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Anaesthesia, Pharmacology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine A.P.I.C.E.

Gullo, Antonino - Anaesthesia, Pharmacology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine A.P.I.C.E., ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Continuing Medical Education

1. Can I Think what I Read?
P. D. Lumb

Part II. Clinical Pharmacology

2. Pharmacological Manipulation in ICU
D. Backer, K. Donadello, S. Scolletta

Part III. Kidney

3. Renal Injury
V. Gašparović, I. Gornik

Part IV. Ventilation: Adult and Paediatric

4. Respiratory Mechanics: Principles, Utility and Advances
A. R. Carvalho, W. A. Zin

5. Capnometry/capnography in Prehospital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Š. Grmec, K. Lah, Š. Mally

6. Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation
I. Cortés, A. Esteban

7. Ventilatory Strategies in Acute Lung Injury
E. Calderini, S. Sher, E. Allegritti

8. Mechanical Ventilation Beyond the PICU
G. Ottonello, A. Franceschi

Part V. Cardiovascular Monitoring

9. The Nexfin Monitor — A Totally Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor
A. Perel, W. Wesselink, J. Settels

10. Doppler Echocardiography in ICU Patients: Does it Improve Outcome?
J. Poelaert

Part VI. Management of Cardiac Arrest

11. Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest
T. Pellis, V. Mione, W. P. Mercante

12. Nasopharyngeal Cooling During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
F. Fumagalli, G. Ristagno

13. Amplitude Spectrum Area as a Predictor of Successful Defibrillation
G. Ristagno, Y. Li, A. Gullo, J. Bisera

Part VII. Advances in Experimental and Clinical Research

14. Physiopathology and Severity of Postresuscitation Myocardial Dysfunction: Effects of Sodium-Hydrogen Exchanger Isoform-1 (NHE-1) Inhibitors and Erythropoietin
R. J. Gazmuri, I. M. Ayoub, J. Radhakrishnan

15. Experimental Treatment for Preservation of Mechanically Competent Cardiac Activity Following Cardiac Arrest
I. M. Ayoub, J. Radhakrishnan, R. J. Gazmuri

16. Erythropoietin Facilitates Return of Spontaneous Circulation and Survival in Victims of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Š. Grmec, M. Strnad, R. J. Gazmuri

Part VIII. Infections, Sepsis and Organ Dysfunctions

17. Pathophysiology of Resistance amongst Aerobic Gram-negative Bacilli in Particular Acinetobacter Species
N. Taylor, L. Silvestri, H. K. F. Saene

18. What Have We Learned from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign?
J.-L. Vincent, K. Donadello, L. Gottin

19. Source Control
G. Sganga, V. Cozza

20. Immunoglobulins in Sepsis
G. Berlot, C. M. Vassallo, N. Busetto

21. Extracorporeal Endotoxin Removal in Sepsis
C. Ronco, D. Cruz, F. Nalesso, P. Piccinni

Part IX. Perioperative Medicine

22. Perioperative Medicine: An Introduction
A. Gullo, C. M. Celestre, A. Paratore, F. Stimoli

23. Neuraxial Analgesia for Caesarean and Vaginal Delivery and Childhood Learning Disabilities
J. Sprung, R. Flick, D. Warner

24. Off-label Drugs in Perioperative Medicine: Clonidine
C. Gregoretti, P. Pelosi

Part X. Spinal Cord Stimulation

25. Cost Effectiveness of Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Management of Severe Angina
M. Börjesson, C. Mannheimer

Part XI. Neurotrauma

26. Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Procedures in Neurotrauma
M. Zanello, M. Vincenzi, M. Bandini

Part XII. Disaster Medicine

27. Disaster Preparedness
F. Corte, P. L. Ingrassia

28. Medical Emergency Response in Toxicological Mass Casualty
P. L. Ingrassia, L. Ragazzoni, F. Corte

Part XIII. Quality of Care

29. Telemedicine to Improve Care in the Critically Ill
G. Murias, B. Sales, L. Blanch

30. Professionalism, Quality of Care and Pay-for-Performance Services
A. Gullo, C. Santonocito, P. Murabito, M. Astuto

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

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