Drenthen, Martin A. M.

New Visions of Nature

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Table of contents

2. Nature in Motion
Martin Drenthen, Jozef Keulartz, James Proctor

3. Technological Nature – And the Problem When Good Enough Becomes Good
Peter H. Kahn, Rachel L. Severson, Jolina H. Ruckert

4. They Could Have Used a Robot: Technology, Nature Experience and Human Flourishing
Maartje Schermer

5. The Authenticity of Nature: An Exploration of Lay People’s Interpretations in the Netherlands
Riyan J.G. Born, Wouter T. Groot

6. The Hierarchical and Unconscious Mind: Reflections on the Authenticity of Nature
Maarten H. Jacobs

7. The Trouble with Plovers
Anita Guerrini

8. About Snowy Plovers, Lapwings and Wolves: How to Include Contrasting Visions of Ecologists and Laymen in Decision-Making
Henny J. Windt

9. Detachment, Genomics and the Nature of Being Human
Lenny Moss

10. The Detached Animal – On the Technical Nature of Being Human
Pieter Lemmens

11. Metagenomic Metaphors: New Images of the Human from ‘Translational’ Genomic Research
Eric T. Juengst

12. The Metagenomic World-View: A Comment on Eric T. Juengst’s ‘Metagenomic Metaphors’
John Dupré, Maureen A. O’Malley

13. Genomics Metaphors and Genetic Determinism
Hub Zwart

14. Maps and the Taxonomic Style
Chunglin Kwa

15. “Thinking Like a Mountain”: Ethics and Place as Travelling Concepts
Bruce B. Janz

16. Towards an Epistemology of Place
J.A.A. Swart

17. Developing Nature Along Dutch Rivers: Place or Non-Place
Martin Drenthen

18. Restoring Nature in a Mobile Society
C.S.A. (Kris) Koppen

19. Between Nativism and Cosmopolitanism: Framing and Reframing in Invasion Biology
Jozef Keulartz, Cor Weele

20. Further Towards a Continuum Between Nativism and Cosmopolitanism
Matthias Gross

21. Nature, Technology and the Human Condition
Catherine L. Newell, Michael A. Osborne

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Nature, Environment, general, Philosophy of Biology, Nature Conservation, Biotechnology, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

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