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Table of contents

1. Access networks aided network selection procedure for heterogeneous wireless and cellular networks
Vamsi Krishna Gondi, Nazim Agoulmine, Vijay Wadhai

2. ECG beat detection using wavelet denoising
Shilpa S. Joshi, Prerana Shrivastava

3. Remote monitoring and controlling of agriculture systems through wireless embedded system
Shinde Sunita Sunil, Patil Ravindra Tanaji

4. Primary user emulation (PUE) attacks and mitigation for cognitive radio (CR) network security
Shweta K. Kanhere, Amol D. Potgantwar, Vijay M. Wadhai

5. Kernel based object tracking with enhanced localization
Shilpa Wakode, A. Krithiga, K. K. Warhade, V. M. Wadhai

6. Computation and economics of nodal price in a restructured electricity market
S. B. Warkad, M. K. Khedkar, G. M. Dhole

7. Ontology based expert systems – replication of human learning
Rahul Matkar, Ajit Parab

8. Case-based reasoning for adaptive content delivery in e-learning systems using mobile agents
S. R. Mangalwede, D. H. Rao

9. Dynamically adjusted fl ooding scheme for vehicular ad-hoc networks
Nischal S. Puri, P. Kulkarni, S. Akojwar

10. Reconfigurable cognitive radio technology for next generation networks
D. D. Chaudhary, V. V. Joshi, V. M. Wadhai, L. M. Waghmare

11. Adaptive coded modulation in physical layer of WIMAX
Winnie Thomas, Rizwan Ahmed Ansari, R. D. Daruwala

12. Dynamic signature pre-processing by modified digital difference analyzer algorithm
H. B. Kekre, V. A. Bharadi

13. Image stitching techniques
Jalpa D. Mehta, S. G. Bhirud

14. Cross layer QOS routing for various traffic patterns in mobile ADHOC network through bandwidth estimation
Rekha Patil, A. Damodaram, Rupam Das

15. A new bimodal identification based on hand-geometry and palm-print
M. P. Dale, Hiren Galiyawala, M. A. Joshi

16. Optimization in virtualization
Sonali Ajankar, Ashish Mohta, S. S. Sane

17. Analysis of linear multiuser detection for DS CDMA
D. Srihari, Y. M. Vaidya

18. Kekre’s fast codebook generation in VQ with various color spaces for colorization of grayscale images
H. B. Kekre, Tanuja K. Sarode, Sudeep D. Thepade, Pallavi N. Halarnkar

19. Performance evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB WPAN system based on channel estimation technique using realistic channel models
Susmita Das, Bikramaditya Das, Atul Gupta

20. Codebook optimization using genetic algorithm and simulated annealing
H. B. Kekre, Chetan Agarwal

21. PDSRS: An attribute based approach for multimedia data storage and retrieval
Sonali Ajankar, Sanjay Nalbalwar, Z. A. Usmani

22. Performance issues of real time Kernels
Gajendra Bamnote, Jyoti Sawant, Sujata Deshmukh

23. A switched capacitor based universal filter for IVRS
Ajay Lahane, Swapnali G. Gharat, Uday Pandit Khot

24. Characterization of cardiomegaly disease from x-ray images using mean shift based image segmentation
Deepak A. Kulkarni, P. U. Dere

25. A novel pattern extraction techniques used for classification of type-2 diabetic patients with back-propagation
B. M. Patil, R. C. Joshi, Durga Toshniwal

26. Improved texture feature based image retrieval using Kekre’s fast codebook generation algorithm
H. B. Kekre, Tanuja K. Sarode, Sudeep D. Thepade, Vaishali Vaishali

27. Interference avoidance in wireless systems
Ashish A. Kulkarni, D. V. Thombre

28. A novel approach to ECG signal analysis using higher-order spectrum
Sachin N. Gore, D. T. Ingole

29. Performance evaluation of image retrieval using energy compaction and imagetiling over DCT row mean and DCT column mean
H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade, Archana Athawale, Anant Shah, Prathamesh Verlekar, Suraj Shirke

30. Local weighting scheme for word pairs
Raj Kishor Bisht, Jeetendra Pande

31. Image segmentation of MRI images using vector quantization techniques
H. B. Kekre, Saylee M. Gharge, Tanuja K. Sarode

