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Econophysics of Wealth Distributions

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Table of contents

Part I.Data and analysis

1. Pareto’s Law of Income Distribution: Evidence for Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States
Fabio Clementi, Mauro Gallegati

2. Two-class Structure of Income Distribution in the USA: Exponential Bulk and Power-law Tail
Victor M. Yakovenko, A. Christian Silva

3. Pareto-Zipf, Gibrat’s Laws, Detailed-Balance and their Breakdown
Yoshi Fujiwara

4. Empirical study and model of personal income
Wataru Souma, Makoto Nirei

5. Blockbusters, Bombs and Sleepers: The Income Distribution of Movies
Sitabhra Sinha, Raj Kumar Pan

Part II.Models and theories

6. Emergent Statistical Wealth Distributions in Simple Monetary Exchange Models: A Critical Review
Thomas Lux

7. Lagrange Principle of Wealth Distribution
Jürgen Mimkes, Geoff Willis

8. Carnot Process of Wealth Distribution
Jürgen Mimkes, Yuji Aruka

9. Ideal-Gas Like Markets: Effect of Savings
Arnab Chatterjee, Bikas K Chakrabarti

10. Kinetic Theory Models for the Distribution of Wealth: Power Law from Overlap of Exponentials
Marco Patriarca, Anirban Chakraborti, Kimmo Kaski, Guido Germano

11. Detailed Simulation Results for Some Wealth Distribution Models in Econophysics
K. Bhattacharya, G. Mukherjee, S. S. Manna

12. Dynamics of Money and Income Distributions
Peter Richmond, Przemyslaw Repetowicz, Stefan Hutzler

13. Dynamic Process of Money Transfer Models
Yougui Wang, Ning Ding

14. A Stochastic Trading Model of Wealth Distribution
Sudhakar Yarlagadda, Arnab Das

15. Wealth Distribution in a Network with Correlations Between Links and Success
S. Risau Gusman, M. F. Laguna, J. R. Iglesias

16. The Monomodal, Polymodal, Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Distribution of Money
Juan C. Ferrero

17. Relieving Poverty by Modifying Income and Wealth Distributions
Geoff Willis

18. The Rich Are Different ! Pareto Law from Asymmetric Interactions in Asset Exchange Models
Sitabhra Sinha

19. Do We All Face the Same Constraints?
Mishael Milakovic

Part III.Related studies

20. A Stochastic Model of Wealth Distribution
Indrani Bose, Subhasis Banerjee

21. How the Rich Get Richer
Anita Mehta, A S Majumdar, J M Luck

22. Power-Law Distribution in an Emerging Capital Market
Debasis Bagchi

23. Statistical Analysis on Bombay Stock Market
A. Sarkar, P. Barat

24. Funds Management by Banks in India: Solution to a Persisting Optimization Problem
Udayan Kumar Basu

25. Income Distribution in the Boltzmann-Pareto Framework
Dipti Prakas Pal, Hridis Kr. Pal

Part IV.Comments and Discussions

26. Econophys-Kolkata: A Short Story
Bikas K Chakrabarti

27. Econophysics of Wealth Distribution: A Comment
Paul M. Anglin

28. Econophysics of Wealth Distributions: Workshop Summaries
Peter Richmond, Jürgen Mimkes, Mauro Gallegati, Thomas Lux, Victor M Yakovenko


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