Chakraborty, Mihir K.

Facets of Uncertainties and Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Uncertainty Modelling

1. Rough Sets and Other Mathematics: Ten Research Programs
Piero Pagliani

2. Dealing with Uncertainty: From Rough Sets to Interactive Rough-Granular Computing
Andrzej Jankowski, Andrzej Skowron, Roman Swiniarski

3. An Evolutionary Approach to Secondary Membership Function Selection in Generalized Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Reshma Kar, Amit Konar, Aruna Chakraborty, Pratyusha Rakshit

4. Specificity Based Defuzzification in Approximate Reasoning
Asim Pal, Swapan Raha

5. Proto-Fuzzy Concepts Generation Technique Using Fuzzy Graph
Partha Ghosh, Krishna Kundu

Part II. Logic of Uncertainty

6. Open World Models: A View from Rough Set Theory
Mohua Banerjee, Shier Ju, Md. Aquil Khan, Liping Tang

7. Approximate Reasoning Under Type-2 Fuzzy Logics
Sudin Mandal, Namrata Bhattacharyya, Swapan Raha

8. Approximation Dialectics of Proto-Transitive Rough Sets
A. Mani

Part III. Hybridization of Uncertainties

9. A Probabilistic Approach to Information System and Rough Set Theory
Md. Aquil Khan

10. Uncertainty Analysis of Contaminant Transportation Through Ground Water Using Fuzzy-Stochastic Response Surface
Subrata Bera, D. Datta, A. J. Gaikwad

11. Development of a Fuzzy Random Health Risk Model
D. Datta, S. Kar, H. S. Kushwaha

12. Uncertainty Analysis of Retardation Factor Using Monte Carlo, Fuzzy Set and Hybrid Approach
T. K. Pal, V. Arumugam, D. Datta

Part IV. Roll of Uncertainties

13. Two Person Interaction Detection Using Kinect Sensor
Sriparna Saha, Amit Konar, Ramadoss Janarthanan

14. An Improved Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Constrained Solid TSP in Uncertain Environments
Monoranjan Maiti, Samir Maity, Arindam Roy

15. A Novel Soft Theoretic AHP Model for Project Management in Multi-criteria Decision Making Problem
Tuli Bakshi, T. Som, B. Sarkar

16. An Application of Weighted Neutrosophic Soft Sets in a Decision-Making Problem
Pabitra Kumar Maji

17. Approximate Reasoning in Management of Hypertension
Banibrata Mondal, Swapan Raha

18. The Hesitant Fuzzy Soft Set and Its Application in Decision-Making
Sujit Das, Samarjit Kar

19. On Fuzzy Ideal Cone Method to Capture Entire Fuzzy Nondominated Set of Fuzzy Multi-criteria Optimization Problems with Fuzzy Parameters
Debdas Ghosh, Debjani Chakraborty

20. A Bi-Objective Solid Transportation Model Under Uncertain Environment
Amrit Das, Uttam Kumar Bera

21. A Food Web Population Model in Deterministic and Stochastic Environment
D. Sadhukhan, B. Mondal, M. Maiti

22. Computational Method for High-Order Weighted Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Based on Multiple Partitions
Sukhdev Singh Gangwar, Sanjay Kumar

23. Portfolio Selection with Possibilistic Kurtosis
Sheikh Ahmed Hossain, Rupak Bhattacharyya

24. Conflicting Bifuzzy Preference Relations Based Method for Multi Criteria Decision Making Problems
Deepa Joshi, Sanjay Kumar

25. A Linear Goal Programming Method for Solving Chance-Constrained Multiobjective Problems with Interval Data Uncertainty
Mousumi Kumar, Bijay Baran Pal

26. Correction to: Dealing with Uncertainty: From Rough Sets to Interactive Rough-Granular Computing
Andrzej Jankowski, Andrzej Skowron, Roman Swiniarski

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, Complex Systems, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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