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Advances in Electrical Engineering and Computational Science

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Table of contents

1. Acoustic Behavior of Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
C. Grabner

2. Model Reduction of Weakly Nonlinear Systems
Marissa Condon, Georgi G. Grahovski

3. Investigation of a Multizone Drift Doping Based Lateral Bipolar Transistor on Buried Oxide Thick Step
Sajad A. Loan, S. Qureshi, S. Sundar Kumar Iyer

4. Development of a Battery Charging Management Unit for Renewable Power Generation
Yong Yin, Jihong Wang, Xing Luo, Shen Guo

5. Optical CDMA Transceiver Architecture: Polarization Modulation with Dual-Balanced Detection
Mohammad Massoud Karbassian, Hooshang Ghafouri-Shiraz

6. Template Based: A Novel STG Based Logic Synthesis for Asynchronous Control Circuits
Sufian Sudeng, Arthit Thongtak

7. A Comparison of Induction Motor Speed Estimation Using Conventional MRAS and an AI-Based MRAS Parallel System
Chao Yang, John W. Finch

8. A New Fuzzy-Based Additive Noise Removal Filter
M. Wilscy, Madhu S. Nair

9. Enhancement of Weather Degraded Color Images and Video Sequences Using Wavelet Fusion
Jisha John, M. Wilscy

10. A GA-Assisted Brain Fiber Tracking Algorithm for DT-MRI Data
L. M. San-José-Revuelta

11. A Bridge-Ship Collision Avoidance System Based on FLIR Image Sequences
Jun Liu, Hong Wei, Xi-Yue Huang, Nai-Shuai He, Ke Li

12. A Gray Level Feature Detector and Its Hardware Architecture
Neeta Nain, Rajesh Kumar, Bhavitavya Bhadviya

13. SVD and DWT-SVD Domain Robust Watermarking using Differential Evolution Algorithm
Veysel Aslantas

14. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Prototype Large Ring PET Scanner
M. Monjur Ahasan, David J. Parker

15. Robust Wavelet-Based Video Watermarking Using Edge Detection
Tamás Polyák, Gábor Fehér

16. High Speed Soft Computing Based Circuit for Edges Detection in Images
Nashaat M. Hussein, Angel Barriga

17. A Comparison Between 3D OSEM and FBP Image Reconstruction Algorithms in SPECT
Khalid S. Alzimami, Salem A. Sassi, Nicholas M. Spyrou

18. Performance Improvement of Wireless MAC Using Non-Cooperative Games
Debarshi Kumar Sanyal, Matangini Chattopadhyay, Samiran Chattopadhyay

19. Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Protocols
Nadia Qasim, Fatin Said, Hamid Aghvami

20. IEEE 802.11E Block Acknowledgement Policies
O. Cabral, A. Segarra, F. J. Velez

21. Routing in a Custom-Made IEEE 802.11E Simulator
João Miguel Ferro, Fernando J. Velez

22. Web-Based Management of Distributed Services
George Oikonomou, Theodore Apostolopoulos

23. Image Index Based Digital Watermarking Techniqu for Ownership Claim and Buyer Fingerprinting
Sarabjeet S. Bedi, Rabia Bano, Shekhar Verma

24. Reverse Engineering: EDOWA Worm Analysis and Classification
Madihah Mohd Saudi, Emran Mohd Tamil, Andrea J. Cullen, Mike E. Woodward, Mohd Yamani Idna Idris

25. Reconfigurable Hardware Implementation of a GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking System
Adnan Yaqzan, Issam Damaj, Rached Zantout

26. Unknown Malicious Identification
Ying-xu. Lai, Zeng-hui. Liu

27. Understanding Programming Language Semantics for the Real World
Trong Wu

28. Analysis of Overhead Control Mechanisms in Mobile AD HOC Networks
S. Gowrishankar, T. G. Basavaraju, Subir Kumar Sarkar

29. Context Aware In-Vehicle Infotainment Interfaces
H. Sharma, A. K. Ramani

30. Facial Expression Analysis Using PCA
V. Praseeda Lekshmi, M. Sasikumar, Divya S. Vidyadharan, S. Naveen

31. The Design of a USART IP Core
A. H. El-Mousa, N. Anssari, A. Al-Suyyagh, H. Al-Zubi

32. Multilayer Perceptron Training Optimization for High Speed Impacts Classification
Angel Garcia-Crespo, Belen Ruiz-Mezcua, Israel Gonzalez-Carrasco, Jose Luis Lopez-Cuadrado

