Nath, K..J.

Water and Sanitation in the New Millennium

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Table of contents

1. Overview of the Current Scenario of Community Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation in India
K. J. Nath

2. National Scenario of Rural Water Supply: Problems and Prospects
Dinesh Chand

3. Nirmal Grams: Problems and Prospects
Chandan Sengupta

4. Promoting Rural Sanitation: Key Challenges
A. K. Sengupta

5. Development of Guideline for Implementation of Water Safety Plan for the Rural Water Supply Systems in India
K. J. Nath, A. K. Sengupta

6. Household Water Treatment: Health Significance and Risk-Based Approaches for Consumer Safety
Nirmala Ronnie, Peter McClure, Nimish Shah

7. Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and Fluoride Contamination of Groundwater Sources: Global and National Perspective
Prahlad K. Seth

8. Geogenic Contamination and Technologies for Safe Drinking Water Supply
Narayan C. Ghosh

9. Fluoride and Fluorosis Mitigation: Indian Contributions and Its Impact
A. K. Susheela

10. Community-Based Approach for Mitigation of Arsenic Problems: Case Studies in West Bengal, India
Anirban Gupta, Sudipta Sarkar, Debabrata Ghosh, Kabita Maiti

11. A Cost-Effective Technology for Arsenic Removal: Case Study of Zerovalent Iron-Based IIT Bombay Arsenic Filter in West Bengal
Tuhin Banerji, Sanjeev Chaudhari

12. Urban Solid Waste Management: Key Issues and Challenges
Arunabha Majumder

13. Management of Urban Waste Water Infrastructure with Sewer Rehabilitation and Maintenance
Nilanghshu Bhusan Basu

14. Role of Fishes in Vector-Borne Disease Control in Southeast Asia
Rajpal S. Yadav, Sarfaraz Haq

15. Vector Control: Need for an Integrated and Eco-based Approach
Vinod Prakash Sharma

16. Health Impact of Bacteriological and Chemical Contamination of Drinking Water with Special Reference to Arsenic
D. N. Guha Mazumder

17. Sustainable Management of Water Resource in India: Feasibility of Linking the Rivers
Kalyan Rudra

18. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hydropower: Case Study of Kotlibhel 1B
Bharat Jhunjhunwala

19. Impact of Water Contamination and Lack of Sanitation and Hygiene on the Nutritional Status of the Communities
Indira Chakravarty

20. Save Ganga Movement: A Gandhian Non-Violent Movement For A Non-Violent Culture Of Development
Rama Rauta

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Water and Health, Water Industry/Water Technologies, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Sustainable Development

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