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Rectal Prolapse

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Table of contents

Section I.Rectal Prolapse: Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Imaging

1. Perineum: Functional Anatomy
Raffaele Caro, Andrea Porzionato, Veronica Macchi

2. Rectal Prolapse: Pathophysiology
Filippo Pucciani

3. Functional Imaging in Rectal Prolapse
Vittorio Luigi Piloni, Alberto Bazzocchi, Rita Golfieri

4. An Overview of Neurophysiologic Tests in Rectal Prolapse
Carlo Ratto

5. Classification of Internal and External Rectal Prolapse
Fabio Pomerri, Pier Carlo Muzzio

Section II.Internal Prolapse

6. Rehabilitative Treatment for Internal Rectal Prolapse
Filippo Pucciani

7. Treatment of Internal Rectal Prolapse by Rectopexy
Hugh M. Paterson, David C. C. Bartolo

8. Treatment of Rectal Intussusception by Internal Delorme Procedure
Ezio Ganio, Iacopo Giani

9. The STARR Procedure for Internal Rectal Prolapse
Paul-Antoine Lehur, Guillaume Meurette, Marco Torre

10. The EXPRESS Procedure for Internal Rectal Prolapse
Pasquale Giordano, Norman S. Williams

Section III.External Prolapse

11. Perineal Approach to External Rectal Prolapse: The Delorme Procedure
Gian Andrea Binda, Alberto Serventi

12. Perineal Approach to External Rectal Prolapse: The Altemeier Procedure
Donato F. Altomare, Marcella Rinaldi

13. Surgery for Rectal Prolapse: Functional Outcome from the Perineal Approach — An Overview
Steven D. Wexner, Amit Khanna

14. Surgical Treatment of Rectal Prolapse: Rectopexy without Mesh
Roberto Bergamaschi, Michael Fealk

15. Mesh Rectopexy: The Wells Technique
Andrew P. Zbar

16. Rectopexy with Mesh According to the Ripstein Technique
Vance Sohn, Scott R. Steele, Anders Mellgren

17. Rectopexy with Mesh: The Orr-Loygue Technique
Aldo Infantino, Roberto Bellomo, Domenico Ciampo

18. Rectopexy According to Frykman-Goldberg Technique
Gian Gaetano Delaini, Gianluca Colucci

19. Laparoscopic Ventral Rectocolpopexy for Complex Rectogenital Prolapse
Andre D’Hoore, Freddy Penninckx

20. Management of Rectal Prolapse: The Role of Laparoscopic Approaches
Dan R. Metcalf, Anthony J. Senagore

21. Surgery for Rectal Prolapse: Functional Outcome from the Abdominal Approach — An Overview
Lars Pählman, Urban Karlbom

22. The Management of Recurrent Rectal Prolapse
Robert D. Madoff, James W. Ogilvie, Scott R. Steele

23. Surgery for Rectal Prolapse: General Criteria for the Selection of the Best Treatment
Giovanni Romano, Francesco Bianco, Luisa Caggiano

24. Management of Associated Pelvic Dysfunctions: External Rectal Prolapse and Faecal Incontinence
Giuseppe Dodi, Luca Amadio

25. Management of Associated Pelvic Dysfunctions: External Rectal Prolapse and Genital Prolapse
Mauro Cervigni, Franca Natale, Anna Padoa

26. Management Guidelines for Full-thickness Rectal Prolapse
Andrew P. Zbar, Hung Nguyen


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