Grigoletto, Matteo

Complex Models and Computational Methods in Statistics

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Table of contents

1. A New Unsupervised Classification Technique Through Nonlinear Non Parametric Mixed-Effects Models
Laura Azzimonti, Francesca Ieva, Anna Maria Paganoni

2. Estimation Approaches for the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient in Rice-Distributed MR Signals
Stefano Baraldo, Francesca Ieva, Luca Mainardi, Anna Maria Paganoni

3. Longitudinal Patterns of Financial Product Ownership: A Latent Growth Mixture Approach
Francesca Bassi, José G. Dias

4. Computationally Efficient Inference Procedures for Vast Dimensional Realized Covariance Models
Luc Bauwens, Giuseppe Storti

5. A GPU Software Library for Likelihood-Based Inference of Environmental Models with Large Datasets
Michela Cameletti, Francesco Finazzi

6. Theoretical Regression Trees: A Tool for Multiple Structural-Change Models Analysis
Carmela Cappelli, Francesca Di Iorio

7. Some Contributions to the Theory of Conditional Gibbs Partitions
Annalisa Cerquetti

8. Estimation of Traffic Matrices for LRD Traffic
Pier Luigi Conti, Livia Giovanni, Maurizio Naldi

9. A Newton’s Method for Benchmarking Time Series
Tommaso Fonzo, Marco Marini

10. Spatial Smoothing for Data Distributed over Non-planar Domains
Bree Ettinger, Tiziano Passerini, Simona Perotto, Laura M. Sangalli

11. Volatility Swings in the US Financial Markets
Giampiero M. Gallo, Edoardo Otranto

12. Semicontinuous Regression Models with Skew Distributions
Anna Gottard, Elena Stanghellini, Rosa Capobianco

13. Classification of Multivariate Linear-Circular Data with Nonignorable Missing Values
Francesco Lagona, Marco Picone

14. Multidimensional Connected Set Detection in Clustering Based on Nonparametric Density Estimation
Giovanna Menardi

15. Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations for Modelling Spatial Healthcare Utilization
Monica Musio, Erik-A. Sauleau, Valentina Mameli

16. Supply Function Prediction in Electricity Auctions
Matteo Pelagatti

17. A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for RNA-Seq Data
Davide Risso, Gabriele Sales, Chiara Romualdi, Monica Chiogna

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Mathematics in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics/Management Science, general, Biostatistics

Publication year
Contributions to Statistics
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8 pages
Natural Sciences

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