32. Segmentation and identification of rotavirus-A in digital microscopic images using active contour model
P. S. Hiremath, Parashuram Bannigidad, Manjunath Hiremath

33. Empowering primitive architectural connectors with aspects
Arvind W. Kiwelekar, Rushikesh K. Joshi

34. Information hiding in vector quantized codebook
H. B. Kekre, Archana Athawale, Tanuja K. Sarode, Kalpana Sagvekar

35. Software architecture design for airport surveillance radar data processing system using decision oriented design approach
H. B. Kekre, Pallavi N. Halarnkar, Jotinder Singh, Dhruv Mehta

36. Predicting architectural styles for mobile
distributed, data-intensive systems
Sachin N. Gore, Pallavi N. Halarnkar, Niraj Kulkarni, Neavin Samuel, Rohit Taneja

37. Image steganography: An approach for secrete communication
Shashikant S. Radke, V. K. Sambhe

38. Image data compression using new halftoning operators and run length encoding
H. B. Kekre, M. U. Kharat, Sanjay R. Sange

39. An improved algorithm for classification of graphite grains in cast iron microstructure images using geometric shape features
Pattan Prakash, V. D. Mytri, P. S. Hiremath

40. Recognizing emotions from human speech
Preeti Khanna, M. Sasikumar

41. DOS attack pattern generator for training the neural network based classifier to dynamically blacklist IP in honeypot based NIDS/NIPS
B. Renuka Prasad, Annamma Abraham, V. Suhas, Kundan Kumar

42. Blind and invisible watermarking techniquies for color images
M. Atmik Soni, Shilpa P. Metkar, Pankaj U. Lande

43. Visible image and video watermarking
Shoba Krishnan, Prathibha Sudhakaran

44. Studies on the effect of nickel and chromium on the dry sliding high temperature wear behaviour of medium carbon alloy steels (AISI SAE 8630, 3140 & 9310)
S. M. Ganechari, R. V. Kabadi, S. A. Kori, R. R. Burbure

45. A novel steganographic scheme using discrete sine transform based on energy distribution
H. B. Kekre, Archana Athawale, Dipali Sadavarti

46. Dynamic signature using time based vector quantization by Kekre’s median codebook generation algorithm
H. B. Kekre, V A. Bharadi, T. K. Sarode

47. A new double error correcting long code for 100% correction
Joanne Gomes, B. K. Mishra

48. Tumor demarcation in mammographic images using vector quantization technique on entropy images
H. B. Kekre, Saylee M. Gharge, Tanuja K. Sarode

49. Palmprint recognition using wavelet
Uma Biradar, Smita Jangale, Manisha Dale, M. A. Joshi

50. Wavelet based scalable video codec
Ramesh Prasad, N. S. Killarikar, Suresh B. Mer

51. Implementation of Lempel-ZIV algorithm for lossless compression using VHDL
Minaldevi K. Tank

52. Speaker identification by using power distribution in frequency domain
H. B. Kekre, Vaishali Kulkarni

53. Content based image retrieval using weighted hamming distance image hash value
H. B. Kekre, Dhirendra Mishra

54. Reconfigurable DSP-FFT design for mobile communication
Prasad A. Kulkarni, Vijay Wadhai, D. R. Mehta, Vidula Kulkarni

55. Qualitative approach for improvising the performance of output pulse of a pulse power modulator
Hemant Taskar, Mahesh A. Dorlikar

56. Optimisation techniques in fault tolerance implementation in distributed operating systems
Manjusha Joshi

57. Multimodal medical image fusion using wavelet transform
Shuneza Sayed, Smita Jangale

58. Performance evaluation of energy based gossip routing algorithm for on-off source traffic
Dhiraj Nitnaware, Praveen Karma, Ajay Verma

59. A knowledge based approach for semantic reasoning of stories using ontology
A. Jaya, G. V. Uma

60. Performance analysis of CDMA under Rayleigh Rician and Nakagami fading channels
Mahadev Mahajan, D. B. Bhoyar

61. A real onsite handy reading gadget for the sightless
Amit Kumar Pathak, D. R. Mehta

Keywords: Computer Science, Coding and Information Theory, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Control Structures and Microprogramming, Language Translation and Linguistics, Multimedia Information Systems, System Performance and Evaluation

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