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Totally Implantable Venous Access Devices

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. History of Vascular Access
Roberto Biffi

2. Vascular Anatomy of Central and Peripheral Veins
Jason Malenfant, Kathleen Bubb, Alena Wade, R. Shane Tubbs, Marios Loukas

3. Type of Devices for Mid- and Long-term Venous Access
Eric Desruennes

4. Huber Needle: Different Types, Uses, Prevention of Accidents
José Luis Fougo

Part II. Totally Implantable Access Devices

5. Clinical Indications, Preoperative Assessment, Set-up and Organizational Aspects
Makoto Sonobe

6. Choice of Venous Sites. Surgical Implant/Technique
Isidoro Carlo, Adriana Toro

7. Choice of Venous Sites. Percutaneous Implant/Technique/US Guidance
Roberto Biffi

8. Modified Seldinger Technique for Open Central Venous Cannulation for Totally Implantable Access Device
Philip Knebel, Roland Hennes, Markus K. Diener, Christoph M. Seiler, Markus W. Büchler

9. Optimal Catheter Tip Position: Radiologic Criteria and Clinical Relevance
Marguerite Stas, Johan Coolen

10. Verifying Catheter Tip Position: Fluoroscopy vs Intravasal Electrogram
Marguerite Stas, Rik Willems

Part III. Immediate Complication: Prevention and Treatment

11. Pneumothorax
Roberto Biffi

12. Hemothorax
Hasan Karanlik, Sidika Kurul

13. Air Embolism
Hasan Karanlik, Sidika Kurul

14. Accidental Arterial Puncture
Zhang Qinming

15. Cardiac Arrhythmia
Adriana Toro, Isidoro Carlo

16. Heart Tamponade
Adriana Toro, Isidoro Carlo

17. Brachial Plexus Injury
Walid Faraj, Ahmad Zaghal

Part IV. Early Complications: Diagnosis and Treatment

18. Hemoptysis
Alexandra Ozimek, Pierre A. Clavien, Antonio Nocito

19. Pocket Hematoma
Adriana Toro, Isidoro Carlo

20. Wound Dehiscence
Alexandra Ozimek, Pierre A. Clavien, Antonio Nocito

21. Reversal
Francesca Ratti, Marco Catena, Michele Paganelli, Luca Aldrighetti

Part V. Late Complications

22. Catheter-related Bloodstream Infection
Adriana Toro, Roberto Biffi, Isidoro Carlo

23. Thrombosis
Zhang Qinming

24. Superior Vena Cava Erosion and Perforation
Francesca Ratti, Michele Paganelli, Marco Catena, Luca Aldrighetti

25. Catheter Obstruction
Francesca Ratti, Marco Catena, Michele Paganelli, Luca Aldrighetti

26. Catheter Rupture
Hong-Shiee Lai

27. Catheter Migration
Walid Faraj, Ahmad Zaghal

28. Catheter Embolization
Franco Orsi

29. Withdrawal Obstruction
Alexandra Ozimek, Pierre A. Clavien, Antonio Nocito

30. Skin Necrosis
Adriana Toro, Isidoro Carlo

31. Extravasation
Lisa Dougherty

32. Pocket Infection
Alexandra Ozimek, Pierre A. Clavien, Antonio Nocito

33. Nursing of Vascular Access: Highlights of Hot Issues
Paul L. Blackburn, Ton J. H. Boxtel

34. Power Technology: How to Safely Use Ports and Central Catheters to Deliver Contrast Medium in Radiology Procedures
Roberto Biffi

35. Removal of Totally Implantable Venous Access Device
Gennaro D. LaBella, Julius Tang

36. Cost Issues
Robert P. Sticca, Bree D. Dewing, Joel D. Harris

37. Quality of Life and Patients Satisfaction
José Luis Fougo

38. Legal Aspects
Rita Celli

39. Future Investigation
Roberto Biffi, Isidoro Carlo

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Imaging / Radiology

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