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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Michele Emmer

2. The Fantastic World of Tor’ Bled-Nam
Michele Emmer

3. The Reconstruction of the Teatro La Fenice: “Splendidezze” and “dorature” (Gleam and Gilding)
Elisabetta Fabbri

4. Exactitude and Extravagance: Andrea Pozzo’s “Viewpoint”
Filippo Camerota

5. The Apse Scenes in the Prospective Inventions of Andrea Pozzo
Silvia Carandini

6. Andrea Pozzo: Art, Culture and Mathematics
Marco Costamagna

7. Hypatia as Polymath
Michael A. B. Deakin

8. Women’s Contributions to the Progress of Mathematics: Lights and Shadows
Elisabetta Strickland

9. Hypatia’s Dream
Massimo Vincenzi

10. Modern Geometry versus Modern Architecture
Isabeau Birindelli, Renata Cedrone

11. Visual Harmonies: An Exhibition on Art and Math
Michele Emmer

12. Emilio Prini, Alison Knowles, and Art’s Logic
Cornelia Lauf

13. All the Numbers End in Numbers. On a Work by Alighiero Boetti
Andrea Valle

14. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in Human Sciences: The Attribution of Texts to Antonio Gramsci
Dario Benedetto, Emanuele Caglioti, Mirko Degli Esposti

15. Lost in a Good Book: Jorge Borges’ Inescapable Labyrinth
William Goldbloom Bloch

16. The Many Faces of Lorenz Knots
Marco Abate

17. Waiting for ABRACADABRA. Occurrences of Words and Leading Numbers
Emilio Santis, Fabio Spizzichino

18. E Pluribus Unum
Marco Li Calzi

19. Aperiodic Tiling
Gian Marco Todesco

20. Connecting Ventricular Assist Devices to the Aorta: A Numerical Model
Jean Bonnemain, Simone Deparis, Alfio Quarteroni

21. Numeracy, Metrology and Mathematics in Mesopotamia: Social and Cultural Practices
Grégory Chambon

22. Origami and Partial Differential Equations
Paolo Marcellini, Emanuele Paolini

23. The Möbius Strip
Edouard Blondeau

24. From Brigitte Bardot to Angelina Jolie
Michele Emmer

25. The Mathematical Ideas of Luca Pacioli Depicted by Iacopo de’ Barbari in the Doppio ritratto

Enrico Gamba

De divina proportione: From a Renaissance Treatise to a Multimedia Work for Theatre
Simone Sorini

27. Towards a Rational Practice of Arithmetic. A Model for Musical (and Multimedia) Composition
Francesco Scagliola

Keywords: Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Mathematics in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics in Music, Mathematics in Art and Architecture, Popular Science in Mathematics/Computer Science/Natural Science/Technology

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