fluid Particle Models for the Simulation ofMicrofluids
Marco Ellero

Part II. Micro-channel Flows

3. Semi-analytical Solution of the Density Profile for a Gas Close to a Solid Wall
E. A. T. Akker, A. J. H. Frijns, S. V. Nedea, A. A. Steenhoven

4. Comprehensive Analysis of Dewetting Profiles to Quantify Hydrodynamic Slip
Oliver Bäumchen, Renate Fetzer, Andreas Münch, Barbara Wagner, Karin Jacobs

5. Variation of Transport Properties Along Nanochannels: A Study by Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics
Filippos Sofos, Theodoros Karakasidis, Antonios Liakopoulos

6. Estimation of the Poiseuille Number in Gas Flows Through Rectangular Nano- and Micro-channels in the Whole Range oftheKnudsen Number
Stelios Varoutis, Dimitris Valougeorgis

7. Moving Contact Line with Balanced Stress Singularities
X. Y. Hu, N. A. Adams

Part III. Complex Fluids

8. Clarification and Control of Micro Plasma Flow with Wall Interaction
Takeshi Furukawa

9. Electrochemical Control of the Surface Energy of Conjugated Polymers for Guiding Samples in Microfluidic Systems
Nathaniel D. Robinson

10. Small Scale Cavitation Model
Juan Miguel SánchezSánchez, Rafael Rodrigo Fernández

11. Experimental and Theoretical Approach forAnalysis of Flow Induced by Micro Organisms Existing on Surface of Granular Activated Sludge
B. E. Zima-Kulisiewicz, W. Kowalczyk, A. Delgado

Part IV. Numerical Modeling

12. Coupling Atomistic and Continuum Descriptions Using Dynamic Control
E. M. Kotsalis, J. H. Walther, P. Koumoutsakos

13. Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Pulsed Jet inT-Shaped Micromixer
Md Ashraf Ali, Lyazid Djenidi

14. Simulation of High-Speed Flow in μ-Rockets for Space Propulsion Applications
José A. Moríñigo, José Hermida-Quesada

15. Numerical Study on the Flow Physics ofaT-Shaped Micro Mixer
J. Hussong, R. Lindken, M. Pourquie, J. Westerweel

16. Splitting for Highly Dissipative Smoothed Particle Dynamics
S. Litvinov, X. Y. Hu, N. A. Adams

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering, general, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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