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New Challenges for Cancer Systems Biomedicine

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Table of contents

Part I. Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Cancer Growth

1. Combining Game Theory and Graph Theory to Model Interactions between Cells in the Tumor Microenvironment
Attila Csikász-Nagy, Matteo Cavaliere, Sean Sedwards

2. Growth as the Root of all Evil in Carcinomas: Synergy between pH Buffering and Anti-Angiogenesis Prevents Emergence of Hallmarks of Cancer
Ariosto Silva, Robert Gatenby

3. Phase Transitions in Cancer
Ricard V. Solé

Part II. Cancer Related Signalling Pathways

4. Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Intracellular Signalling Pathways: Transcription Factors, Negative Feedback Systems and Oscillations
Mark A. J. Chaplain, Marc Sturrock, Alan J. Terry

5. Understanding Cell Fate Decisions by Identifying Crucial System Dynamics
Dirk Fey, David R. Croucher, Walter Kolch, Boris N. Kholodenko

6. Modelling Biochemical Pathways with the Calculus of Looping Sequences
Paolo Milazzo, Antonella Corso, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini, Umberto Mura, Roberto Barbuti

7. Dynamic Simulations of Pathways Downstream of TGFβ, Wnt and EGF-Family Growth Factors, in Colorectal Cancer, including Mutations and Treatments with Onco-Protein Inhibitors
Lorenzo Tortolina, Nicoletta Castagnino, Cristina Ambrosi, Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri, Gabriele Zoppoli, Luca Bagnasco, Daniela Piras, Franco Patrone, Alberto Ballestrero, Silvio Parodi

Part III. Basic Mechanisms of Tumor Progression

8. Some Results on the Population Behavior of Cancer Stem Cells
Edoardo Beretta, Nadya Morozova, Vincenzo Capasso, Annick Harel-Bellan

9. Glucose Metabolism in Multicellular Spheroids, ATP Production and Effects of Acidity
Antonio Fasano

10. Cell-Cell Interactions in Solid Tumors — the Role of Cancer Stem Cells
Xuefeng Gao, J. Tyson McDonald, Lynn Hlatky, Heiko Enderling

11. Hybrid Cellular Potts Model for Solid Tumor Growth
Marco Scianna, Luigi Preziosi

Part IV. Tumor-Immune System Interplay and Immunotherapy

12. Computational Models as Novel Tools for Cancer Vaccines
Filippo Castiglione, Pier Luigi Lollini, Santo Motta, Arianna Paladini, Francesco Pappalardo, Marzio Pennisi

13. On the Dynamics of Tumor-Immune System Interactions and Combined Chemo- and Immunotherapy
Alberto d’Onofrio, Urszula Ledzewicz, Heinz Schättler

14. Modeling the Kinetics of the Immune Response
Ami Radunskaya, Sarah Hook

Part V. Computational Method for Improving Chemotherapy

15. Optimizing Cancer Chemotherapy: From Mathematical Theories to Clinical Treatment
Zvia Agur, Yuri Kheifetz

16. A Systems Biomedicine Approach for Chronotherapeutics Optimization: Focus on the Anticancer Drug Irinotecan
Annabelle Ballesta, Jean Clairambault, Sandrine Dulong, Francis Levi

17. Modeling the Dynamics of HCV Infected Cells to Tailor Antiviral Therapy in Clinical Practice: Can This Approach Fit for Neoplastic Cells?
Piero Colombatto, Filippo Oliveri, Ferruccio Bonino, Maurizia R. Brunetto

18. Introducing Drug Transport Early in the Design of Hypoxia Selective Anticancer Agents Using a Mathematical Modelling Approach
Kevin Hicks

19. Top-Down Multiscale Simulation of Tumor Response to Treatment in the Context of In Silico Oncology. The Notion of Oncosimulator
Georgios Stamatakos

20. Challenges in the Integration of Flow Cytometry and Time-Lapse Live Cell Imaging Data Using a Cell Proliferation Model
Paolo Ubezio, Francesca Falcetta, Monica Lupi

Keywords: Mathematics, Physiological, Cellular and Medical Topics, Cancer Research, Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics, Partial Differential Equations, Immunology

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