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Table of contents

1. History and Phylogeography of Leprosy
Stewart T. Cole, Pushpendra Singh

2. Microbiology
Andrea Clapasson, Silvia Canata

3. Genetics of Leprosy
Vinicius Medeiros Fava, Marcelo Távora Mira

4. Host Response to M.leprae

Rodrigo Ribeiro-Rodrigues

5. Pathogenesis
Cesare Massone, Enrico Nunzi

6. Classification
Cesare Massone, Alexandra M. G. Brunasso

7. Patient History
Enrico Nunzi, Cesare Massone, Salvatore Noto

8. Laboratory Investigations
Andrea Clapasson, Silvia Canata

9. Physical Examination: Skin
Enrico Nunzi, Cesare Massone, Salvatore Noto

10. Clinical Features
Enrico Nunzi, Cesare Massone, Salvatore Noto

11. Lucio–Latapí Leprosy
Mario Magaña

12. Histopathology of the Skin
Cesare Massone

13. Differential Diagnosis: Skin
Enrico Nunzi, Salvatore Noto

14. Peripheral Nerves in Leprosy
Bernard Naafs, José Antônio Garbino

15. The Leprosy Neuropathy
Lizia Reni, Salvatore Noto, Pieter A. M. Schreuder

16. Primary Neural Leprosy
José Antônio Garbino, Bernard Naafs

17. Chronic Neuropathic Pain in Leprosy
José Antônio Garbino, Bernard Naafs, Pedro Schestatsky

18. Electrodiagnostic Studies
Lizia Reni

19. Imaging
Carlo Martinoli, Leila Oppezzi, Alberto Tagliafico

20. Differential Diagnosis: Nerves
Lizia Reni

21. Reactions in Leprosy
Bernard Naafs, Salvatore Noto

22. Lucio’s Phenomenon
Mario Magaña

23. Ocular Involvement in Leprosy
Susan Lewallen, Paul Courtright

24. Otolaryngological Manifestations of Leprosy
Sinésio Talhari, Camila Bandeira Oliveira, Carolina Talhari

25. Other Organs
Enrico Nunzi, Salvatore Noto

26. Diagnostic Work-Up
Enrico Nunzi, Cesare Massone, Salvatore Noto

27. Drugs in Leprosy
Sinésio Talhari, Mahreen Ameen

28. Treatment and Prophylaxis
Pierre Bobin

29. Prognosis
Enrico Nunzi

30. Neurolysis
Sergio S. G. Gennaro

31. Prevention of Disability and Ulcer Care
J. Wim Brandsma, Hugh Cross

32. Surgical and Social Rehabilitation
J. Wim Brandsma, Sunil Deepak

33. Leprosy in Pregnancy
Elizabeth Duncan

34. Leprosy and HIV/AIDS Co-infection
Sinésio Talhari, Carolina Talhari

35. Epidemiology of Leprosy
Salvatore Noto, Pieter A. M. Schreuder

36. Leprosy Control
Sunil Deepak, Giovanni Gazzoli

37. Teledermatology
Cesare Massone, Antonio Pedro Mendes Schettini

38. The Leprosy Mailing List
Salvatore Noto

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Dermatology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, Neurology

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19 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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