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IFAE 2007

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Table of contents

1. D 0 - bar D^0 Mixing
Giancarlo Piredda

2. The Presence of Giuseppe Occhialini in the Centenary of his Birth
Antonio Vitale

3. Electroweak Physics with CMS and ATLAS
Martina Malberti

4. Minimum Bias and Underlying Event at LHC
Iacopo Vivarelli

5. Top Physics at the Tevatron Collider
Fabrizio Margaroli

6. Top Physics at the LHC
Andrea Dotti

7. Standard Model Higgs Searches at CDF and DØ
Silvia Amerio

8. Search for the Standard Model Higgs at LHC
Matteo Sani

9. Rescuing H ? bbar b in VBF at the LHC by Requiring a Central Photon
Barbara Mele

10. Vector Boson Pair Production via Vector Boson Fusion at NLO QCD
Giuseppe Bozzi, Barbara Jäger, Carlo Oleari, Dieter Zeppenfeld

11. A New Method for the Numerical Evaluation of One-Loop Amplitudes
Giovanni Ossola

12. QCD Corrections to J/? and ? Production at Hadron Colliders
Francesco Tramontano

13. Newly Observed Charmed States: the Case of X(3872)
Stefano Nicotri

14. Supersymmetry Searches at the Tevatron
Melisa Rossi

15. New Gauge Bosons and Extra Dimensions at the LHC
Alessandro Palma

16. Stop-Chargino Production at LHC
Guido Macorini

17. New Physics in the Top Sector at LHC
Leonardo Benucci

18. Early Supersymmetry Searches with ATLAS Detector at LHC
Umberto Sanctis

19. Neutralino Spin Measurement with ATLAS Detector at LHC
M. Biglietti, I. Borjanovic, G. Carlino, F. Conventi, E. Gorini, A. Migliaccio, E. Musto, M. Primavera, S. Spagnolo, A. Ventura

20. ?m s , ?? s and f s Measurements at Tevatron
Simone Pagan Griso

21. Model-independent Analysis of ?F = 2 Transitions
M. Bona, M. Ciuchini, E. Franco, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Parodi, M. Pierini, P. Roudeau, C. Schiavi, L. Silvestrini, V. Sordini, A. Stocchi, V. Vagnoni

22. SUSY Effects (or Lack Thereof) in ?F = 2 Transitions
Diego Guadagnoli

23. Charged Kaons and V us at KLOE
24. |V ub | from Inclusive B Decays and the Analytic Coupling Model
Giancarlo Ferrera

25. Resummation and Mass Effects in b Decays
L. Giustino, U. Aglietti, G. Ferrera, L. Trentadue

26. Unitarity Angles and Sides Measurement at B a B ar
Marco Bomben

27. The bar B ? X s ? Decay at NNLO
Andrea Ferroglia

28. Charmless b-Hadron Decays at CDF
Diego Tonelli

29. Rare Beauty Decays with ATLAS and CMS Experiments at LHC
Antonio Policicchio, Giovanni Crosetti

30. B ? K*l+l- as a Probe of Universal Extra Dimensions
Rossella Ferrandes

31. Lepton Flavour Violation in SUSY SO(10)
Lorenzo Calibbi

32. t Physics at B a B ar
Riccardo Cenci

33. New Physics and the MEG Experiment
Simeone Dussoni

34. Status of Neutrino Oscillations
G. L. Fogli, E. Lisi, A. Marrone, A. Melchiorri, A. Palazzo, P. Serra, J. Silk, A. Slosar

35. Analysis of Neutrino Signals from SN1987A
G. Pagliaroli, M. L. Costantini, F. Vissani

36. Accelerator Neutrino Physics: Status and Perspectives in Europe
Francesco Terranova

37. Neutrino Oscillation Measurement at Reactors
Alessandra Tonazzo

38. Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Tristano Girolamo

39. Measurement of Neutrino Absolute Mass
Monica Sisti

40. The Lyman-a Forest as a Probe of the Coldness of Dark Matter
Matteo Viel

41. Km3 Cherenkov Telescopes for High Energy Neutrino Astronomy
Piera Sapienza

42. Cosmological Constraints on Neutrino Masses
Alessandro Melchiorri, Francesco Bernardis, Luca Pagano, Paolo Serra

43. High Intensity Neutrino Beams and Standard Model Precision Measurements
Vito Antonelli

44. The Detection of Gravitational Waves
Giancarlo Cella

45. MiniBooNE First Results on a Search for ? e Appearance at the ?m 2 ~ 1 eV2 Scale
Michel Sorel

46. The International Linear Collider
Daniele Sertore

47. DAFNE2: Prospects for e + e - Physics at Frascati
Cesare Bini

48. Level-1 Trigger Systems for LHC Experiments
Francesca Pastore

49. CDF Computing Experience: an Overview
Gabriele Compostella

50. Italian Grid Infrastructures
Enzo Miccio

51. Overview of Analysis Models for High Energy Physics Experiments
Leonardo Carminati


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