Arora, Naveen Kumar

Bioformulations: for Sustainable Agriculture

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Bioformulations for Plant Growth Promotion and Combating Phytopathogens: A Sustainable Approach
Jitendra Mishra, Naveen Kumar Arora

2. Formulation Technology of Biocontrol Agents: Present Status and Future Prospects
Chetan Keswani, Kartikay Bisen, Vivek Singh, Birinchi Kumar Sarma, Harikesh Bahadur Singh

3. Beneficial Microorganisms: Current Challenge to Increase Crop Performance
Márcia do Vale Barreto Figueiredo, Aurenivia Bonifacio, Artenisa Cerqueira Rodrigues, Fabio Fernando Araujo, Newton Pereira Stamford

4. The Production and Potential of Biofertilizers to Improve Crop Yields
Didier Lesueur, Rosalind Deaker, Laetitia Herrmann, Lambert Bräu, Jan Jansa

5. Effect of Bioinoculants on the Quality of Crops
Elisa Bona, Guido Lingua, Valeria Todeschini

Part II. Diverse Applications

6. Biological Potential of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Raffaella Balestrini

7. The Use of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Combination with Trichoderma spp. in Sustainable Agriculture
Jose Antonio Pascual

8. Bioformulations of Novel Indigenous Rhizobacterial Strains for Managing Soilborne Pathogens
Pervaiz A. Abbasi, Salah Eddin Khabbaz, Liang Zhang

9. Bio-based and Reduced-Risk Strategies for the Management of Phytophthora Blight and Root Rot of Pepper
Yan Ma, Qiujun Wang, Yun Cao, Guangfei Wang, Dejie Guo, Pervaiz A. Abbasi

10. Formulation of Pochonia chlamydosporia for Plant and Nematode Management
Aurelio Ciancio, Mariantonietta Colagiero, Isabella Pentimone, Laura Cristina Rosso

11. Improvement of Crop Protection and Yield in Hostile Agroecological Conditions with PGPR-Based Biofertilizer Formulations
Dilfuza Egamberdieva, Anthony O. Adesemoye

12. Use of Indigenous Cyanobacteria for Sustainable Improvement of Biogeochemical and Physical Fertility of Marginal Soils in Semiarid Tropics
Luigi Paolo D’Acqui

Part III. Present Scenario and Future

13. The Contribution of Secondary Metabolites in the Success of Bioformulations
María A. Morel, Célica Cagide, Susana Castro-Sowinski

14. Encapsulation Techniques for Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria
Mauricio Schoebitz, María Dolores López Belchí

15. An Overview of Globally Available Bioformulations
Samina Mehnaz

16. Regulation of Biopesticides: Global Concerns and Policies
Naveen Kumar Arora, Maya Verma, Jai Prakash, Jitendra Mishra

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Bacteriology, Biodiversity

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