Rionero, Salvatore

Trends and Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics

Rionero, Salvatore - Trends and Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. On the instability of double diffusive convection in porous media under boundary data periodic in space
Florinda Capone, Salvatore Rionero

2. Modelling of a free piston problem
Bernardino D’Acunto, Anna Maria Monte

3. Reflections on frequently used viscoplastic constitutive models
Fabio Angelis

4. On hereditary models of polymers
Monica Angelis

5. Edge contact forces in continuous media
Marco Degiovanni, Alfredo Marzocchi, Alessandro Musesti

6. Tangent stiffness of a Timoshenko beam undergoing large displacements
Marina Diaco, Alessandra Romano, Carmen Sellitto

7. Qualitative estimates for cross-sectional measures in elasticity
James N. Flavin, Barry Gleeson

8. On nonlinear global stability of Jeffery-Hamel flows
Maurizio Gentile, Salvatore Rionero

9. Energy penalty, energy barrier and hysteresis in martensitic transformations
Yongzhong Huo, Ingo Müller

10. On the applicability of generalized strain measures in large strain plasticity
Mikhail Itskov

11. A nonlocal formulation of plasticity
Francesco Marotti de Sciarra, Carmen Sellitto

12. Consistent order extended thermodynamics and its application to light scattering
Ingo Müller, Daniel Reitebuch

13. On instability sources in dynamical systems
Salvatore Rionero

14. Tangent stiffness of elastic continua on manifolds
Giovanni Romano, Marina Diaco, Carmen Sellitto

15. Basic issues in convex homogenization
Alessandra Romano, Giovanni Romano

16. Tangent stiffness of polar shells undergoing large displacements
Giovanni Romano, Carmen Sellitto

17. Global existence of smooth solutions and stability of the constant state for dissipative hyperbolic systems with applications to extended thermodynamics
Tommaso Ruggeri

18. Central schemes for conservation laws with application to shallow water equations
Giovanni Russo

19. Regularized 13 moment equations for rarefied gas flows
Henning Struchtrup, Manuel Torrilhon

20. Hydrodynamic calculation for extended differential mobility in semiconductors
Massimo Trovato

21. Small planar oscillations of an incompressible, heavy, almost homogeneous liquid filling a container
Doretta Vivona

22. Thermodynamics of simple two-component thermo-poroelastic media
Krzysztof Wilmanski


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