Atkinson, Peter W.

Vector Biology, Ecology and Control

Atkinson, Peter W. - Vector Biology, Ecology and Control, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Role of Global Climate Patterns in the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Vector-Borne Disease
Kenneth J. Linthicum, Assaf Anyamba, Jean-Paul Chretien, Jennifer Small, Compton J. Tucker, Seth C. Britch

2. The DDT Story: Environmentalism Over Rights to Health and Life
Donald R. Roberts

3. Vector-Borne Diseases in the 21st Century: Counting Up or Counting Down?
Anthony A. James

4. The Global Threat of Emergent/Re-emergent Vector-Borne Diseases
Duane J. Gubler

5. The Need for Synergy and Value Creation in Contemporary Vector Research and Control
Bart G.J. Knols, Ingeborg Schayk

6. “Dramas” Down-Under: Changes and Challenges in Australia
Richard C. Russell

7. Novel Strategies to Control Aedes aegypti and Dengue
Barry Beaty, Scott Bernhardt, William Black, Carol Blair, Lars Eisen, Darwin Elizondo-Quiroga, Jose Farfan-Ale, Saul Lozano-Fuentes, Alexander Franz, Ken E. Olson, Irma Sanchez-Vargas

8. Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Thailand: Current Incidence and Vector Management
Apiwat Tawatsin, Usavadee Thavara

9. Using “Mulla’s Formula” to Estimate Percent Control
William K. Reisen

10. Longitudinal Field Studies Will Guide a Paradigm Shift in Dengue Prevention
Thomas W. Scott, Amy C. Morrison

11. Recombinant Bacterial Larvicides for Control of Important Mosquito Vectors of Disease
Brian A. Federici

12. Current Prospects for the Control of the Vectors of Malaria and Filariasis
Christopher F. Curtis

13. Unraveling a Complex Transmission Cycle: Implications for Control
Laura D. Kramer, A. Marm Kilpatrick

14. Sustainable Mosquito Control in California: A Template for the World
David Brown

15. The Rhine Larviciding Program and Its Application to Vector Control
Norbert Becker

16. Integrated Malaria Management
Robert J. Novak, Peter Burgess, Ian Brooks

Keywords: Life Sciences, Applied Ecology, Infectious Diseases, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Invertebrates, Community & Population Ecology

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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