Picardello, Massimo A.

Trends in Harmonic Analysis

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Table of contents

1. The Shifted Wave Equation on Damek–Ricci Spaces and on Homogeneous Trees
Jean-Philippe Anker, Pierre Martinot, Emmanuel Pedon, Alberto G. Setti

2. Invariance of Capacity Under Quasisymmetric Maps of the Circle: An Easy Proof
Nicola Arcozzi, Richard Rochberg

3. A Koksma–Hlawka Inequality for Simplices
Luca Brandolini, Leonardo Colzani, Giacomo Gigante, Giancarlo Travaglini

4. A Dual Interpretation of the Gromov–Thurston Proof of Mostow Rigidity and Volume Rigidity for Representations of Hyperbolic Lattices
Michelle Bucher, Marc Burger, Alessandra Iozzi

5. The Algebras Generated by the Laplace Operators in a Semi-homogeneous Tree
Enrico CasadioTarabusi, Massimo A. Picardello

6. Surjunctivity and Reversibility of Cellular Automata over Concrete Categories
Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein, Michel Coornaert

7. Pointwise Convergence of Bochner–Riesz Means in Sobolev Spaces
Leonardo Colzani, Sara Volpi

8. Sub-Finsler Geometry and Finite Propagation Speed
Michael G. Cowling, Alessio Martini

9. On the Boundary Behavior of Holomorphic and Harmonic Functions
Fausto DiBiase

10. Constructing Laplacians on Limit Spaces of Self-similar Groups
Alfredo Donno

11. Some Remarks on Generalized Gaussian Noise
Saverio Giulini

12. Eigenvalues of the Vertex Set Hecke Algebra of an Affine Building
Anna Maria Mantero, Anna Zappa

13. A Liouville Type Theorem for Carnot Groups: A Case Study
Alessandro Ottazzi, Ben Warhurst

14. Stochastic Properties of Riemannian Manifolds and Applications to PDE’s
Gregorio Pacelli Bessa, Stefano Pigola, Alberto G. Setti

15. Characterization of Carleson Measures for Besov Spaces on Homogeneous Trees
Maria Rosaria Tupputi

16. Atomic and Maximal Hardy Spaces on a Lie Group of Exponential Growth
Maria Vallarino

17. The Maximal Singular Integral: Estimates in Terms of the Singular Integral
Joan Verdera

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematics, general

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