Bruyas, Anne-Marie

Science Centres and Science Events

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Anne-Marie Bruyas, Michaela Riccio

2. Toward Knowledge Societies
Giuseppe Vittorio Silvestrini

3. Science and Society
Pietro Greco

4. Science Communication at Glance
Luigi Amodio

5. The Evolution and Worldwide Expansion of Science Centres
Vincenzo Lipardi

6. The Cooperation Project for a New Science Centre in Owerri, Nigeria
Anne-Marie Bruyas

7. Lesson 1: Activities and Tools Overview
Guglielmo Maglio

8. Lesson 2: The Role of Exhibitions in Science Museum and Science Centre
Anna Porro, Luigi Cerri

9. Lesson 3: Design Process for the Organization of Exhibition Areas
Maria Teresa Pica Ciamarra

10. Lesson 4: Educational Activities
Mario Campanino

11. Lesson 5: Conferences and Debates
Rossella Parente, Alessandra Zanazzi

12. Lesson 6: Science Festival
Diana Angela Palma

13. Lesson 7: Communication and Media Plan
Carlo Guardascione

14. Lesson 8: Training Explainers
Fiorella Iuliano

15. Lesson 9: Visitor Needs
Francesco Matteis

16. Lesson 10: Communication Techniques with Visitors
Davide Petrone

17. Lesson 11: Participatory Tools, the EASW Methodology
Luca Simeone

18. Lesson 12: Hands-on exhibits based on local handicrafts: the experience of Calitri
Pietro Cerreta

19. Lesson 13: Science Theatre
Enrico Capoa

20. Lesson 14: Appetizer to the Italian Language and Culture
Franca Sibilio, Rosa Giordano

21. The Owerri Science Festival
Guglielmo Maglio

22. General advices
Guglielmo Maglio

23. Workshop 1: Chemistry
Giulia Gaeta, Elisa Rampone, Federico Brigida

24. Workshop 2: Food Education
Flora Martino

25. Workshop 3: Energy
Alessandra Zanazzi, Anna Porro, Rossella Parente

26. Workshop 4: Environment
Guglielmo Maglio, Riccarda D’Onofrio

27. Workshop 5: Music and Science
Mario Campanino

28. Science Centre for Peace in the Middle East Project
Anne-Marie Bruyas

29. ACCENT: Action on Climate Change through Engagement, Networks and Tools
Flora Martino

30. TIME for Nano, Tools to Increase Mass Engagement for Nanotechnology
Alessandra Drioli

Keywords: Social Sciences, Cultural Management, Science Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Sciences, general

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