Gullo, Antonino

Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine — A.P.I.C.E.

Gullo, Antonino - Anaesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine — A.P.I.C.E., ebook


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Table of contents

1. Effects of body position on ventilation/perfusion matching
G. Hedenstierna

2. Chest pain
F. Schiraldi

3. The electrocardiogram in the emergency department
F. Schiraldi, F. Paladino, E. G. Ruggiero

4. The use of imaging to resolve difficult diagnoses
V. Cioffi, L. Calderan, M. Cova

5. Assessment of pain
D. Caristi, A. Galzerano, M. Piva

6. Titration of opioids for acute pain management
Y. Leykin

7. Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation
A. Bougatef

8. Extracorporeal circulation in the intensive care unit
V. Gašparovic, M. Merkler

9. Clinical decision-making in the management of sepsis and septic shock
F. Baratto

10. Intracranial haemorrhage: the solution offered by recombinant factor VIIa
G. Micieli, A. Cavallini, S. Marcheselli

11. An introduction to Open Source software licensing and use in anaesthesia department
V. Lanza, M. Sajeva

12. Lessons we have learnt from microdialysis in animals and humans
C. H. Nordström

13. Secondary brain injury — does microdialysis have a role?
M. Smith

14. Liver graft monitoring with intrahepatic microdialysis
G. Nowak

15. Myocardial metabolism during open heart surgery, assessed with microdialysis
L. Bahlmann, J. Pöling, S. Klaus

16. The journey of a drug to the target site: what is decisive?
C. Thallinger, C. Joukhadar

17. The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antimicrobial agents in intensive care unit patients as assessed by microdialysis
V. Kulemann, C. Joukhadar

18. Anaesthetic effects on regional cerebral blood flow and metabolism: three contemporary reasons to care
M. T. Alkire, J. Miller

19. Why and when is inhalation anaesthesia better
I. Salvo, P. Silvani, A. Camporesi

20. Analysis and instrumentations for estimating cerebral activity
E. Facco, S. Barbieri, M. Munari

21. Neuroimaging pharmacology of attention and memory
U. Freo, C. Ori

22. Intracranial pressure monitoring
M. Munari, S. M. Volpin, E. Facco

23. Improving quality of recovery
M. Klimek

24. Molecular biology and lung disease What is the impact?
A. C. Andrade, M. M. Morales

25. Surfactant metabolism: factors affecting lipid uptake in vivo and in vitro
D. L. H. Poelma, J. F. Iwaarden, B. Lachmann

26. Respiratory mechanics at the bedside
T. Luecke, F. Fiedler, P. Pelosi

27. PEEP and cardiac output
T. Luecke, R. Gieser, P. Pelosi

28. Expiratory flow limitation and intrinsic PEEP
Peep J. Milic-Emili

29. Mechanical ventilation strategies for lung protection
N. R. MacIntyre

30. Recruitment and oxygenation
T. Muders, H. Wrigge, C. Putensen

31. Lung oedema in acute lung injury
S. Nunes

32. Grading severity of respiratory dysfunction, clinical correlates and indications for mechanical ventilation
N. Theuerkauf, H. Wrigge, C. Putensen

33. Weaning as a cardiac stress test
B. Lamia, J. -L. Teboul

34. Respiratory management in obese patients
P. Pelosi, T. Luecke, P. Caironi

35. Is the acute respiratory distress syndrome a systemic disease?
L. Brander, A. S. Slutsky, H. Zhang

36. Invasive versus non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring in major vascular surgery
B. Allaria, M. Resta

37. Analysis of arterial pulse — clinical implications
P. Giomarelli, S. Scolletta, S. M. Romano

38. Beat-by-beat monitoring of cardiac output with pressure recording analytical method
S. Scolletta, P. Giomarelli, B. Biagioli

39. Haemodynamic standardisation procedures in high-risk surgery
T. Yamaguti, S. Minhye Kim, J. O. C. Auler

40. From Frank-Starling relationships to ventriculo-arterial coupling
R. Naeije

41. Pharmacology and selection of inotropic therapy
J. O. C. Auler

42. Decision-making in critical care: Cardiac arrhythmias and related topics
J. L. Atlee

43. Management for the patient with an implanted cardiac rhythm management device
J. L. Atlee

44. Hypothermia in cardiac surgery
J. O. C. Auler

45. Pharmacological management of cardiopulmonary resuscitation
T. Pellis

46. Myocardial preservation, reperfusion injury, and postresuscitation myocardial dysfunction
R. J. Gazmuri, J. Radhakrishnan, J. Kolarova

47. Regional blood flow distribution in septic, cardiogenic and haemorrhagic shock
D. Backer

48. Orthogonal polarisation spectral imaging: principles, techniques, human studies
D. Backer

49. Carbon dioxide monitoring to evaluate cell oxygenation
J. Creteur

50. The microcirculation in distress; monitoring and recruitment
P. Goedhart, C. Ince

51. Tissue metabolism in different types of shock
S. Klaus, J. Pöling, L. Bahlmann

52. Organ dysfunction in circulatory shock — altered perfusion, metabolism or tight junctions? Do we need a shift of paradigm?
J. J. Tenhunen

53. Haemodynamic support of paediatric patients in septic shock
G. Zobel, S. Rödl, H. -M. Grubbauer

54. Recent advances in artificial ventilation in paediatric age
G. A. Marraro

55. Complications in paediatric regional anaesthesia
G. Ivani, V. Mossetti

56. Home ventilation in paediatric patients with chronic respiratory failure
B. Fauroux

57. Decision-making in paediatric extracranial trauma
E. Calderini, R. Scarani, D. Niro

58. Developments in the treatment of postoperative pain in paediatrics
P. Busoni, A. Messeri

59. Prehospital care: triage and primary survey
O. Predescu, A. Baker

60. Spine and spinal cord trauma
O. Predescu, A. Baker

61. Treatment of acute pneumothorax in the field
G. Berlot, D. Massarutti, E. Carchietti

62. Critical appraisal skills
S. B. Martins, A. Zin, W. Zin

63. Literature search
S. B. Martins, A. Zin, W. Zin

64. Study design
S. B. Martins, A. Zin, W. Zin


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