Das, Swagatam

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Frontiers in Intelligent Computing: Theory and Applications (FICTA) 2015

Das, Swagatam - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Frontiers in Intelligent Computing: Theory and Applications (FICTA) 2015, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Special Session: Advances in Nature Inspired Algorithms for Engineering Optimization Problems

1. An Efficient Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Soft Real-Time Tasks in Multiprocessor System Using Hybrid Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm
Debanjan Konar, Kalpana Sharma, Sri Raj Pradhan, Sital Sharma

2. Equitable Machine Learning Algorithms to Probe Over P2P Botnets
Pavani Bharathula, N. Mridula Menon

3. Directed Search-based PSO Algorithm and Its Application to Scheduling Independent Task in Multiprocessor Environment
Sneha Shriya, R. S. Sharma, Saurav Sumit, Sonu Choudhary

Part II. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

4. JUPred_MLP: Prediction of Phosphorylation Sites Using a Consensus of MLP Classifiers
Sagnik Banerjee, Debjyoti Ghosh, Subhadip Basu, Mita Nasipuri

5. Molecular Computing and Residual Binding Mode in ERα and bZIP Proteins from Homo Sapiens: An Insight into the Signal Transduction in Breast Cancer Metastasis
Arundhati Banerjee, Sujay Ray

6. SVM-Based Pre-microRNA Classifier Using Sequence, Structural, and Thermodynamic Parameters
K. A. Sumaira, A. Salim, S. S. Vinod Chandra

7. DCoSpect: A Novel Differentially Coexpressed Gene Module Detection Algorithm Using Spectral Clustering
Sumanta Ray, Sinchani Chakraborty, Anirban Mukhopadhyay

8. Intelligent Topological Differential Gene Networks
Mrityunjay Sarkar, Aurpan Majumder

Part III. Signal Processing

9. Impact of Threshold to Identify Vocal Tract
Soumen Kanrar

10. Application of Compressed Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Naveen Kumar, Neetu Sood

11. Compressed Sensing-Based NBI Mitigation in Ultra-WideBand Energy Detector
Priyanka G. Patil, Gajanan K. Birajdar

Part IV. Data Mining

12. A Novel Data Mining Scheme for Smartphone Activity Recognition by Accelerometer Sensor
Yajnaseni Dash, Sanjay Kumar, V. K. Patle

13. Mining and Ranking Association Rules in Support, Confidence, Correlation, and Dissociation Framework
Subrata Datta, Subrata Bose

14. Mining Closed Interesting Subspaces to Discover Conducive Living Environment of Migratory Animals
G. N. V. G. Sirisha, M. Shashi

15. Frequent Patterns Mining from Data Cube Using Aggregation and Directed Graph
Kuldeep Singh, Harish Kumar Shakya, Bhaskar Biswas

Part V. Document Image Analysis

16. A Modified Parallel Thinning Method for Handwritten Oriya Character Images
Soumen Bag, Glory Chawpatnaik

17. Offline Signature Verification Using Artificial Neural Network
Chandra Subhash, Maheshkar Sushila, Srivastava Kislay

18. A Simple and Effective Technique for Online Handwritten Bangla Character Recognition
Shibaprasad Sen, Ram Sarkar, Kaushik Roy

19. Visual Analytic-Based Technique for Handwritten Indic Script Identification—A Greedy Heuristic Feature Fusion Framework
Sk. Md. Obaidullah, Chayan Halder, Nibaran Das, Kaushik Roy

20. Offline Writer Identification from Isolated Characters Using Textural Features
Chayan Halder, Sk. Md. Obaidullah, Kaushik Roy

PWDB_13: A Corpus of Word-Level Printed Document Images from Thirteen Official Indic Scripts
Sk. Md. Obaidullah, Chayan Halder, Nibaran Das, Kaushik Roy

Part VI. Applications of Metaheuristic Optimization

22. Application of Krill Herd Algorithm for Optimum Design of Load Frequency Controller for Multi-Area Power System Network with Generation Rate Constraint
Dipayan Guha, Provas Kumar Roy, Subrata Banerjee

23. Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generator Using Chemical Reaction Optimization
Sneha Sultana, Santanu Roy, Provas Kumar Roy

24. A Novel Combined Approach of k-Means and Genetic Algorithm to Cluster Cultural Goods in Household Budget
Sara Sadat Babaie, Ebadati E. Omid Mahdi, Tohid Firoozan

25. A PSO with Improved Initialization Operator for Solving Multiple Sequence Alignment Problems
Rohit Kumar Yadav, Haider Banka

26. Profit Maximization of TSP with Uncertain Parameters Through a Hybrid Algorithm
Aditi Khanra, Manas Kumar Maiti, Manoranjan Maiti

Part VII. Wireless Sensor and Ad-hoc Networks

27. Mitigating Packet Dropping Problem and Malicious Node Detection Mechanism in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Shrikant V. Sonekar, Manali M. Kshirsagar

28. Service Provisioning Middleware for Wireless Sensor Network
S. Sasirekha, S. Swamynathan

29. A Novel MTC-RB Heuristic for Addressing Target Coverage Problem in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Sonu Choudhary, R. S. Sharma, Sneha Shriya

