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Imagine Math 2

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michele Emmer

2. The Fascination of Numbers, between Music and Poetry
Michele Emmer

3. The Solitude of Last Words
Claudio Ambrosini

4. Gödel’s Childhood and Other Algorithms
Vincenzo Mea

5. The Wild Number Problem: Math or Fiction?
Philibert Schogt

6. A Play at Dusk. Mathematics in Literature
Carlo Toffalori

7. Mathematics according to Italo Calvino
Gabriele Lolli

8. The Mathematical Mind — Iconography of a Tension
Paolo Pagli

9. Spatial Rhythms in Cinema between the Avant-Garde and Entertainment
Gian Piero Brunetta

10. Lessons in Mathematics, at the Cinema
Michele Emmer

11. Mathematics, Love, and Tattoos
Edward Frenkel

12. Arithmétique
Giovanni Munari

13. L’art du Trait est l’attrait de l’Art
Sophie Skaf

14. Morphogenesis and Dynamical Systems
Sara Franceschelli

15. Empirical Evidence that the World Is Not a Computer
James W. McAllister

16. Numeri Malefici (Evil Numbers): Homage to Fabio Mauri
Michele Emmer

17. From Pollock’s Summertime to Jacksontime
Davide Amodio

18. From Canvas to Music: Mathematics as a Tool for the Composition of Jacksontime
Chiara Fabritiis

19. Extracting Information from Chaos: a Case in Climatological Analysis
Francesco Bonghi, Roberto Ferretti

20. On the Tangible Boundary between Real and Virtual
Andrien Mondot

21. Fort Marghera and the French and Austrian Plans of Defence
Mauro Scroccaro

22. Myrmedrome: Simulating the Life of an Ant Colony
Simone Cacace, Emiliano Cristiani, Dario D’Eustacchio

23. Ants Searching for a Minimum
Maurizio Falcone

24. Exotic Spheres and John Milnor
Marco Abate

25. Cellular Automata: the Game of Life
Gian Marco Todesco

26. Alan M. Turing (1912–1954)
Gabriele Lolli

27. Alan Turing and the Poisoned Apple
Massimo Vincenzi

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Popular Science in Mathematics/Computer Science/Natural Science/Technology, Humanities, general

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