Stansly, Philip A.

Bemisia: Bionomics and Management of a Global Pest

Stansly, Philip A. - Bemisia: Bionomics and Management of a Global Pest, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Systematics of Bemisia and Bemisia Relatives: Can Molecular Techniques Solve the Bemisia tabaci Complex Conundrum – A Taxonomist’s Viewpoint
Raymond J. Gill, Judith K. Brown

2. Phylogenetic Biology of the Bemisia tabaci Sibling Species Group
Judith K. Brown

3. Tools and Recent Progress in Studying Gene Flow and Population Genetics of the Bemisia tabaci Sibling Species Group
Margarita Hadjistylli, Judith K. Brown, George K. Roderick

4. Life History, Functional Anatomy, Feeding and Mating Behavior
Gregory P. Walker, Thomas M. Perring, Thomas P. Freeman

5. Mutualistic and Dependent Relationships with Other Organisms
Rosemarie C. Rosell, Jacquelyn L. Blackmer*, Henryk Czosnek, Moshe Inbar

6. Population Dynamics, Demography, Dispersal and Spread of Bemisia tabaci

Steven E. Naranjo, Steven J. Castle, Paul J. Barro, Shu-Sheng Liu

7. Epidemiology of a Whitefly-Transmitted Cassava Mosaic Geminivirus Pandemic in Africa
James P. Legg

8. Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Disease Epidemics
Enrique Moriones, Jesús Navas-Castillo

9. Distribution and Dissemination of Begomoviruses in Latin America and the Caribbean
Francisco J. Morales

10. Transmission Efficiency and Epidemiology of Criniviruses
William M. Wintermantel

11. A Review of Ipomoviruses and Watermelon Vine Decline in Florida
Scott Adkins, Susan E. Webb, Pamela D. Roberts, Chandrasekar S. Kousik, Philip A. Stansly, Benny D. Bruton, Diann Achor, Rosa M. Muchovej, Carlye A. Baker

12. Transovarial Transmission of Begomoviruses in Bemisia tabaci

Gian Paolo Accotto, Luca Sardo

13. Optical Manipulation for Control of Bemisia tabaci and Its Vectored Viruses in the Greenhouse and Open Field
Yehezkel Antignus

14. Host Plant Resistance for the Management of Bemisia tabaci: A Multi-crop Survey with Emphasis on Tomato
Gloria Nombela, Mariano Muñiz

15. Natural Enemies of Bemisia tabaci: Predators and Parasitoids
Judit Arnó, Rosa Gabarra, Tong-Xian Liu, Alvin M. Simmons, Dan Gerling

16. Ecological Determinants of Bemisia tabaci Resistance to Insecticides
Steven J. Castle, John C. Palumbo, Nilima Prabhaker, A. Rami Horowitz, Ian Denholm

17. Integrated Systems for Managing Bemisia tabaci in Protected and Open Field Agriculture
Philip A. Stansly, Eric T. Natwick

18. The Whitefly Genome – White Paper: A Proposal to Sequence Multiple Genomes of Bemisia tabaci

Henryk Czosnek, Judith K. Brown

19. Erratum

Keywords: Life Sciences, Invertebrates, Agriculture, Plant Pathology, Animal Systematics/Taxonomy/Biogeography, Animal Genetics and Genomics

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Natural Sciences

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