Nagelkerken, Ivan

Ecological Connectivity among Tropical Coastal Ecosystems

Nagelkerken, Ivan - Ecological Connectivity among Tropical Coastal Ecosystems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Ivan Nagelkerken

2. Nitrogen and Phosphorus Exchange Among Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Stephen E. Davis, Diego Lirman, Jeffrey R. Wozniak

3. Carbon Exchange Among Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Steven Bouillon, Rod M. Connolly

4. Dynamics of Reef Fish and Decapod Crustacean Spawning Aggregations: Underlying Mechanisms, Habitat Linkages, and Trophic Interactions
Richard S. Nemeth

5. The Senses and Environmental Cues Used by Marine Larvae of Fish and Decapod Crustaceans to Find Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Michael Arvedlund, Kathryn Kavanagh

6. Mechanisms Affecting Recruitment Patterns of Fish and Decapods in Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Aaron J. Adams, John P. Ebersole

7. Habitat Shifts by Decapods—an Example of Connectivity Across Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Michael D.E. Haywood, Robert A. Kenyon

8. Diel and Tidal Movements by Fish and Decapods Linking Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Uwe Krumme

9. Living in Two Worlds: Diadromous Fishes, and Factors Affecting Population Connectivity Between Tropical Rivers and Coasts
David A. Milton

10. Evaluation of Nursery function of Mangroves and Seagrass beds for Tropical Decapods and Reef fishes: Patterns and Underlying Mechanisms
Ivan Nagelkerken

11. Sources of Variation that Affect Perceived Nursery Function of Mangroves
Craig H. Faunce, Craig A. Layman

12. Tools for Studying Biogeochemical Connectivity Among Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
Thorsten Dittmar, Boris Koch, Rudolf Jaffé

13. Tools for Studying Biological Marine Ecosystem Interactions—Natural and Artificial Tags
Bronwyn M. Gillanders

14. A Landscape Ecology Approach for the Study of Ecological Connectivity Across Tropical Marine Seascapes
Rikki Grober-Dunsmore, Simon J. Pittman, Chris Caldow, Matthew S. Kendall, Thomas K. Frazer

15. Relationships Between Tropical Coastal Habitats and (offshore) Fisheries
Stephen J. M. Blaber

16. Conservation and Management of Tropical Coastal Ecosystems
William Gladstone

Keywords: Environment, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Ecosystems, Animal Ecology

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Natural Sciences

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