Beziau, Jean-Yves

New Directions in Paraconsistent Logic

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Table of contents

Part I. Tutorials

1. Tutorial on Inconsistency-Adaptive Logics
Diderik Batens

2. Round Squares Are No Contradictions (Tutorial on Negation Contradiction andOpposition)
Jean-Yves Beziau

3. On the Philosophy and Mathematics of the Logics of Formal Inconsistency
Walter Carnielli, Abilio Rodrigues

Part II. Many-valued Systems of Paraconsistent Logic

4. Three-Valued Paraconsistent Propositional Logics
Ofer Arieli, Arnon Avron

5. Strong Three-Valued Paraconsistent Logics
Jean-Yves Beziau, Anna Franceschetto

6. An Approach to Paraconsistent Multivalued Logic: Evaluation by Complex Truth Values
J. Nescolarde-Selva, J. L. Usó-Doménech, K. Alonso-Stenberg

7. A Paraconsistent Logic Obtained from an Algebra-Valued Model of Set Theory
Sourav Tarafder, Mihir Kr. Chakraborty

8. Two Consistent Many-Valued Logics for Paraconsistent Phenomena
Esko Turunen, J. Tinguaro Rodríguez

Part III. Paraconsitency and Modality

9. On Modal Logics Defining Ja?kowski-Like Discussive Logics
Marek Nasieniewski, Andrzej Pietruszczak

10. From Possibility Theory to Paraconsistency
Davide Ciucci, Didier Dubois

11. Modality, Potentiality, and Contradiction inQuantum Mechanics
Christian Ronde

Part IV. Tools and Framework

12. Consequence–Inconsistency Interrelation: In the Framework of Paraconsistent Logics
Soma Dutta, Mihir K. Chakraborty

13. Univalent Foundations of Mathematics andParaconsistency
Vladimir L. Vasyukov

14. A Method of Defining Paraconsistent Tableaus
Tomasz Jarmu?ek, Marcin Tkaczyk

15. Some Adaptive Contributions to Logics ofFormal Inconsistency
Diderik Batens

16. Stipulation and Symmetrical Consequence
Bryson Brown

17. Logic—The Big Picture
Ross T. Brady

18. The Evil Twin: The Basics of Complement-Toposes
Luis Estrada-González

19. Topological Semantics for da Costa Paraconsistent Logics C_omega


and C^{*}_omega



Can Ba?kent

Part V. Philosophical Aspects And Applications Pf Paraconsistent Logic

20. Perceiving and Modelling Brightness Contradictions Through the Study of Brightness Illusions
Ashish Bakshi, Kuntal Ghosh

21. Truth, Trivialism, and Perceptual Illusions
Otávio Bueno

22. Being Permitted, Inconsistencies, and Question Raising
Andrzej Wi?niewski

23. On the Type-Free Paracoherent Foundation of Mathematics with the Sedate Extension of Classical Logic by the Librationist Set Theory £, and Specifically on Why £Is Neither Inconsistent nor Contradictory nor Paraconsistent
Frode Bjørdal

24. None of the Above: The Catu?ko?i in Indian Buddhist Logic
Graham Priest

25. Eastern Proto-Logics
Fabien Schang

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, Applications of Mathematics, Logic, Metaphysics

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1st ed. 2015
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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11 pages
Natural Sciences
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