Fort, Deborah C.

One Legacy of Paul F. Brandwein

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Table of contents

Part I. Remembering Paul F. Brandwein: Essays

1. Turning a Dream (Deftly, Subtly, and Effectively) into Reality
Deborah C. Fort

2. How Dr. Paul Brandwein’s Mentorship and Guidance Affected My Scientific Interests and Career
Deborah C. Fort

3. How to Win Converts and Influence Students
Deborah C. Fort

4. Paul F. Brandwein’s Influence on My Life: The Essential Spark
Deborah C. Fort

5. Paul Brandwein’s Influence on My Life
Deborah C. Fort

6. One Year
Deborah C. Fort

7. Research at a Tender Age
Deborah C. Fort

8. Intellectually Exciting Years at Forest Hills High School
Deborah C. Fort

9. Encouraging the Uncertain
Deborah C. Fort

10. Saturdays at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Deborah C. Fort

11. Question Everything
Deborah C. Fort

12. One Class Was Enough
Deborah C. Fort

13. Paul F. Brandwein—A Personal Reflection
Deborah C. Fort

14. Paul Brandwein and the National Science Teachers Association
Deborah C. Fort

15. Dr. Paul F. Brandwein: Messages on Teaching and Learning for All Educators
Deborah C. Fort

16. Some Reflections on Paul F. Brandwein’s Impact on Science Education
Deborah C. Fort

17. Paul F. Brandwein and Conservation Education
Deborah C. Fort

18. Environmental Education and Paul F. Brandwein’s Ekistics

Deborah C. Fort

19. Watershed Education for Sustainable Development
Deborah C. Fort

20. The Paul F-Brandwein Institute: Continuing a Legacy in Conservation Education
Deborah C. Fort

Part II. Paul F. Brandwein in His Own Words—Reprints 1955–1995

21. The Gifted Student as Future Scientist
Deborah C. Fort

22. Science Talent: In an Ecology of Achievement
Deborah C. Fort

23. Science Talent in the Young Expressed Within Ecologies of Achievement: Executive Summary
Deborah C. Fort

Part III. The Surveys

24. Remembrances from More than a Half-Century Back: The Surveys
Deborah C. Fort

Part IV. Appendixes

25. Appendix A: The Survey
Deborah C. Fort

26. Appendix B: Bibliographies of the Works of Paul F. Brandwein
Deborah C. Fort

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