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Cardiovascular Disease in AIDS

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Table of contents

1. Natural History of HIV Infection and Evolution of Antiretroviral Therapy
G. Perri, S. Audagnotto, F. Gobbi, L. Trentini, A. Calcagno, S. Bonora

2. Evolution and Pathogenesis of the Involvement of the Cardiovascular System in HIV Infection
G. Barbaro

3. Pathogenesis of Antiretroviral Treatment-Associated Metabolic Syndrome
J. Capeau, M. Caron, F. Boccara

4. Pathology of Cardiac Complications in HIV Infection
G. Barbaro

5. Pathology of Peripheral and Coronary Vessels in AIDS Patients
A. Tabib, R. Loire

6. Echocardiographic Findings in HIV-Infected Patients
S. Ederhy, C. Meuleman, N. Haddour, G. Dufaitre, F. Boccara, A. Cohen

7. Cardiac MRI in Diagnosis of Myocardial Disease in HIV-Infected Patients
J. Garot

8. Coronary Heart Disease in HIV-Infected Patients: Epidemiology
M. Mary-Krause, D. Costagliola

9. Coronary Artery Disease in HIV-Infected Patients: ClinicalPresentation,Pathophysiology, Prognosis,Prevention,and Treatment
F. Boccara, C. Meuleman, S. Ederhy, S. Lang, S. Janower, A. Cohen, F. Raoux

10. Cerebrovascular Disease in HIV-Infected Patients
A. Moulignier

11. Peripheral Arterial Disease in HIV-Infected Patients: Atherosclerosis and Vasculitic Syndromes
P. Mercié, B. Bail, C. Cipriano

12. HIV-Associated Pulmonary Hypertension
G. Barbaro

13. Coagulative Disorders in HIV-Infected Patients
L. Drouet

14. Cardiovascular Complications in HIV-Infected Children
D. Bonnet

15. Cardiac Surgery and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus
N. Bonnet, P. Leprince, S. Varnous, I. Gandjbakhch

16. Cardiological Emergencies in HIV-Infected Patients
G. Barbaro

17. Guidelines for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk in HIV-Infected Patients Treated with Antiretroviral Drugs
D. Scevola, L. Oberto, G. Barbarini, G. Barbaro

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology, Angiology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine

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263 pages
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