Ishaaya, Isaac

Biorational Control of Arthropod Pests

Ishaaya, Isaac - Biorational Control of Arthropod Pests, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Biorational Pest Control – An Overview
A. Rami Horowitz, Peter C. Ellsworth, Isaac Ishaaya

2. Agonists/Antagonists of the Insect Kinin and Pyrokinin/PBAN Neuropeptide Classes as Tools for Rational Pest Control
Ronald J. Nachman

3. Rational Design of Insect Control Agents: The PK/PBAN Family as a Study Case
Miriam Altstein, Aliza Hariton

4. Tyramine and Octopamine Receptors as a Source of Biorational Insecticides
Akinori Hirashima

5. Recent Advances in the Mode of Action of Juvenile Hormones and Their Analogs
Subba Reddy Palli

6. γ-Aminobutyric Acid Receptors: A Rationale for Developing Selective Insect Pest Control Chemicals
Yoshihisa Ozoe, Makio Takeda, Kazuhiko Matsuda

7. Natural Products: Plant Lectins as Important Tools in Controlling Pest Insects
Gianni Vandenborre, Els J. M. Damme, Guy Smagghe

8. Genetically Modified Insects as a Tool for Biorational Control
Luke Alphey, Kostas Bourtzis, Thomas Miller

9. Symbiosis Research as a Novel Strategy for Insect Pest Control
Alistair C. Darby

10. Novel Approaches for the Management of Mealybug Pests
José Carlos Franco, Anat Zada, Zvi Mendel

11. Manipulation of Insect Signaling for Monitoring and Control of Pest Insects
Andrej A. Čokl, Jocelyn G. Millar

12. Physical Control: An Important Tool in Pest Management Programs
Phyllis G. Weintraub

13. A Systems Approach to IPM Integration, Ecological Assessment and Resistance Management in Tree Fruit Orchards
John Wise, Mark Whalon

14. Mechanisms of Acaricide Resistance in the Two-Spotted Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae

Thomas Leeuwen, John Vontas, Anastasia Tsagkarakou, Luc Tirry

Keywords: Life Sciences, Entomology, Animal Biochemistry, Animal Genetics and Genomics, Plant Sciences

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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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