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Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters

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Table of contents

1. Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters: An Overview
Madan Kumar Jha

2. Earthquakes in India: Hazards, Genesis and Mitigation Measures
Vineet K. Gahalaut

3. Impact of 2004 Tsunami on Housing, Sanitation, Water Supply and Wastes Management: The Case of Ampara District in Sri Lanka
Leclerc Jean-Pierre

4. Impact of December 2004 Tsunamion Indian Coasts and Mitigation Measures
C. H. Sujatha, Nify Benny

5. Tsunami Impacts and Rehabilitation of Groundwater Supply: Lessons Learned from Eastern Sri Lanka
Karen G. Villholth, Paramsothy Jeyakumar, Priyanie H. Amerasinghe, A. Sanjeewa P. Manamperi, Meththika Vithanage, Rohit R. Goswami, Chris R. Panabokke

6. Tsunami Early Warning System: An Indian Ocean Perspective
Prasad K. Bhaskaran, P. C. Pandey

7. Flood Hazards in India and Management Strategies
Dhrubajyoti Sen

8. Modeling for Flood Control and Management
D. Nagesh Kumar, K. Srinivasa Raju, Falguni Baliarsingh

9. Real-Time Flood Forecasting by a Hydrometric Data-Based Technique
Muthiah Perumal, Bhabagrahi Sahoo

10. Drought Hazards and Mitigation Measures
G. Ravindra Chary, K. P. R. Vittal, B. Venkateswarlu, P. K. Mishra, G. G. S. N. Rao, G. Pratibha, K. V. Rao, K. L. Sharma, G. Rajeshwara Rao

11. Indicators for Assessing Drought Hazard in Arid Regions of India
K. P. R. Vittal, Amal Kar

12. Tropical Cyclones: Trends, Forecasting and Mitigation
O. P. Singh

13. Temperature Extremes over India and their Relationship with El Niño-Southern Oscillation
J. V. Revadekar, H. P. Borgaonkar, D. R. Kothawale

14. Monitoring Physiographic Rainfall Variation for Sustainable Management of Water Bodies in India
N. A. Sontakke, H. N. Singh, Nityanand Singh

15. Emerging Tools and Techniques for Mine Safety and Disaster Management
Dheeraj Kumar

16. Management of Forest Fire Disaster: Perspectives from Swaziland
Wisdom M. D. Dlamini

17. Climate Change and Water Resources in India: Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies
Adlul Islam, Alok K. Sikka

18. Global Climate Change vis-à-vis Crop Productivity
Prabhjyot-Kaur, S. S. Hundal

19. Adapting Smallholder Dairy Production System to Climate Change
Smita Sirohi, S. K. Sirohi, Poonam Pandey

20. Climate Change-Proof Disaster Risk Reduction: Prospects and Challenges for Developing Countries
S. V. R. K. Prabhakar

21. Potential of Geospatial Technologies for Mitigating Land and Water Related Disasters
S. Bandyopadhyay, Madan Kumar Jha

22. Decision Support System: Concept and Potential for Integrated Water Resources Management
P. Tiwary, Madan Kumar Jha, M. V. Venugopalan

23. Sustainable Forest Management: Key to Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
Tajbar S. Rawat, D. Dugaya, B. K. Prasad, Savita Bisht

24. Participatory Information Management for Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction
S. V. R. K. Prabhakar, Md. Shahid Parwez

25. Cyclone Emergency Preparedness in DAE Coastal Installations, India
D. V. Gopinath

26. Sustainable Management of Disasters: Challenges and Prospects
Madan Kumar Jha

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Coastal Sciences, Climate Change, Civil Engineering, Sustainable Development

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