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Statistics for Innovation

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Table of contents

Part I. Design for Innovation

1. Analysis of User Needs for the Redesign of a Postural Seat System
Stefano Barone, Alberto Lombardo, Pietro Tarantino

2. Statistical Design for Innovation in Virtual Reality
Antonio Lanzotti, Giovanna Matrone, Pietro Tarantino, Amalia Vanacore

3. Robust Ergonomic Virtual Design
Stefano Barone, Antonio Lanzotti

4. Computer Simulations for the Optimization of Technological Processes
Alessandro Baldi Antognini, Alessandra Giovagnoli, Daniele Romano, Maroussa Zagoraiou

Part II. Technological Process Innovation

5. Design for Computer Experiments: Comparing and Generating Designs in Kriging Models
Giovanni Pistone, Grazia Vicario

6. New Sampling Procedures in Coordinate Metrology Based on Kriging-Based Adaptive Designs
Paola Pedone, Daniele Romano, Grazia Vicario

7. Product and Process Innovation by Integrating Physical and Simulation Experiments
Daniele Romano

8. Continuous Innovation of the Quality Control of Remote Sensing Data for Territory Management
Elisabetta Carfagna, Johnny Marzialetti

9. An Innovative Online Diagnostic Tool for a Distributed Spatial Coordinate Measuring System
Fiorenzo Franceschini, Maurizio Galetto, Domenico Maisano, Luca Mastrogiacomo

10. Technological Process Innovation via Engineering and Statistical Knowledge Integration
Biagio Palumbo, Gaetano Chiara, Roberto Marrone

Part III. Innovation of Lifecycle Management

11. Bayesian Reliability Inference on Innovated Automotive Components
Maurizio Guida, Gianpaolo Pulcini

12. Stochastic Processes for Modeling the Wear of Marine Engine Cylinder Liners
Massimiliano Giorgio, Maurizio Guida, Gianpaolo Pulcini

Part IV. Research and Innovation Management

13. A New Control Chart Achieved via Innovation Process Approach
Pasquale Erto, Giuliana Pallotta

14. A Critical Review and Further Advances in Innovation Growth Models
Pasquale Erto, Amalia Vanacore

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry & Geosciences, Engineering Design, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Computational Science and Engineering

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