Wieseman, Katherine C.

Women’s Experiences in Leadership in K-16 Science Education Communities

Wieseman, Katherine C. - Women’s Experiences in Leadership in K-16 Science Education Communities, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Opening
Janice Koch

2. Introduction: Seeds Germinating and Growing
Katherine C. Wieseman, Molly H. Weinburgh

Part I. First Seeds: Aloneness Leads to Building Community

3. Enculturation into Science Education: Comparing Pathways and Dilemmas
Catherine G. Yeotis, Beth Shiner Klein, Starlin D. Weaver

Part II. Germinating and Growing: Dimensions of Leadership Development

4. Choosing a Teaching University: A Change in Identity?
Bambi Bailey

5. Making Lemonade from Lemons: A Road to Leadership for Women in Science Education
Barbara S. Spector, Patricia R. Simpson, Cyndy Leard

6. Women’s Ways of Leading: Navigating Gender Issues in the World of Science
Robin Bingham

Part III. Transplanting and Growing: Physical-Geographic Relocation and Accompanying Huge Cultural Shifts

7. Resolving Issues of Cultural Discontinuity in Co-facilitation of Professional Development Activities
Hedy Moscovici, Irene Osisioma

8. Developing Leadership through Cultural Understanding in an Urban Science Community of Practice
Pamela Fraser-Abder

9. Wither Thou Goest: The Trailing Spouse or Commuter Marriage Dilemma
Roxanne Greitz Miller

Part IV. Flowering and Seed Forming: Leadership Models

10. Emerging Leadership Through Experiences in Unfamiliar Academic Waters: Researching Invisible Truths
Claudette Giscombe

11. Teaching Elementary School Science: The Road Less Traveled
Kathleen S. Davis

12. Laying the Ladder Down: Egalitarian Leadership
Meta Sickle, Diane Cudahy

13. Building Leadership Capacity by Nurturing Community
Tamara Holmlund Nelson

14. I Don’t Want to be a Principal! I Want to be a Teacher Leader!
Lisa Pike

Part V. New Seeds: Hopes and Visions for the Future

15. A Beginning Teacher’s Reflection: I’m a Teacher, but Is Teaching Alone Good Enough for Me?
Wendy Files

16. Teaching in a Rural Community, Where Roots Grow Strong and Risks are a Daily Occurrence
Sara Lamar

17. Epilogue: Seeds in Want of Your Watering to Germinate, Grow, Flower, Fruit, and Seed
Katherine C. Wieseman, Molly H. Weinburgh

18. Closing: The Cycle is Complete, But Can It Begin Again?

Keywords: Education, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Science Education, Higher Education, Teaching and Teacher Education

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Upbringing, Education

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