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Orthopedic Sports Medicine

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Table of contents

Section I. Special Issues

1. Present and Future of Sports Medicine
K. D. Illingworth, S. M. Vyas, V. Musahl, F. H. Fu

2. The Pathophysiology of Tendon Injury
N. Maffulli, U. G. Longo, F. Spiezia, V. Denaro

3. Pathophysiology of Muscle Injuries
P. M. Tonino, M. K. Sinclair

4. Pathophysiology of Ligament Injuries
A. Cereatti, F. R. Ripani, F. Margheritini

5. Pathophysiology of Cartilage Injuries
G. M. Peretti, G. Filardo, A. Gigante, L. Mangiavini, A. Marmotti, M. Ronga

6. Prevention in Sports-related Injuries
L. Osti, N. Maffulli

7. Stress Fractures
M. Conte, F. Caputo, G. Piu, S. Sechi, F. Isoni, M. Salvi

Section II. Medical Issues

8. Cardiology
F. Pigozzi, M. Rizzo, P. Borrione

9. Nutrition
A. Parisi, A. Giombini

10. Sports Pharmacology
F. Pigozzi, P. Borrione, A. Gianfrancesco

11. Thromboprophylaxis in Sports Injury
W. Ageno, F. Dentali, A. Squizzato

Section III. Emergencies on the Field

12. Management of On-The-Field Emergencies
P. Volpi, R. Pozzoni, G. Thiebat, H. Schönhuber, L. Girolamo

Section IV. Upper Extremity

13. Biomechanics of the Shoulder and Elbow
Ofer Levy, Ali Narvani

14. Physical Examination Tests for the Shoulder and the Elbow
G. Porcellini, F. Caranzano, F. Campi, P. Paladini

15. Shoulder Injuries in the Throwing Athlete
S. Cheung, C. B. Ma

16. Shoulder Instability
F. Castoldi, D. Blonna, M. Cravino, M. Assom

17. Acromioclavicular Injuries of the Shoulder
E. Calvo, D. Morcillo

18. Rotator Cuff Disorders
T. R. Duquin, J. W. Sperling

19. Elbow Injuries
S. A. Antuña, R. Barco Laakso

20. Wrist Injuries
P. R. Finkbone, M. Rizzo

21. Rehabilitation of the Upper Extremity
W. J. Willems

Section V. Lower Extremity

22. Anatomy and Pathophysiology of Hip Injuries
K. F. Bowman, J. K. Sekiya

23. Hip Injuries in the Athlete
G. P. Pappas, M. R. Safran

24. Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Knee
D. E. Bonasia, P. Rossi, R. Rossi

25. Clinical Examination of the Knee
R. Rossi, M. Bruzzone, F. Dettoni, F. Margheritini

26. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
S. Zaffagnini, F. Giron, G. Giordano, H. Ozben

27. Collateral Ligament Injuries of the Knee
K. R. Reinhardt, A. S. Ranawat

28. Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Rationale for Treatment
F. Margheritini, R. Rossi, F. Frascari, P. P. Mariani

29. Multiple-ligament Injuries of the Knee
C. A. Gilbert, C. D. Harner

30. Meniscal Disorders
R. Verdonk, K. F. Almqvist, P. Verdonk

31. Patellofemoral Disorders
R. Becker, C. Stärke

32. Lower Extremity-Articular Cartilage Injuries
S. Bajaj, M. O. Petrera, B. J. Cole

33. Ankle Injuries
D. E. Bonasia, A. Amendola

34. Lower Limb Rehabilitation
J. Espregueira-Mendes, R. Barbosa Pereira, A. Monteiro

Section VI. Spine

35. Spinal Disorders in Sports Medicine
A. Maiello, J. D. Smucker

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation

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