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Intensive and Critical Care Medicine

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Table of contents

Section I. Introduction and Mission

1. History of Critical Care Medicine: The Past, the Present and the Future
G. Ristagno, M. H. Weil

2. The Mission of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine (WFSICCM)
P. D. Lumb

Section II. Professionalism, Ethics and Evidence Based Practice

3. Professionalism
A. Gullo, P. Murabito, J. Besso

4. Ethics of Decision Making in Critical Care
S. Bhagwanjee

5. Evidence-Based Medicine in Critical Care
P. F. Kotur

Section III. Clinical Governance

6. Clinical Governance: Definitions and Recommendations
G. Offenstadt

7. Optimization of Limited Resources and Patient Safety
A. O. Gallesio

8. Improving Quality of Care in ICUs
A. Garland

9. Scoring Systems
R. P. Moreno, A. C. Diogo, S. Afonso

Section IV. Nursing Perspectives

10. Nursing Workforce Management in Intensive Care
G. F. Williams

11. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing Perspectives
G. F. Williams, P. R. Fulbrook, A. W. Alexandrov, W. Cañón Montañez, H. M. Salisu-Kabara, D. W. K. Chan

Section V. Central Nervous System, Circulation and Kidney

12. Central Nervous System Monitoring
F. M. B. Maciel

13. Definition, Monitoring, and Management of Shock States
J. -L. Vincent

14. Plasma Volume Expansion: The Current Controversy
C. Hartog, K. Reinhart

15. Predicting the Success of Defibrillation and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
G. Ristagno

16. Acute Renal Failure
J. Besso, G. Blanco, R. Gonzalez

Section VI. Respiratory System and Protective Ventilation

17. The Evolution of Imaging in Respiratory Dysfunction Failure
L. Gattinoni, E. Carlesso, F. Polli

18. ALI, ARDS, and Protective Lung Ventilation
R. Nanchal, E. J. Jimenez, F. E. Poalillo

Section VII. Infections Surveillance, Prevention and Management

19. From Surveillance to Prevention
M. Palomar Martínez, F. Alvarez Lerma

20. Antibiotic Policy in Critically Ill Patients
F. Alvarez Lerma, M. Palomar Martínez

21. The Physiopathology of Antimicrobial Resistance on the Intensive Care
N. Taylor, F. Abecasis, H. K. F. Saene

22. Infections in ICU: An Ongoing Challenge
H. K. F. Saene, D. F. Zandstra, A. J. Petros, L. Silvestri, A. R. Gaudio

23. Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract (SDD). Twenty-five Years of European Experience
L. Silvestri, M. A. Cal, H. K. F. Saene

24. Antifungal Management
S. Rinaldi, A. R. Gaudio

Section VIII. Sepsis, Organ Dysfunction and the Bundles

25. Sepsis: Clinical Approach, Evidence-Based at the Bedside
F. J. Hurtado, M. Buroni, J. Tenzi

26. Intra-Abdominal Infections: Diagnostic and Surgical Strategies
G. Sganga, V. Cozza

27. Surviving Sepsis Campaign and Bundles
J. -L. Vincent

Section IX. Trauma

28. The Trauma: Focus on Triage
F. Plani

29. Damage Control in Surgery
D. Demetriades, K. Inaba, P. Talving

Section X. Limited Resource, Disaster

30. Emergency Mass Critical Care
E. J. Jimenez

31. Natural Disaster
B. Du, X. Xi, Y. Kang, L. Weng

32. The Needs of Children in Natural or Manmade Disasters
A. C. Argent, N. “Tex” Kissoon

Section XI. Special Clinical Conditions

33. The Neuroendocrine Response to Sepsis
D. Annane

34. Blood Transfusion and Its Components
E. Celis-Rodriguez, K. Reinhart, Y. Sakr

35. Pain Management in Neonates and Children
M. Astuto

36. Obstetrics at High Risk
R. Alexander, A. Paratore, F. Paruk

37. Intensive Care in the Elderly
C. Foot, M. Fisher

38. Severe Malaria in the ICU
S. V. Prayag, A. R. Jahagirdar

39. End-of-Life in the ICU
J. -L. Vincent

Section XII. Environment and Clinical Research

40. Designing Safe Intensive Care Units of the Future
P. Barach, M. Potter Forbes, I. Forbes

41. How to Plan and Design a Clinical Research Project
A. A. Zin, A. Gullo, W. A. Zin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Surgery

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