33. Developing Emotion-Based Pet Robots
W. -P. Lee, J. -W. Kuo, P. -C. Lai

34. Designing Short Term Trading Systems with Artificial Neural Networks
Bruce Vanstone, Gavin Finnie, Tobias Hahn

35. Reorganising Artificial Neural Network Topologies
Thomas D. Jorgensen, Barry Haynes, Charlotte Norlund

36. Design and Implementation of an E-Learning Model by Considering Learner's Personality and Emotions
S. Fatahi, M. Kazemifard, N. Ghasem-Aghaee

37. A Self Progressing Fuzzy Rule-Based System for Optimizing and Predicting Machining Process
Asif Iqbal, Naeem U. Dar

38. Selection of Ambient Light for Laser Digitizing of Quasi-Lambertian Surfaces
D. Blanco, P. Fernandez, E. Cuesta, C. M. Suarez, N. Beltran

39. Ray-Tracing Techniques Applied to the Accessibility Analysis for the Automatic Contact and Non Contact Inspection
B. J. Álvarez, P. Fernández, J. C. Rico, G. Valiño

40. Detecting Session Boundaries to Personalize Search Using a Conceptual User Context
Mariam Daoud, Mohand Boughanem, Lynda Tamine-Lechani

41. Mining Weather Information in Dengue Outbreak: Predicting Future Cases Based on Wavelet, SVM and GA
Yan Wu, Gary Lee, Xiuju Fu, Harold Soh, Terence Hung

42. PC_Tree: Prime-Based and Compressed Tree for Maximal Frequent Patterns Mining
Mohammad Nadimi-Shahraki, Norwati Mustapha, Md Nasir B Sulaiman, Ali B Mamat

43. Towards a New Generation of Conversational Agents Based on Sentence Similarity
Karen O'Shea, Zuhair Bandar, Keeley Crockett

44. Direction-of-Change Financial Time Series Forecasting Using Neural Networks: A Bayesian Approach
Andrew A. Skabar

45. A Dynamic Modeling of Stock Prices and Optimal Decision Making Using MVP Theory
Ramin Rajabioun, Ashkan Rahimi-Kian

46. A Regularized Unconstrained Optimization in the Bond Portfolio Valuation and Hedging
Yury Gryazin, Michael Landrigan

47. Approximation of Pareto Set in Multi Objective Portfolio Optimization
I. Radziukyniene, A. Zilinskas

48. The Scaling Approach for Credit Limit Management and Its Application
M. Y. Konovalikhhin, D. O. Sergienko, O. V. Balaeva

49. Expected Tail Loss Efficient Frontiers for CDOS of Bespoke Portfolios Under One-Factor Copula Marginal Distributions
Diresh Jewan, Renkuan Guo, Gareth Witten

50. Data Mining for Retail Inventory Management
Pradip Kumar Bala

51. Economic Process Capability Index for Product Design and Process Planning
Angus Jeang

52. Comparing Different Approaches for Design of Experiments (DoE)
Martín Tanco, Elisabeth Viles, Lourdes Pozueta

53. Prevention of Workpice Form Deviations in CNC Turning Based on Tolerance Specifications
Gonzalo Valino Riestra, David Blanco Fernandez, Braulio Jose Alvarez, Sabino Mateos Diaz, Natalia Beltran Delgado

54. Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction Using Homology and Inter-domain Linker Region Information
Nazar Zaki

55. Cellular Computational Model of Biology
Alex H. Leo, Gang Sun

56. Patient Monitoring: Wearable Device for Patient Monitoring
Robert G. Lupu, Andrei Stan, Florina Ungureanu

57. Face Recognition and Expression Classification
V. Praseeda Lekshmi, M. Sasikumar, Divya S. Vidyadharan

58. Spiking Neurons and Synaptic Stimuli: Neural Response Comparison Using Coincidence-Factor
Mayur Sarangdhar, Chandrasekhar Kambhampati

59. Overcoming Neuro-Muscular Arm Impairment by Means of Passive Devices
Federico Casolo, Simone Cinquemani, Matteo Cocetta

60. EEG Classification of Mild and Severe Alzheimer's Disease Using Parallel Factor Analysis Method
Charles-Francois Vincent Latchoumane, Francois-Benois Vialatte, Jaeseung Jeong, Andrzej Cichocki

61. Feature Selection of Gene Expression Data Based on Fuzzy Attribute Clustering
Elham Chitsaz, Mohammad Taheri, Seraj D. Katebi

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Computer Communication Networks

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