Part VIII. Quantum Dot Cellular Automata

30. 2-Dimensional 2-Dot 1-Electron Quantum Cellular Automata-Based Dynamic Memory Design
Mili Ghosh, Debarka Mukhopadhyay, Paramartha Dutta

31. Optimized Approach for Reversible Code Converters Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata
Neeraj Kumar Misra, Subodh Wairya, V. K. Singh

32. Design of a Logically Reversible Half Adder Using 2D 2-Dot 1-Electron QCA
Kakali Datta, Debarka Mukhopadhyay, Paramartha Dutta

Part IX. Fuzzy Sets and Systems

33. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multivalued Dependency and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Fourth Normal Form
Asma R Shora, Afshar Alam, Ranjit Biswas

34. Parameter Reduction of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets and Its Related Algorithms
Sumonta Ghosh, Sujit Das

35. Correlation Measure of Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Soft Set and Its Application in Decision Making
Debashish Malakar, Sulekha Gope, Sujit Das

36. Constrained Solid Travelling Salesman Problem Solving by Rough GA Under Bi-Fuzzy Coefficients
Samir Maity, Arindam Roy, Manoranjan Maiti

Part X. Routing and Traffic Grooming

37. A Novel Multi-Criteria Multi-Agent-Based Routing Strategy Based on Tarantula Mating Behavior
Susmita Bandyopadhyay, Arindam Kumar Chanda

38. A Tree Based Multicast Routing Protocol Using Reliable Neighbor Node for Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Yadav Ajay Kumar, Tripathi Sachin

39. Traffic Grooming in Hybrid Optical-WiMAX Mesh Networks
Deepa Naik, Soumyadeb Maity, Tanmay De

Part XI. Authentication and Network Security

40. Host-Based Intrusion Detection Using Statistical Approaches
Sunil Kumar Gautam, Hari Om

41. Secure Remote Login Scheme with Password and Smart Card Update Facilities
Rajeev Kumar, Ruhul Amin, Arijit Karati, G. P. Biswas

42. Generation and Risk Analysis of Network Attack Graph
Keshav Prasad, Santosh Kumar, Anuradha Negi, Aniket Mahanti

43. Unsupervised Spam Detection in Hyves Using SALSA
Mohit Agrawal, R. Leela Velusamy

44. Cryptanalysis of a Chaotic Map-Based Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for Telecare Medicine Information Systems
Sandip Roy, Santanu Chatterjee

45. Improving the Accuracy of Intrusion Detection Using GAR-Forest with Feature Selection
Navaneeth Kumar Kanakarajan, Kandasamy Muniasamy

Part XII. Text Processing

46. Sentiment Analysis with Modality Processing
Surabhi Jain, Louella Mesquita Colaco, Okstynn Rodrigues

47. Query-Based Extractive Text Summarization for Sanskrit
Siddhi Barve, Shaba Desai, Razia Sardinha

48. Code Obfuscation by Using Floating Points and Conditional Statements
Chandan Kumar Behera, D. Lalitha Bhaskari

49. Privacy Preserving Spam Email Filtering Based on Somewhat Homomorphic Using Functional Encryption
Sumit Jaiswal, Subhash Chandra Patel, Ravi Shankar Singh

Part XIII. Image Processing

50. Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography and SVD
Ajay Kumar Mallick, Priyanka, Sushila Maheshkar

51. Compression of Hyper-Spectral Images and Its Performance Evaluation
K. Subhash Babu, K. K. Thyagharajan, V. Ramachandran

52. Hand Gesture Recognition for Sign Language: A Skeleton Approach
Y. H. Sharath Kumar, V. Vinutha

53. Modified Cuckoo Search-Based Image Enhancement
Lalit Maurya, Prasant Kumar Mahapatra, Garima Saini

54. A Novel Iterative Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal Algorithm
Amiya Halder, Sayan Halder, Samrat Chakraborty

Part XIV. Intelligent System Planning

55. Queuing Model for Improving QoS in Cloud Service Discovery
V. Viji Rajendran, S. Swamynathan

56. Adaptive Multilayer Routing for Incremental Design of an SoC
Debasri Saha

57. Analyzing and Modeling Spatial Factors for Pre-decided Route Selection Behavior: A Case Study of Fire Emergency Vehicles of Allahabad City
Mainak Bandyopadhyay, Varun Singh

58. Fault Tolerant Scheduling with Enhanced Performance for Onboard Computers: Evaluation
Archana Sreekumar, V Radhamani Pillay

59. A Multiagent Planning Algorithm with Joint Actions
Satyendra Singh Chouhan, Rajdeep Niyogi

60. 4-Directional Combinatorial Motion Planning Via Labeled Isotonic Array P System
Williams Sureshkumar, Raghavan Rama

61. Intelligent Control of DFIG Using Sensorless Speed Estimation and Lookup Table-Based MPPT Algorithm to Overcome Wind and Grid Disturbances
D. V. N. Ananth, G. V. Nagesh Kumar

62. Erratum to: Query-Based Extractive Text Summarization for Sanskrit
Siddhi Barve, Shaba Desai, Razia Sardinha

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Complexity

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