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Pelvic Floor Disorders: Surgical Approach

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Table of contents

Part I. Overview

1. The Multidisciplinary View of a Pelvic Floor Unit
Christopher Cunningham

2. Epidemiology and Prevalence of Pelvic Floor Disorders
Carolina Ilaria Ciangola, Ilaria Capuano, Federico Perrone, Luana Franceschilli

Part II. Patient’s Evaluation Criteria

3. Pelvic Floor Anatomy
Augusto Orlandi, Amedeo Ferlosio

4. Imaging of Pelvic Floor Disorders
Valeria Fiaschetti, Valentina Funel, Giovanni Simonetti

5. Anorectal Physiology
Ivana Giannini, Maria Lena, Simona Giuratrabocchetta, Donato F. Altomare

6. Pelvic Floor Ultrasonography
Giulio A. Santoro, Sthela Murad-Regadas, Luigi Causa, Anders Mellgren

7. Functional Assessment of Anorectal Function
Maria Lena, Nunzio Ranaldo, Ivana Giannini, Simona Giuratrabocchetta, Donato F. Altomare

Part III. Clinical Syndromes

8. Fecal Incontinence
Carlo Ratto, Angelo Parello, Lorenza Donisi, Francesco Litta, Veronica Simone, Giuseppe Zaccone

9. Obstructed Defecation Syndrome
Kim J. Gorissen, Martijn P. Gosselink

10. Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome and Obstructed Defecation: Common Pathology
Niels A. T. Wijffels, William Chambers

11. Chronic Anorectal Pain: Pathophysiological Aspects, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Heman M. Joshi, Oliver M. Jones

Part IV. Conservative Treatment

12. Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Disorders
Federica Cadeddu, Franco Salis, Giovanni Milito

13. Biofeedback Training and Physiokinetic Therapy
Filippo Pucciani

Part V. Perineal and Abdominal Approaches

14. STARR and TRANSTARR Procedures
Antonio Brescia, Francesco Saverio Mari, Marcello Gasparrini, Giuseppe R. Nigri

15. Delorme’s Procedure
Mario Trompetto, Silvia Cornaglia

16. The Altemeier’s Procedure for External Rectal Prolapse
Simona Giuratrabocchetta, Ivana Giannini, Maria Lena, Donato F. Altomare

17. The Express Procedure for Internal Rectal Prolapse
Pasquale Giordano, Sophia Cashmane

18. Transperineal Rectocele Correction
Giovanni Milito, Federica Cadeddu, Giorgio Lisi

19. Mesh Rectopexy (Ripstein, Orr-Loygue, Wells, and Frykman-Goldberg)
Aldo Infantino, Andrea Lauretta

20. Rectopexy without Mesh
Steven D. Wexner, Julie Ann M. Koughnett

21. Laparoscopic Ventral Rectocolpopexy for Rectal Prolapse Syndromes: Restoration of Anatomy and Improvement of Function
Bart Geluwe, Albert Wolthuis, Andre D’Hoore

22. Pelvic Organ Prolapse Suspension
Antonio Longo, Brigitta Boller, Francesco Crafa, Federico Perrone

Part VI. Special Subjects

23. Complications of Surgery: Prevention and Management
Gabriele Naldini, Claudia Menconi

24. Surgical Treatment of Recurrent Rectal Prolapse
Mia D. DeBarros, Steven D. Wexner, Scott R. Steele

25. Management of Concomitant Middle Compartment Disorders
Neil J. Smart, William M. Chambers, Patricia Boorman

26. Management of Concomitant Pelvic Disorders: The Urologic Perspective
Giulio Popolo, Stefania Musco, Vincenzo Marzi

27. Synthetic and Biological Meshes for Pelvic Floor Disorders
Gabriele Böhm

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Gynecology, Urology/Andrology, Imaging / Radiology

Publication year
Updates in Surgery
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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