Gullo, Antonino

Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E.

Gullo, Antonino - Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency A.P.I.C.E., ebook


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Table of contents

1. Dying in the Intensive Care Unit
K. Hillman

2. Genetics and molecular biology in acute lung injury
R. Vaschetto, J. J. Haitsma, H. Zhang

3. Lung, respiratory mechanics, artificial ventilation
A. Koutsoukou, J. Milic-Emili

4. The pressure-volume curve
V. R. Cagido, W. A. Zin

5. Methods for assessing expiratory flow limitation during tidal breathing
N. G. Koulouris, S. -A. Gennimata, A. Koutsoukou

6. How to ventilate brain-injured patients in respiratory failure
P. Pelosi, P. Severgnini, M. Chiaranda

7. Helping surgical patients to give up smoking
D. O. Warner

8. Respiratory issues and ventilatory strategies for morbidly obese patients
J. Sprung

9. Fluid and electrolyte emergency
J. Boldt

10. Electrolyte emergencies, anion gap, osmolality
F. Schiraldi, G. Guiotto, L. Morelli

11. Acute renal failure
M. Palazzo

12. Acute liver failure
P. Feltracco, M. L. Brezzi, C. Ori

13. Pneumonia in ventilated patients. Severe Gram negative infections; the impact on mortality and its prevention
D. F. Zandstra, H. K. F. Saene

14. Gram-positive ventilator-associated pneumonia: impact on mortality
A. R. Gaudio, S. Rinaldi

15. Fungal infections in the ICU
A. Gasperi, A. Corti, L. Perrone

16. Focus on the diagnosis and treatment of severe meningitis
R. Luzzati, D. Giacomazzi

17. Plasma filtration in sepsis: a research protocol
S. Livigni, M. Maio, G. Bertolini

18. The cell in shock
M. M. Morales, H. Petrs-Silva

19. Tissue partial pressure of carbon dioxide tension measurements and microcirculation visualisation. New techniques for the study of low flow states
G. Ristagno, W. Tang, M. H. Weil

20. Ventricular fibrillation and defibrillation: contemporary understanding of mechanisms
R. D. White

21. Arterial waveform analysis to determine cardiovascular parameters
S. Scolletta, B. Biagioli, P. Giomarelli

22. The Utstein style for the reporting of data from cardiac arrest
J. P. Nolan, C. L. Gwinnutt

23. Challenges in trauma care
P. D. Lumb

24. Advances in trauma care
F. Plani, J. Goosen

25. Standards of care in operating theatres
F. Grüne, T. Ottens, M. Klimek

26. Audit
M. Klimek, F. Grüne

27. Focus on entropy and surgical stress index
M. Sorbello, S. Mangiameli, A. Gullo

28. Neuraxial anaesthesia and anticoagulation
D. J. Wedel

29. Regional anaesthesia in the patient with pre-existing neurological dysfunction
T. T. Horlocker

30. Infectious complications of regional anaesthesia
D. J. Wedel

31. The Mayo Clinic total joint analgesic pathway
T. T. Horlocker

32. Acute therapy in patients with wide-QRS complex tachyarrhythmias
R. D. White

33. Obstetrics at high risk
R. Alexander, N. Volpe

34. Resuscitation of the newborn
D. Trevisanuto, N. Doglioni, F. Mario

35. Regional anaesthesia in neonates
M. Astuto, D. Sapienza, G. Rizzo

36. Locoregional anaesthesia in children
N. Disma, G. Rosano, D. Lauretta

37. Management of CRRT in paediatrics
G. Zobel, S. Rödl, E. Ring

38. Severity scores in paediatric intensive care units
I. Salvo, A. Wolfler, A. Mandelli

39. Analgesia and sedation during mechanical ventilation in paediatrics
M. L. Massone, L. Manfredini, G. Ottonello

40. Latency reduction in clinical and translational research
C. -H. Huang

41. New frontiers in critical bleeding
S. Busani, L. Donno, M. Girardis

42. Evaluation of performance of ICUs
J. R. Gall


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