Lobiyal, Daya K.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Signal, Networks, Computing, and Systems

Lobiyal, Daya K. - Proceedings of the International Conference on Signal, Networks, Computing, and Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Advanced Computing Paradigms

1. Interactions with Human CD4 Protein Leads to Helix-to-Coil Transition in HIV-gp120 Aiding CCR5 Attachment and Viral Entry: An In Silico Structural Biology Approach for AIDS
Sujay Ray, Arundhati Banerjee

2. A Support Vector Machine Approach for LTP Using Amino Acid Composition
N. Hemalatha, N. K. Narayanan

3. Load Balancing Challenges in Cloud Computing: A Survey
Rafiqul Zaman Khan, Mohammad Oqail Ahmad

4. Physiological Modeling of Retinal Layers for Detecting the Level of Perception of People with Night Blindness
T. Rajalakshmi, Shanthi Prince

5. An Improved Encryption and Signature Verification ECC Scheme for Cloud Computing
Shweta Kaushik, Charu Gandhi

6. Implementing a Web-Based Simulator with Explicit Neuron and Synapse Models to Aid Experimental Neuroscience and Theoretical Biophysics Education
Aadityan Sridharan, Hemalatha Sasidharakurup, Dhanush Kumar, Nijin Nizar, Bipin Nair, Krishnashree Achuthan, Shyam Diwakar

7. On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets and Their Application in Decision-Making
B. K. Tripathy, R. K. Mohanty, T. R. Sooraj

8. CheckPDF: Check What is Inside Before Signing a PDF Document
Bhavya Bansal, Ronak Patel, Manik Lal Das

9. Kinematic Analysis of a Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Mobile Robot
Animesh Chhotray, Manas K. Pradhan, Krishna K. Pandey, Dayal R. Parhi

10. Program Code Understandability and Authenticating Code Predicting Systems: A Metric-Based Approach
Pooja Jha, K. Sridhar Patnaik

11. Fuzzy Sliding Mode-Based STATCOM for Stability and Reactive Power Compensation in DG-Based Power System
Asit Mohanty, Meera Viswavandya, Sthitapragyan Mohanty, Pragyan Paramita

12. ANFIS-Based Controller for DFIG-Based Tidal Current Turbine to Improve System Stability
Asit Mohanty, Meera Viswavandya, Sthitapragyan Mohanty, Pragyan Paramita

13. Design of Reversible Floating Point Adder for DSP Applications
A. N. Nagamani, C. K. Kavyashree, R. M. Saraswathy, C. H. V. Kartika, Vinod Kumar Agrawal

14. Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Type-2 FLC
Krishna Kant Pandey, Anish Pandey, Animesh Chhotray, Dayal R. Parhi

15. Analysis of the Complexity of Brain Under Mobile Phone Radiation Using Largest Lyapunov Exponent
C. K. Smitha, N. K. Narayanan

16. A Review of Bio-Inspired Computing Methods and Potential Applications
Amrita Chakraborty, Arpan Kumar Kar

17. An Effective Task Scheduling Approach for Cloud Computing Environment
Jyoti Gupta, Md. Azharuddin, Prasanta K. Jana

18. Construct-Based Sentiment Analysis Model
Smriti Singh, Jitendra Kumar Rout, Sanjay Kumar Jena

Part II. Methodologies for Systems Design

19. Effect of Delay Approximation Using Pade Technique on Controller Performance Designed for a SOPDT Model
Pradeep Kumar Juneja, Nidhi Jain, Mayank Chaturvedi, Sameer Kumar Singh

20. Neuro-Fuzzy Controller Design for MIMO Boiler Turbine Process
Sandeep Kumar Sunori, Shweta Shree, Ajay Kumar Maurya, Pradeep Juneja

21. Predictive Control System Design for Lime Kiln Process
Sandeep Kumar Sunori, Vimal Singh Bisht, Mohit Pant, Pradeep Juneja

22. Design of Time-Delay Compensator for a FOPDT Process Model
Mayank Chaturvedi, Prateeksha Chauhaan, Pradeep K. Juneja

23. A Concept for Test Case Prioritization Based upon the Priority Information of Early Phase
Sushant Kumar, Prabhat Ranjan, R. Rajesh

24. MEMS-Based Phase Shifters for Phased Array Applications Fully Integrated on PCB Substrates
Amrita Chakraborty, Arpan Kumar Kar

25. A Novel Multipath Mitigation Technique for SPSGPS Receivers in Indian Urban Canyons
Bharati Bidikar, G. Sasibhushana Rao, L. Ganesh, M. N. V. S. Santosh Kumar

26. Controller Design for a TOPDT Process Model Using Integral Error-Based Tuning Techniques
Alka Patel, Pradeep Kumar Juneja, Mayank Chaturvedi, Jyoti Patel

27. Effect of Variation in Filter Coefficients for Different PID Controller Structures on Performance of SOPDT Process
Mayank Chaturvedi, Pradeep K. Juneja

28. Controller Capability Comparison for a Delayed First-Order Process Model
Pradeep Kumar Juneja, Mayank Chaturvedi, Manik Gupta

29. Optimization Study on Quarter Car Suspension System by RSM and Taguchi
M. B. S. Sreekar Reddy, P. Vigneshwar, D. RajaSekhar, Katiki Akhil, P. Lakshmi Narayana Reddy

30. On Modeling and Analysis of Launch Vehicle System
Abhaya Pal Singh, Himanshu Agrawal

31. Performance Evaluation of Tree-Based Classification Techniques on Intrusion Dataset
Moninder Kaur, Ramesh Kumar, Santosh Kumar Sahu, Sanjay Kumar Jena

32. Kinematic Modeling and Simulation of Manipulator for Executing Welding Operations with Arbitrary Weld Joint Profiles
B. B. V. L. Deepak, C. A. Rao, B. M. V. A. Raju, P. K. Singh

33. Modeling and Simulation for Conductivity of Germanium and YBCO
Rakesh Mohan Bhatt

34. Cryptoviral Extortion: Evolution, Scenarios, and Analysis
Bharti Nagpal, Vinayak Wadhwa

35. Utilization of Fractal Geometry for Phase Shifter Implementation
Amrita Chakraborty, Arpan Kumar Kar

36. Simulation Studies for Delay Effect on Stability of a Canonical Tank Process
Mayank Chaturvedi, Pradeep K. Juneja, Neha Jadaun, A. Sharma

37. Current Signature Analysis of Single-Phase ZSI-Fed Induction Motor Drive System
Vivek Sharma, Bhawana Negi

38. Kinematic Control of a Mobile Manipulator
B. B. V. L. Deepak, Dayal R. Parhi, Ravi Praksh

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Computer Communication Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service

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